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No matter what you do women will always be the ones birthing babies. They are the natural mothers too.

That's not certain.

dont even want to think about that, Miruvor

none of my that are girls like lotr, every time i even mention Elven, Quenya, Sindarian, Tolkien, LotR, etc. they always do the guys in my classes.
i dont know why they always groan...i could be that everything we learn i mostly always realate to Tolkien in some absurd way...
it's funny... everybody is talking about girls' disinterest in lotr, but I spontaneously recall six girls adoring lotr, but not a single guy.... oh, wait, I got two in mind... but still I know more girls who like it. in that tiny village I live in lotr isn't quite popular, though, it's a pity. a friend of mine and I are thinking of having a *great* lotr-festival, but we are afraid we wouldn't get more than ten persons to join us... Shaking Head Smilie Shaking Head Smilie Shaking Head Smilie
In Ohio, I believe it is illegal for men to wear strapless gowns. It's one of the old obscure rules, and I'm not sure if it's still in effect today.

Boys shouldn't be allowed to wear dresses. They can wear all the pink Barbie underwear, pink mini skirts, and play with Barbie "action figures" all they want, but no dresses, please.

I like fantasy, a lot of my friends (boys and girls) like fantasy. Most of my friends know about Tolkien and Rowling and like one or the other, but the only one I can have a serious discussion with is with Stephanie, and that's about Harry Potter. You guys are basically the people I talk to Tolkien about (no one in my family gets it either).

Magazines: most of them are either overly girlish, contain too many dieting tips, or are dull.

I role-play. I do play by posting role playing over the internet: These guys don't, they larp.. (It's slightly violent, but funny, should I take it out of my post?)

I think that cloning or having babies non-naturally is wrong. It's against mother nature and we'll probably have a huge population increase because people will want "the perfect baby." Unless it's a special case: like for some reason the mother and the father can't have a baby together.
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