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PJ, as we know, messed with the spirit of the LOTR. In the Return of the King, he made gondor look like a mindless, too- weakened, too-underpopulated country with terrible warriors. No Imrahil, no Beregond, and Denethor was a madman from the beggining, and he did not care about Gondor. But the thing that he got right was threefold: The theme song was great, it portrayed Gondor as a awesome realm, but the screen told otherwise. The Armor was great! Showed us that if an orc carpet making company wants to make Gondor rugs, they look nice, and most likely in Osgiliath, were they sold the most products of those shiny, comfortable mink coats. And last,but not least the City of Gondor: Minas Tirith. Although they made the Country look like the inhabitants all lived and dwelt there, it was not true, Calembel, Dol Amroth, Pelargir, Erech, and many others in Adrast and Lebennin. Minas Tirith was like the book city exactly. wonderful, pretty Badass, and the the theme helped alot. Anything else that i may have missed that PJ got right about that awesome country?

PJ was right about the gate of Minth Tirith as well. It took the same amount of hits from Grond. He got the strength of Denathor totally wrong though. He didn't have the strength to run from the House of Stewards and through the courtyard going off the cliff, all while on fire. LoL.

Yeah, I really didn't like the Denethor twist in the movies. And actually one of my biggest complaints is their portrayal of Faramir. They totally pulled off what they were actually going for, but it wasn't at all Faramir in the book. But it is what it is...movies.

Well Eowyn actually said "I'm no man!" when she killed the wraith lol   Um, do the Oliphants count? Cause that's almost exactly how I imagined them. Funny how I really have to rack my brain for this one haha

I think you pretty much covered the rest of it though. Now just imagine if the thread were reversed and about what he did wrong, and just with Gondor. What a list that'd be...

ya, i will start the things that he got wrong next. Oh, what joy!


Does somebody know how many soldiers did Gondor have (in the movies)?

3000,5000 or 10000? 

You know, I have a soft cover edition of St Thomas More's Utopia and the city looks amazingly like Gondor. But the copy is from sometime in the fifties I think. Wierd.

I actually like the Portrayal of Denethor in TROTK. I wish however we had seen a scene of Denethor using the Palantir and an explanation that most of the Populous had been evacuated.

darling Brego glad to see your name and face  mate.  I  agree with you both, it is very disquieting for my mind and emotions,