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As much news as you, I guess... But the few images are worth sharing with the others, not in the least to make everyone impatient to watch Rotk:

My fav is Denethor...
There will be a 10-minute "preview" of ROTK released in March. It will be attached at the end of the theatrical versions of TTT that are still playing in theaters, the same way we were first introduced to the preview of TTT at the end of FOTR. Only a few more weeks to wait!
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Will the trailer be up at The Official site too?
Elfstone, will TTT still be in the cinema in March?
You can be sure they will bring it back for the Academy Awards which I believe will be in March.
Will the trailer be up at The Official site too?
Yes the trailer will appear on The Official site too, when I'm not sure; however, look for it on some other site a couple days earlier, as someone always sneaks an advance copy at gets it posted ahead of time. I'll try to post the earlier link as well as the official one when they are released.

I'm also looking forward to the official LotR: RotK poster, which I could use now for our Home Page News Articles.
Hey there is some news at, they say there won't be a march trailer. Read it here.
Hey thanks for that info Stonehelm. I guess we will just have to wait and see it when we see it.
You can be sure they will bring it back for the Academy Awards which I believe will be in March.

You’re dead on about that Grondy, and that's when I expected to see the ROTK trailer. Also, everyone don't look for the ROTK trailer to appear on the official LOTR website until it has started running in theaters (just my guess, but that's how they did it last year).

Hmmm, that's interesting news Stonehelm (pertaining to no trailer in March), but I can't help but to wonder if that isn't some kind of New Line smokescreen. I guess we'll have to wait a couple more weeks and see.
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I think it's stright from Peter Jackson that there won't be a trailer.

aintitcoolnews confirmed it, I am not giving the link because of the language there.
I posted PJ's postBody on our Home Page on 27 FEB 2003 under the title "About the RETURN OF THE KING trailer" which I copied from aintitcoolnews. The only time I go there is when the news search engine says they have an interesting news item posted.

He says the trailer probably won't be out until May or June.
I am glad you found the article Grondmaster, we have younger visitors coming here at PT so I didn't want to post a link to a site with the kind of swear words they use at aintitcoolnews.
Hey did anyone see the new trailer article from Beware, there are lots of spoilers. Big Smile Smilie
My fav is Denethor...

What’s so good about the Denethor picture?
I thought that the Gollum picture was cool....and the picture with Sam and Frodo was sad!
Shocked Smilie Uh oh... Sauron and Aragorn in one-to-one combat? I suppose that Sauron could show up at the final battle at the Black Gate, if it is an accurate report. I can hear the squeals already! Wink Smilie
What you mean that PJ is thinking of having Sauron fight Aragorn in hand-to-eye combat? Big Laugh Smilie
That’s outrageous if then....uh-oh!
I think I hear an army of Ross and Squirrels......AHHHH!!! THEY ARE COMING!!! FLY, YOU FOOLS!!! Big Laugh Smilie

[Edited on 13/3/2003 by Aul’]
Hand to eye combat? I love the idea, I wants it, I wants it! (btw, already knew that they were bringing another Sauron into the 3rd movie, and not using the same one as in the Prologue to FOtr, so all the shouting's out of my system now)
And Arwen wielding And’ril, kills the Lord of the Nazg’l, right? Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Of course!! I mean HELLO!!! Arwen should take And’ril and Aragorn Hadhafang! Big Laugh Smilie
Legolas would have a double headed axe and Gimli a elven bowBig Smile Smilie
Frodo would have a frying pan and Sam would have Sting.... Pippin would have wielded Gandalf’s staff and Merry would wield GlamdringBig Smile Smilie Then Gandalf would wield a little dagger Big Laugh Smilie
Now that would be a funny and irritating twist to it wouldn’t you all agree? Smoke Smilie
Shoot. Seein's how this thread is called "trailer" I thought maybe I would find some cheap housing. hahaha!

