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Thread: Positive today? or not?

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We found out our new form tutor yesterday. Dang.
I am positively negative today.Been studying entire last night.Grumble Good Morning Smilie
Positive! I'm visiting my parents and thanks to my lovely mother I got to sleep 11 hours! My two little kids (My daughter is almost 3-years-old Wiggle Smilie and by baby boy is 10 mths old :babygurlSmile Smilie are taking turns in being awake during the night, so I haven't slept more than max 7 hours for a few months now.

But they are still the cutes and smartest and best children in the whole wide world!

Make it double negative.

My best friend's end semester vacations are finally over and she has returned to her med school which is right up on the hills(and I'm in the plains) and she can't carry her laptop because of security reasons.Plus her cell phone doesn't work half the time and her college does not allow her net connections.This is pathetic.

Plus I got exams in 10 days.

Kids are in >School...check>>POSITIVE

Going to therapy...check>>>Positive

So far so good!!!!


it can go down hill fast later on  *HEAD DESK*

I by myself am feeling very positive today, for past few days I've been either very sleepy or doing something else, so I haven't had time to be on PT that much, but today I've a kind of feeling that I just might write something interesting or post something, a lyric - who knows. Smile Smilie

After that I think I'll go to my musical sanctuary to open my voice and finish two drum tracks for my up-coming project.

As my motto goes: To be seen and to be heard, silent be the wind and the earth.

Enjoy of the day before it ends!

I'm so happy!, I had such a nice talk with a girl i like and could see spending my life with. She has been going to the coffee shop i work alot more often now, and I have been having more and more deeper conversations with her. Yesterday i saw her playing the piano at a local charity concert, i didn't even know she played music, and i talked to her about it. Turns out she like the same stuff i like, i invited her at my place to play music with my friends. We had the best jam session ever! And asked her on a date this weekend! ohh its gonna be so awesome. Marie-Michel , my sweet maiden,  we will have fun, I've got it all planed

I am happy today! Feel free to join! Smile Smilie

woot , so excited!!

going to the fiance's for the weekend,lots of reading together, writing lyrics for his band and drum sesions....Can't wait!!!

This is how i relax


now off to do the many things i must before i go...

Positive & Negative

Positive: Its raining like hell outside.

Negative: The rain is going to wash my car :P

Positive: I'm more or less done with the syllabus.Bring on the exams

Negative:More notes by the HOD will be distributed next week

I am positve today and negative today,

My cousin finally passed after 2 yrs of suffering. It was a blessing that he let go. His burial is today, I can not attend and for that I am sorry.


I am so sorry Estel, I pray every good thing for you all.

I am positive I feel a sore throat and weak, I am also positive I am going to beat it . Up and out, excercise, sweat sweat sweat.  Smile Smilie

Get well soon my friend Smile Smilie

HA! Finally I got my avatar up ^^

nobody may remember but i fought with it for a loong time ^^

Wow , beautiful dear Arath, and I miss you. I wanted to do a story for you but whenever I try to post one now, for a couple of months now, it says it went successfully in my journal, but nothing happens. Dear Tarrant spent a kazillion hours trying to figure out what was happening, he thinks it is something with my computer, but I can't think what. It does not do that anywhere else. oh well. I miss talking to you though. Sad Smilie

Hmm... That is strange... and PT is the only site that you have trouble on?


I hope we happen to be online at the same time so we can chat Smile Smilie

Also I might be able to help with your problem if you wish. Just send me a pm ^^

positive, cant wait to go see Procupine Tree live next month !!


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