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Fr’b’r s’’a ’ alla kanta.
K’r kve’ja: P’si
Ohhhhh I almost understand this... I think... I recognize some words from Norwegian but fr’ and k’r rings no bells.

Anyway: Welcome pesi! I know I'm addicted to this site, it's great!! Big Smile Smilie
Hello, I haev a english keyboard so I'm not even going attempt them words, also I don't understand any of the Scandinavian languages. It is very addictive this website, so much so that I would list it as one of my vices!
Welcome Pesi. I have to agree with everyone here that this place is very addictive.

Ross, my husband does list PT as one of my biggest vices. LOL I guess there are worse things to be addicited to. heheheheee
Welcome to Planet Tolkien Pesi. Have a great time here.
Hey there pesi! I’m also from Iceland