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sunday is celebrated Easter in Romania.Have a very fine egg and may all that is evil perish and the power of good overwhelm the Middle-Earth!!!

happy easter to u Mihai and to everyone in PT Pary Smilie
Happy Easter everyone Smile Smilie I hope you enjoy the day.
Yes, HAPPY EASTER everybody. I hope you all gave a great day!
A stupuendous Easter to everyone!!! Doesn't really look like Easter here, as it is snowing, but we need the moisture so I'm not complaining. Big Smile Smilie
Happy Easter eggs everyone! Dunce Smilie Juggling Smilie Chicken Smilie Wiggle Smilie
Happy Easter everyone!!! Happy Elf Smilie
Happy Easter everyone at PT Big Smile Smilie
Happy Easter, everyone!

(Note: ONE egg?? ONE EGG??? I'll consume the entire lot of chocolates, thank you very much. Heh heh heh....) Very Big Grin Smilie
Big Smile Smilie Wiggle Smilie For all those who celebrate Easter, have a really happy and healthy one!
Happy Easter yall,may the camels of yer lives always provide 2 humpsfer ur comfort, im going to attempt eating an entire ham (i apologize to all vegetarians and admire there caring fer animals)im trying not 2 offend people on the site anymore and avoid stating my opinion since it usually ends with some1 making me look like a fool when im really just an idiot
Tee-hee! Happy Easter to everyone! Duck Smilie