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Thread: Gimli did not forget you all!

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Kindy Biker??? Mad Smilie

now that was unkind.... Sad Smilie


Tigger Smilie Alcoholic Smilie Sad Smilie
It was not.. now put that bottle down.... er.. not near Squirrel though.. theres not telling what he will do if he gets it and starts editing my posts again!
I HAVE put the bottle down...4 days now...

not that I am counting or anything Wink Smilie

Tigger Smilie
Stands up to clap for the tiggy!
Why me? WHY!!??? What did I do Gimli??? Wink Smilie

*prepares to do some serious counter-tormenting*
Dude don't bother with your work, who am I going to wedgie and talk nonsense about Bill and ted with?
You`ll be very much missed Gimli_axe_wielder and I can`t wait until your return. See you around!!
I don't know you, Gimli, but cya later!
Oh, well, when you get to know him, you`ll like him very much as a friend, because he makes a great friend. Big Smile Smilie
Curses! Another dwarf lost to the never-ending battle for financial security. Come back to me my brother!!!
I have returned!!!!

well, sorta. see the thing is.. if anyone here has ever heard of the company Wet Seal or Ardenb. I work with a photographer that takes all the photos for their online catalogue. After he takes the photo, I cut the outfits out and put them on white backgrounds, resize them, rename them, and create color swatches if needed..... boring work. but quite time consuming, so for the past several days or so that is what I have been up to.

and thanx to all that posted here. Big Smile Smilie and squirrel.. you can try to torment me, but it just wont have the same effect as when I do it to you! Big Laugh Smilie

Except that you can't do this Gimli, I can MWA HA HA HA HA!!!-Plastic

[Edited on 18/4/2003 by PlasticSquirrel]
Hi Gimli!! Welcome back! Big Smile Smilie We`ve all missed you! Oh and good luck with tormenting The Squirrel! Wink Smilie
Dude, making boring Pantone swatches sucks big time!
Mad Smilie Mad Smilie Mad Smilie Mad Smilie

Damn squirrel!!!!!!!!!!

I'll get you for that...

*sits down and wonders how*

Hello again everyone! Hopefully I'll have more time here... I get so busy with that catalogue work sometimes... and now I find out they want even more work... oh well.. its all money in the end I suppose. Smile Smilie
soooo..our dwarf likes to play dress-ups and cut-outs....with womans un-mentionables... Wink Smilie ..I'm FAIRLY sure there is a word for people like that Disturbed Smilie

Police Smilie

Na-na-na-na-na Smilie Tigger Smilie
Welll sure, when you put it like that!


dont make me call you kindybiker !!!!! Big Laugh Smilie
admits she had a drink last night and again tonight ... blushes and hopes Gimli is Not TOO disappointed with her.

Sad Smilie

He won`t be, don`t worry! He`s a kind-hearted guy that likes to have a joke once in a while, in fact, he likes to joke alot. That`s one of the things I like about him. Big Smile Smilie

Gimli, am I right? Or am I right? Big Laugh Smilie
Gimli is laughing all the way to the liquor cabinent to steal the funny stuff....

this will work great at my Inn....
Your Inn is rubbish now GimliTongue Smilie
I shalt tare it down like yesterdays commercial poster!
DOH! Sorry! I want to stay at your inn. Please...

Aule, don`t reck it until I`ve stayed there at least one night and I`ve got all the money from it and... okay, I`m waffling, I know, but I can`t help it today!

(By the way...about the inn, it wasn`t true!) Wink Smilie
*cough "Tea leaf"cough*
HA.. i have returned again.. bet you didnt even know i was gone did ya! :P
Hello!!! Tongue Smilie

HI GIMLI! Welcome back!
Gimli!!! Big Smile Smilie Tongue Smilie

Maybe we should try to string more than one word together.. what do you think.... here.. let me try..

SIL!!!!!! HOW ARE YOU! Wink Smilie