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Sounds like great fun! Tom's list:

1) walk around Old Forest
2) see if willow's behaving well
3) check for lost hobbits
4) try to remember what hobbits were again
5) ask Barliman about ponies
6) remember Goldberry's birthday
7) remember to ask Barliman about ponies
8) invent a new song for Goldberry's birthday
9) eat, drink and sleep
10) meet Gandalf to talk about the war again
11) clean boots
12) remember to meet Gandalf to ask him about hobbits
13) what were hobbits again? Must ask Goldberry.

Ha Ha Ha Smilie
Elladan's "To Do"

1) Think about whether I am an elf or human.

2) Kill some orcs

3) Get Father's birthday present

4) Kill some orcs

5) Ask Gandalf (since he is so wise) why human women keep pestering me and pinching various parts of my body

6) Kill some orcs

7) Give Elrohir my horse

8) Give Elrohir my saddle and cool hunting hat

9) Hide list where Elrohir cant find it.

10) Kill some orcs

11) Catch up on all that reading Father wants me to do

12) Hide list where Father cant find it.

13) Get married already and start producing great-grandchildren for Galadriel

14) Hide list where Grandmother cant find it!!

15) Kill some orcs, and maybe a troll for good measure

16) Polish sword.

This is fun to write isn't it? Kinda got carried away...Ha Ha Ha Smilie
Okay, to-do list for Samwise Gamgee......

1)Follow Master Frodo

2)Follow Master Frodo

3)Follow Master Frodo

4)Follow Master Frodo

5)Follow Master Frodo

6)Follow Master Frodo

7)Follow Master Frodo

8)Follow Master Frodo

9)Follow Master Frodo

10)Follow Master Frodo

11)Follow Master Frodo

12)Follow Master Frodo

13)Follow Master Frodo

14)Follow Master Frodo

15)Appear in court facing stalking charges.

Gollum's "To Do" list.

1) Get Precioussss
2) Eat nice fissshessss
3) Get Precioussssss
4) Kill that nasssty Hobbit Sam
5) Get Preciousssss
6) Eat nice fissssshessss
7) Get precioussss

you get the picture...
Elrohir's "To Do" list:

1) Get new horse, preferably Elladan's

2) Practice cutesy smile in mirror, so that people will think I am the cute one!

3) Kill some orcs

4) Kill some more orcs.

5) Repeat 3 and 4

6) Polish sword

7) Check muscles, see if they are taut enough for an elf. If not, do 1000 push ups, and jog 10 miles each day until they are.

8) Practice singing. Elves are supposed to be good singers

9) Train stupid horse to not need a bridle or saddle. That way I can look more like an elf

10) repeat 3 and 4

Celeborn's "To Do" list: (In Galadriel's handwriting)

1) Just look pretty and dont say anything.
Very Big Grin Smilie These are fun indeed!
To Do list for:

Lord Elrond

1. Keep eye on that snazzy little purple number in Arwen’s closet after she leaves for Minas Tirith and won't need it.

2. Make plans to expand Rivendell, maybe open a dress shop

3. Consult architect

4. Build expansion

5. Build shop

6. Put in cosmetic and jewellery counters at front of store

7. Not allow any tainted or controlling jewels

8. Place secret council meeting room in back of shop.

9. Appear completely oblivious when approached when questioned about dress shop

10. Keep snazzy purple frock in closet next to my secret entrance.

11. Wear frock whenever I can steal some time for myself, since it goes so well with my crown.

12. Commence first secret meeting in new council room (hoping nobody notices the dress).

13. Keep an eye on the twins and Gandalf, since they've been eyeing my "new" outfit and seem interested.

14. Give DOOM speech to all potential frock-mongers.
to do list for aragorn:

1. become king
2. marry arwen
3. get on elrond's good side
4. take a bath
5. go to court about the whole becoming king thing
6. save middle earth
7. look better then legsie fighting
8. ask legsie wot shampoo he uses
9. make sure sam doesnt get too close to frodo
10. find a better disguise for hiding from eowyn
11. make sure the dwarf and elf dont fight.


1. Drive Bilbo to therapy.
2. Make poppyseed cake.
3. Pick Bilbo up from therapy.
4. Destroy the One Ring to rule them all.
5. Don't offer Lobelia tea.
6. Practice sad puppy face.
7. Quit Old Toby.
8. Give Sam a raise.
9. Let other people save your butt all the time.
10. Be cute.
11. Try to steal Legolas' hair straightener.
12. Keep list of people to be afraid of.
13. Do everything on To-Do list.

1. Be silly.
2. Drink at the Green Dragon.
3. Drink at home.
4. Smoke.
5. Steal Merry's pipeweed.
6. Get in the way, but also practice sad 'I didn't do it' face so people won't get angry with you.
7. Imitate Merry so everyone gets confused.
8. Smoke.
To- Do list for legolas

1. wash hair

2. lather, rinse, repeat

3. use conditioner

4. use hair masque while using de-oiling de-zitting masque

5. wash off

6. style hair

7. finish styling hair

8. maybe kick a few butts here and there...

9. file nails

10. get an appointment for facial and spa day

11. get at least 12 hours of sleep

12. repeat

To- Do list for Shagrat

1) Put hot maggot holes in Snaga's belly.

2) Eat Gorbag.

3) Protect shiny shirt.

4) Kill someone.

5) Watch out for Shelob.

6) Lick arm wound.

7) Find that hobbit with the nasty blade.

8) Clean fangs.

9) Find something raw to chew on.

10) Get some more orcs to command.

Hey that was fun! Got it touch with my inner orc!
OK, looks fun!

Arwen's To-Do list:
1. Walk around palace in pretty dress
2. Change dress
3. Take another walk, wondering why Aragorn is never around
4. Change dress
5. Find out that Aragonr is coming to visit
6. Chenge 15 dresses to look good for him, before realizing that they all look alike
7. Welcome Aragorn with tears to make it more drammatic, maybe he'll decide not to leave again
8. Change dress
9. Spend time with Aragorn
10. Change Dress
11. Give up immortality
12. Change dress
13. Spend time talking about "our relationship"
14. Change dress
15. Say goodbye to Aragorn, again
16. Change dress
17. Listen to father babbling on and on about love not being as important as Valinor
18. Change dress
19. Leave for ship to go to Valinor
20. Have vision
21. Go back to palace to have fight with dad
22. Change dress
23. Read book
24. Change dress
25. Make dad re-forge sword for only love
26. Fake death to make movie more drammatic
27. Change dress
28. Surprise Aragorn at incoronation, and kiss him, making dad cry

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Saruman's To-Do list:
1. Brush hair
2. File nales
3. Get gown cleaned
4. Trick gandalf
5. Have Wizard Wrestling match with Gandalf
6. Play around with orcs
7. Chat over Palatir
8. Make people's lifes impossible
9. Evil Laugh
10. Opss..... the Ents are coming.....

Hope you guys liked them!

Orc to do list

Phone Mum
watch footie
go to pub
Legolamb to-do-list :

test the working of a guillotine.

Hehehe V, I like that "phone mum". =))
Welcome back, Vir Wink Smilie
See, even orcs have mums.

Rather see them like a gaggle of football supporters......