"Toto, we're not in Kansas anymore!"
What about an Entish attack on Mordor? Big Laugh Smilie
Yes! It would go something like this:

"Bubba, them trees is talkin! They's a little mad, yup. Billie Rae get in this here tower afore they kill you and yer sister, Aunt Betty Jean!"
I'm not sure if this has already been said, but I heard that New Line will be putting the trailer in Dumb and Dumberer.

Big Laugh Smilie

Can't wait!
There will be a 10-minute "preview" of ROTK released in March. It will be attached at the end of the theatrical versions of TTT that are still playing in theaters, the same way we were first introduced to the preview of TTT at the end of FOTR. Only a few more weeks to wait!
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Well its now May (and June tomorrow!), and TTT is still out. ( Shocked Elf Smilie ) But i haven't seen any clips on the end of it Sad Smilie

My apologies ElberethGilthoniel! I was wrong about that, but I had made that statement before P.J. came out and said that they didn't have time to do a ROTK trailer (then) because they had so much work to do for TTT DVD.

At that time, I just assumed that we would see it in March, because for the most part, New Line seems to be sticking with a pretty set marketing pattern. I have a feeling we will see it pretty soon though. I’ll be surprised if the ROTK trailer doesn’t appear sometime in June.
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Does anyone else think that the whole Sauron and Aragorn fight is a little...akward? I mean, I know that Sauron can regain his physical form without his body, but it seems like a big alteration of the point of the story. I always though the story was about the fight against the unseen evil, the evil that lies within. Oh, well, I guess it will be cool.

Hi Anilorak! You should check out the about the ROTK spoilers thread, where there has been a bit of discussion on this already.
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Just in case anyone else hasn't heard this already, from what I've been reading, we won't see a trailer for ROTK until mid July at the earliest, but that most likely, it's probably going to be more like August, or September.
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heehe stonehelm tnx for info
i hope for more
The official word now is that the ROTK trailer won't be out until September (although we will get the special preview of ROTK included with the theatrical DVD release of TTT in August). This information comes straight from PJ himself in an interview he did for the August 2003 issue of the official LOTR Magazine. Thanks to Elf Lady (who hangs out over at CoE) for scanning the entire article.

If anyone hasn't read this article yet, I highly recommend it, as there is some juicy info, especially pertaining to the Sauron appearing in physical form issue. PJ also discusses the possibility of making The Hobbit into a film (among other things). I’ve left the link below (you may have to wait a second for the pages to load). Enjoy!
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Thanks Elfstone! It's a great article, and I think PJ is happy to finish this project after all the work he had to do (and yet to do!). But I like the part where he comment on Gollum, pretty funny. Big Smile Smilie


Thanks for the link Raptor, it worked, and I finally got to see the trailer (although now the audio doesn't appear to be working)! One word, AWESOME!!!!

I'm trying not to get my hopes up to high for ROTK, because I did that for TTT, and I was severely disappointed with the theatrical release, but based on everything I've been reading, and seeing, and specifically things PJ has been saying, I really am starting to believe that this one is going to be the best of the three, and most like the book. Man I really am starting to get way too excited!
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The fix is in the Grondmaster said,

The link at their site is now quite dead were filled with dread

'Cause Newline's lawyers sent a horse's head.

Shocked Elf Smilie
Yup, New Line is sweeping the net clean today! One by one they're all dropping like flies. I was lucky enough to see it once with the audio, and twice without the audio.

I do have all of the screen caps from the trailer though which I'm going to leave in the ROTK pics thread right now. I would say to anyone, jump on these as fast as you can, cause I don't know how much longer these will be up.
Elf Smilie
THat link didn't work for me either.
But I found a trailer on this site:

Maybe it's the same trailer.
Enjoy it!
I can't wait to see the movie!!!!
Yup, the Gnampie's trailer link (the second one) works and even though it takes a long time to download, it is well worth the wait. Thumbs Up Smilie

The Nazgul's flying reptile is probably a wyvern, but looks very similar to the Dragon in the 1981 movie, "Dragonslayer". Cool Elf Smilie

