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I'm going to upset a few of you now , there's one beer I can't stand: Stella Artois. I'm sorry but it gives me cotton mouth and it makes some of my friends agressive, the best lagers are , Kronenbourg and canterbrou!
In my opinion any way, although I'm sure some of you are going to scream and shout and tell me how wrong I am! A bit like I do with PJ, the only difference is I'm right! Big Laugh Smilie
Sorry Ross, though I get your point, I hate Lager normally, but I do like Stella and Red Stripe (and I've been known to Quaff Labbats as well) so I suppose a Lager drinker might not like them. Am I making sense? No....
well I have to say I'm happy sooooo many have a favorite beer, and I do too. If I want to sit back and relax I look for Pacifico. A number one beer. Does it have clout, NO. Is it known world wide, I DON"T know. Is it good. YES. And it's even good warm. Don't believe me, try it. A little story. A friend of mine worked as a research assistant for some company. His job was to watch and record the activities of orangutangs located on a small island off the coast of South Carolina, USA. Low and behold he said to me one day, "If you have too, you really learn to appreciate and enjoy the taste of warm beer." No doubt, he lived out of the back of his 4WD for four months during the summer, w/ no refrig. Sometimes I drink a warm beer in honor of his sacrifice. And it is always a Pacifico.
Corona! Damn I forgot about Corona! Thanks was a long time ago I drank Corona.....that’s really fine mexican beer! YUM YUM!!
I found a new beer on friday night, Floral Dance it's from the Porters brewery and it's a bitter but with a slight nectarish flavour, and at ’1.20 a pint (a real bargain in the UK) let's just say I got PISSSHHHHHEEEEDDDD on it! Tongue Smilie
Yep, I'm the beer tester, I went on a three day bender and I've not even got a hang over! Big Smile Smilie
But the hangover won't start until you actually stop drinking Ross. That's the cure for hangovers...remain drunk.
But remaining drunk places a restriction on future sessions as most bosses happen to take notice and frown on such things making it difficult to pay for future benders and your mates will only buy you so many rounds with out you standing one in return. Or at least, so I have been told.

I'm partial to Barq's diet root beer myself, it tastes just like the sugary root beers of my childhood and doesn't go to waste like your alky laden brews. Elf Winking Smilie
No I've stopped drinking now and I've still not had a hangover. Mmmmmmmmm Ginger beer!
Anyone ever tried Kilkennys beer? A sweet smelling (and tasting) beer, full,dark, honeylike. You can really taste the corn. I find it yummy. I would really like to taste the Norwegian(?) version, the one the Vikings used to drink, called mj’d ( mead).
Sounds really interesting, based only on honey and water (some put cinnamon, ginger and even lemon in it).

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Beer,yuck just had a glass of wheat beer and I vomited.Maybe I will wait 'till I am older.
Maybe you should wait LadyFeawen Wink Smilie
I didn't like it before, but I have grown and now see that it is the only thing to drink! I actually prefer it instead on lemonade (cola, pepsi), but that doesn't mean I drink everyday. Weekends only (not every weekend though).

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Yes, I agree with Celeb, Fea, you should wait.
And I used to think it was yucky too, but now I love beer! There's nothing like a cold Urquell... yum...
Anything that hasn't been brewed in Belgium doesn't deserve the word 'beer'.

I hate beer, though.
But Stella is brewed in Belgium and Liverpool and both varieties are utter p*ss. Speckled Hen, now thats a good beer.
Yes but according to the Stella commercials, the beer was invented by an Italian so give us a break.

Anyway, you won't find anything better than Leffe, Grimbergen or Ciney.
I've said it befroe and I'll say it again, Grolsch is the king of all beers. Becks and Lowenbrau are also good. Stella is ok, but when you get just over half way down a glass, you reach the malt layer, which is disgusting. Carling is reprehensible.
Try to drink a real belgian trappist beer and you'll never get half way down it without an alcohol poisoning.
Hang on a minute, who's been buying you beer. Good to see you're keeping up the old british custom of buying beer at an slightly early age.
I like Barq's diet root type. Haven't had any real beer for a year; however, there are a few small cans of ancient Sapporo Draft Beer in my refrigerator and I just cracked one of them and it's still good, so guess I'll defrost some pepperoni pizza a little later to go with it.
ok, I understand none of you have tasted Urquell. It's like tasting heaven. I recommend you do.
i will drink anything with alcohol in it so gave me beer whiskey vidka and gin well not gin cause i end up tryin' ta drown meself when i drink it. but it is all good and ye cant complain about it.
ok, I understand none of you have tasted Urquell. It's like tasting heaven. I recommend you do.

I'm not sure if i would want to taste Steve Urkel, anyway.

