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No, I won't do anything bad. Very Big Grin Smilie I've sorta been away for two months, or has it been more? Anyway, I've been a bit caught up on - I think I've met one P-Ter there, but that's it. Anyway, I'll try to be around more. Angel Smilie *Gets hungry and looks for the newest newbie* Animated Wink Smilie
Welcome back Arco. It's good to see you, having only just returned here myself. Big Smile Smilie
Hey, Arco old boy, nice to have you back dude!
Aiya Arco:

it is good to seee you back here. I know what you mean, I was out for three months and when you ge back it is a little bit hard to catch up again. see you around!!!
Welcome back all you guys whats been away for a while. Orc Grinning Smilie
Nice thread title, like it a lot, can't see how it might apply though. *whistles nonchalantly*
Does this mean you are back or are you just getting our hopes up? Wink Smilie
Plastic's finally back to reconquer his place in the Council !!!
Well he sure has gotten Virs hopes up.
Methinks this thread will fizzle out in a couple of pages. BUT WELCOME ARCO!!!! (Actually I never noticed you left) and THINGOL77, I've never heard of you, but WELCOME ANYWAY!!!!! Always nice to hear of someone new, or a new person come back Wiggle Smilie Wiggle Smilie Wiggle Smilie Wiggle Smilie Ha Ha Ha Smilie Ha Ha Ha Smilie Ha Ha Ha Smilie Ha Ha Ha Smilie Ha Ha Ha Smilie
Nice to see you back Skwrl. Happy Elf Smilie

Hey Loni, did you notice the pre-Plastic posts were four months old Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Hey, welcome back Plastic! Nice to have you back on the site!
Aww, nice to have you back with us, Arco! Smile Smilie
See you in chat Smile Smilie
To the Great and Reputable Plastic Squirrel,

I look forward very much to meeting the imfamous Plastic-I remember reading your posts long ago, whence I was here under a different name...I also remember laughing at some and thinking what a witty, well-rounded person it must have been that wrote them-and a bit nutty! Also, the name in itself is worthy of all the praise everyone gives you-so see you around sometime, hopefully!

Great and whatnowwiththewhonow? Who knows how long I will be here, but rest assured I ain't going back to no council never, no way no how , waaaaaay too much like work. Thanks for the nice words though, who were you?
Mohahahaha!!! Very Evil Smilie Let's ravage the board with doubled forces Skwrl! After two years wandering through the barren waste lands of the North, i'm back in full force (wathever that means Elf Rolling Eyes Smilie ).

Sigh (going sentimental): missed you all an awful lot out there! Happy to be back with you again!
Hello Heorogar
Two years, ey? I guess you left about when I joined then. Welcome back!

who were you?

Yes Laurelindhe, who were you back then? Did you have the two trees as an avatar there too, because I realized when you had put it up that I had seen it used before.
Good to have you back again Heorogar. Happy Elf Smilie