The reason this site slipped past New Line's lawyers is probably because it isn't in English. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
I have a site for it but it took a little while to load for me.
Sad Smilie I have read a couple spoilers on the ROTk, like Arwen defeathing the Nazgul, instead of Eowyn, and I am awaiting the ROTK trailer to see it is like the book. But hope that it is like the book. Because I dont know what there going to do with Eowyn in the house of healing, and aragorn healing Eowyn, merry and faramir.
... and I am awaiting the ROTK trailer to see it is like the book. But hope that it is like the book. Because I don't know what there going to do ...
I don't think you need to worry about many of the spoilers that have sounded like major deviations from the book; I have made up a few of those myself, just for fun. I think PJ will follow the book quite closely on LotR: RotK.

He will be leaving things out like the Scouring of the Shire due to time restraints, but the roles of the major characters should follow Tolkien's storyline quite closely. I don't even think Arwen will visit Gondor until after Theoden, Merry, Eowyn, Aragorn, Gandalf, Pippin, and Sam, Frodo, and Gollum have all played their big scenes. Of course I may be wrong, but I hope not.
I will ABSOLUTELY disown the movie if the Grey Havens is omitted. I....I...Well, I can't even bear to think about it!

I don't see how the Grey Havens can be left out. That is a major part! It's like not having Aragorn crowened king of Gondor!
Or Eowyn not fighting the Nazgul.
The biggest reason the Scouring Of The Shire is being left out according to PJ is not really so much time restraints, but more because from the perspective of making the movie, it seemed anti-climatic. PJ and Co. actually experimented with leaving the Scouring in, but they said it didn’t work for the film.

As much as I love the Scouring (and I do, I deem it absolutely essential to the Hobbits coming full circle, for the proper resolution of Saurman’s character, and for adequately setting up the Grey Havens), I can see PJ’s point for the sake of the film. I think everyone here can admit that the first time he or she read ROTK that everything that happened after Gollum falls into the cracks of Mt. Doom seemed somewhat anti-climatic. That event really is the major climax of the story. Again, I’m not in any way suggesting that the Scouring isn’t important, and I’m sad that we’re going to miss out on that part, but I understand the decision from the filmmaker’s point of view. At least I’m glad I know up front, instead of going to the film expecting it to be there, and then just being upset.

I will ABSOLUTELY disown the movie if the Grey Havens is omitted. I....I...Well, I can't even bear to think about it!

Don’t worry Anilorak, it’s known for certain that The Grey Havens is definitely in! In fact it’s PJ’s favorite part, and should follow the book fairly closely. Everyone in the movie theater is going to be sobbing big-time when the GH scene comes up (better bring a life-raft).

Or Eowyn not fighting the Nazgul.

Delidia, Eowyn squaring off with the Witch-King is definitely in as well. For the most part, it’s really only some of (from a film-making perspective) the more ’minor’ things we might not see. For example, possibly no Prince Imrahil, no E&E, no Ghan-buri-Ghan, and no E&E and the Dunedain with Aragorn at the Paths of the Dead.
Shaking Head Smilie

Well inevitably, as has happened before, a few retailers here in the states have already started selling copies of the theatrical TTT DVD. A number of people have already managed to purchase the DVD, and are reporting on the contents of the exclusive ROTK preview on TTT DVD. I thought I would post a report here by a trusted source that has seen the preview first hand for anyone interested. This information pertains to what is exactly included in the ROTK preview. Thanks to Randy Savage over at CoE for the info!