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ehh....nah I’d say I’d take a Norrlands Guld without a doubt before vodka.....maybe tequila if I got enough cashWink Smilie
I'm not much of a beer drinker so I'll just say that nothing goes down nicer than a straight shot of vodka......or vodka/cranberry!!! Alcoholic Smilie

Hehe, I feel ya, Ringy. I like beer, I really do, but I've gotta agree to the vodka shot theory.
Yeh i agree : vodka is absolut nonsense.
Absinthe is good. I don't mean that stuff you occasionally see that's 68% alcohol and dirt cheap, I mean real absinthe, which is green and made of wormwood. I think it's illegal in America though, isn't it?
In some places it is I think,Pere. Smile Smilie
What’s absinthe?
Aule,I hope this helps:
Harboe Beer Gold is quite good too....not as good as Carlsberg Sort Guld but still...goodWink Smilie
I'm running dry; I have 4 Lowenbrau left.
Please Pere,be careful how much you drink Sad Smilie
Personaly I'm a vodka girl myself. Give me a bottle of Smernof Ice and watch it magicly dissapear! *rofl* I've heard of Absinthe, my old art tutors used to drink the stuff. Whats it like? Good stuff or weasle widdle?
I don't think its illeagle here in the UK, in fact I saw it for sale in Tescos once. Alcoholic Smilie Three cheers for Tescos and their alcohole section! Huzzah!
One of my locals has started selling Theakstons Best Bitter for ’1.10 a pint, which is well cheap. Smile Smilie They keep it really well too, and cook a great steak. I've been in heaven this weekend Alcoholic Smilie
Well...I like J’germeister and Tequila more then any other liquor....but since this is a thread I made about ones favourite beer I will say: Carlsberg Sort Guld and Norrlands Guld! EasyWink Smilie And Mariestad and Pripps Bl’...they are truly delicious tooBig Smile Smilie
Absinthe is what art student drink because they think they are being excentric. It's wood alcohol and only slightly better for your health than Meths (you're supposed to drink it on a spoon of burnt sugar). I'll stick to my beer and whiskey (Talisker for me).
Apparently too much absinthe can destroy you brain cells. Wouldn't have much of an effect on me then. I haven't got any! Dunce Smilie
Absinthe can be great fun I had either 10 or 12 shots couple of years back on me bro's birthday along with a feed of beer and a ween of j's. but plenty of after effects I collasped walkin home and fell few many bushes. What a night. But i couldn't goto the toilet for 2 days afterwards and that was a worry....but I've been fine ever since Tongue Smilie Tongue Smilie Tongue Smilie Very Mad Smilie Very Mad Smilie
Best girl beer:Strawberry Blonde
Best microbrew beer:Anchor Steam
Best piss beer:Coors Light
Best sludge beer:Mississippi Mud Black'n'Tan
Best Asian beer:Kirin Ichiban
Best overall beer:Guiness

Best of anything-duh-beer! Yay beer! Thumbs Up Smilie Alcoholic Smilie
I gotta respond to Celebrian...

Yes Kilkenny's is fine, you should try Caffreys if you like it.. smooooooooth as a baby's behind!

I gotta go with Carlsberg as my 'Tops' !

Shortly followed by the likes of Fosters... Fosters Ice. Also... I recall someone mentioning Corona... Been a few years but as far as I can recall - Yupper!!

I'm not a Stella Artois fan... Nor do I like Harp... yuk!! Harp is just too damn bitter! (No pun intended!)

Also not a fan of Tennants... bit harsh that one!

So to sum up...

CARLSBERG all the way!! Yee haww! Pary Smilie In Love Smilie Pary Smilie Alcoholic Smilie

A brief note on the 'Smirnoff dilema'... I'm gonna have to go with - No, it's definately not a beer - lack of hops & all, as someone pointed out - BUT... I do enjoy a Smirnoff Ice... preferably the clear one, what's that now - Smirnoff Black..? I dunno, but it does taste good... smooooth as... (above)

Also - here's one to look out for: West Coast Cooler. I absolutely detest wine, this drink IS wine based but it's just like drinking a fruity concoction... Fantastic on a Summer's day.. night... whenever!

Er... Have I waffled on a bit too much here??

I apologise - As a Mum, I don't often get the chance to get out & actually experience this stuff so this thread has come as a pleasent surprise to me!! Just sorry I didn't notice it sooner!

Ok - That's me.... For now!

Y'all have a good day... night... & if you are having a wee drinkie... Have one or seven for me!! Wiggle Smilie

OH!! One more small thing.. I know, I know... Beer is the topic, BUT....

'Deepthroat' !! Oh Yessssssssss!!

Yanno... Sambuka, toppped with Baileys! Just in a wee shot glass... let's not go over the top! Although... I did once have it served to me in a brandy glass!! No kidding! I had to tell the bartender what it was... I looked away.... *poof* !!! HUGE it was! But hey... knocked it back anyhoo! 'When in Rome...' & all that! Couldn't embarrass the poor wee fella, could I ?!?! tee hee

So there ya go, I am now DONE!!

Cheerio! xxx
Oh-oh Sambuca.... When that bottle enters the table... danger!! danger!!! The it is better to let the boys go out on their own, so we don't have to see what they are doing. Ha Ha Ha Smilie
Sambuca and Baileys?? Really? Liquorice and chocolate milk?
I had Beer Chang when holidaying in Thailand, like rocket fuel and very cheap, though not normally sold in touristy areas for fear of sending tourists into beer induced comas, the stuff is lethal. My advice, stay off the Singha Beer if you ever head Far East, tastes like Sprout water
Sambuca and Baileys?? Really? Liquorice and chocolate milk?

Honestly, amarie... Try it next time you are out & about!! Just a shot glass, mind!! hehe Just about a centimetre or two of Baileys on top of the Sambuka/Sambuca (?)

Looking at that now, I think Amarie has the right spelling!! Duh!

But hey....

CARLSBERG.... Woo-hoo!!

Sorry folks, haven't had a drink in a wee while.... This thread is soooooooo bad for me!!

Cheerio all xxx
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