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Hello and welcome back to PT EvithianEhtmire. Waving Hello Smilie What was your old name here?
Welcome back EvithianEhtmire. Happy Elf Smilie

You could always email Taz asking what your old password was, as long as you use the old email address, so he can verify that it is you.

Whatever, please only use one name either the old or the new and letr the other go dormant.
WB EvithianEhtmire. Big Smile Smilie
Don't you hate it when you lose your password?! Well im sure Taz,like Grondmaster said will fix it for you. Wink Smilie

Welcome to PT!!! Happy Elf Smilie
so what is taz's e-mail then?
i was and am #1ElijahLover
so what is taz's e-mail then?
sorry Grondy for getting so mad at you on th hp thread, i have a short temper and tend to pout. i am glad you appogized and hope to be better friends. Smile Smilie