Shot Spoilers from the RotK Preview on the DVD:

These are the actual movie shots that are apart of the preview. Who knows how many will make it into the finished film:

- Frodo lying on his back in Shelob’s cave, holding up the vial. He looks behind him and is terrified.
- Citizenry watch as a long column of Gondor’s cavalry slowly trot down the streets of Minas Tirith. Faramir is in the lead. [epic slo-mo shots].
- Eomer, on foot, whacks a Mordor orc in the face with his shield.
- Theoden rides through his encampment with Aragorn and Legolas.
- Orcs jeering.
- Hundreds of orcs loosing arrows from the ramparts of Osgiliath.
- Wild-eyed Eomer charges on horseback, spear-raised towards camera.
- Gandalf looks pensive in the streets of Minas Tirith.
- Gandalf speaks to his companions in Meduseld: ’Understand things are now in motion that cannot be undone. If the Ring is destroyed, Sauron will fall. But if Sauron regains the ring, his victory will be so complete that none can foresee the end of it while this world lasts.’
- A force of cavalry, led by Faramir, enter the gates of Minas Tirith, pre-battle.
- Aragorn walks into Denethor’s Hall. It is empty. The hall is shiny white marble, with mosaic floor and lots of statues. It is very well lit. It looks very much like the Vatican.
- Sam runs across a bridge into the Orc Tower of Cirith Ungol. It looks like a mini-barad-dur. Very cool shot.
- Orcs battle in Minas Tirith (osgiliath), daylight.
- A frightened Aragorn, carrying Anduril, runs through a narrow passage inside the Paths of the Dead.
-Tearful Arwen in a blue babushka.
- Aragorn speaks to Gandalf about Sauron: ’He has gone unchallenged long enough.’ Great delivery by Viggo.
- Aragorn rides into the Vale of Dwimoberg.
- Door to the PotD. Looks like something out of Raiders of the Lost Arc. Skulls everywhere. Wind and smoke are blowing out of the entrance. The Three Hunters look horrified. Aragorn walks in.
- Denethor sits in a small black throne next to some marble steps leading up to a larger white throne. Gandalf and Pip walk towards him. The Hall is empty. Denethor: ’Word has reached my ears of this Aragorn, Son of Arathorn. And I tell you now, I will not bow to this Ranger of the North.’ He shakes with anger. Pippin looks offended.
- Thousands of torch bearing orcs on the move through their encampment. Tents are scattered everywhere. Dead animals hand from sticks.
- M&P in Edoras. Merry: ’Don’t you understand? The enemy thinks you have the Ring. He’s coming for you.’ Pippin looks like he might throw up.
- Gandalf and Pip ride over a ridge for the first frontal money-shot of Minas Tirith.
- Merry kneels before Theoden (from teaser).
- Merry charges with the Riders of Rohan. Another money-shot with thousands of horsemen moving.

These shots are spread throughout interviews. At the end of the interview/behind-the-scenes section, the teaser kicks in that we have seen.

The teaser trailer RS refers to is the one that was leaked out on to the web at the end of July.
Elf Smilie

RotK behind-the-scenes preview on TTT theatrical vesion DVD: It's only a preview, yet it literally brought tears to my eyes. 'Nuff said.
The grey havens is only his favourite part because he has only read teh last part of the book. Grumble, moan, whinge.
Yeah, RoTK movie is gonna be a good, green laugh for me for sure. I wonder how PJ is gonna spoil the book now? i sincerely hope the rumour of Aragorn fighting Sauron (Eye?) at the Morannon is true. But oh well, PJ is just gonna finish his great movie work with ROTK : bad (Fotr), worse (TTT) and finally worst.
You said it V......couldn’t have put it better myself.....I spit at their direction(the movies not the fans....although the legolambfans are quite tempting to throw some icecold water on Very Evil Smilie )
I Love You Smilie This place makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside I Love You Smilie
Spare your sarcasm and we true belivers will spare your entrails!
Spare your sarcasm and we true belivers will spare your entrails!

Your avatar goes well with that quote Ross. Big Laugh Smilie
For you, Ross:
ROFLMAO,great link Proghead!Thxs for sharing..
I screamed the first time I saw it, I wasn't really paying attention (to busy talking online) and it scared me! After I realized what it was I laughed for about 5 minutes!!!
Lol very very funny Proghead! Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie
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