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Hey everyone.

I was wondering. Does anyone know where word of man can be translated into Elvish script. I am after getting a tattoo done and would love something in Elvish.

Thanks for any help. Big Smile Smilie
No, but I have some blunt needles here.....

Vee's Tattoo Parlour is open for business!

Welcome to Planet-Tolkien!
Thanks for the offer, but i'll get a professional to do it.
Thanks for the welcome also......... Wink Smilie
Whats the word ??

Translate it into elvish Here and then write it Here
And get a tattoo Hope that Helps Tiger_Eyes,

See Y'all Kiss Smilie
I'm no expert in elvish runes, but the examples on that site do look quite effective in their finished product. Nice one, AE Smile Smilie
I know a book that has the letters in elvish runes called "The Languages of Middle Earth" by Ruth Noel. Its a good book, but don't just look at the runes and translate into english! There is a special way to use them just to warn you: you use the runes phonetically! So, youre name (though I cant actually do the symbols here) would use the symbols for the sounds. Thus "f-ee-l-ee ah-n-d k-ee-l-ee." Hope that helped! Big Smile Smilie