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Thread: Bogus LOTR movie pieces ?????

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Did anyone see Gandalf casting spells out of a spell book or scroll or even using spell components in either of the movies or read about such a bogus incident in the books? Serching Smilie

Of course not. Tolkien's Gandalf was not the kind of wizard that resorted to such contrivances; any spells he needed were kept permanently in his head and very seldom used.

Besides the only times I remember him actually using magic was outside the West Gate of Moria to enlighten the ithildin that graced that doorway, to light his staff once they were within, and against whatever it was he contested with at the east door of Balin's tomb. Oh, and also his display of thunder and lightening to silence Worntongue in the Golden Hall of Edoras.

Were there any others?

I con think of one more: He used his staff to light a fire when the Fellowship were hiding from the Nazgul in the Weather Hills.