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For Eryan: A thread where politics and religion are discussed openly with goodwill, tolerance, and abuse-free dialogue toward learning something from those who do not share our views. Angel Smilie

Thank you Eryan for the magical wings. I look forward to visiting many new vistas and returning to many of my favorite haunts. Thank you also for the new more powerful Grond. I hope it will pound down upon only the evil malefactors, rather than was its predecessor's habit of hammering upon all that was good. Happy Elf Smilie
For Valedhelgwath: a beautiful Mermaid to keep him company at work, and a magical wand making disappear quickly any teabag present in his immediate vicinity
Thank you, Eryan. They are truely wondrous gifts. If I had the former, however, my girlfriend would never allow me to go to sea again and I'd need the latter to fend off the missiles she threw at me Big Smile Smilie

For you, Eryan, I wish I was able to write another story before Christmas like the Rangers one that you liked.
Thanks,Eryan.For you,may the light of Earendil evershine upon your paths.
Merry Christmas to you all!!!
What a shame Ringfaxwen! I am so sorry!
Will you accept a box of silver-wrapped lembas to keep you fit to win in all possible sports?
Grondy, Val, Ringfaxwen, Raptor - your gifts are VERY, VERY much appreciated!!! They are really very very well chosen!
Thank you!!!
As long as I never have to pay back those cards ever, then thanks very much Eryan. Don't really eat nuts, never liked them, but I can always use plastic ones to chuck at people.
As for a gift for you, I'm feeling uninspired, how about a cuddly badger?
Thanks Eryan! I really would like to see Lothlorien again Happy Elf Smilie
Cool, a nice sword to split orc heads! Smile Smilie

Eryan, I am giving you a nice golden magic ring. Big Smile Smilie
Thank-you so much Eryan. To experience Tolkien's works for the first time (again) would indeed be a wonderful gift. Of course, I would have to time these moments of temporary forgetfulness just right.
For you, I would offer the Phial of Galadriel, so that you could bring the light of hope to those who live in hopelessness.
Happy Christmas!
Thank you so much, Plastic, Stonehelm, Rednell!
Cuddly Badger is OK Plastic! Just today I got a real (non-virtual) Cuddly ????? I completely forgot the English name of that beast!!! this is the same sleepy little fat rodent which played such an important role in that movie in which a hero had to live again and again and again the same day... Well my Cuddly ??? has a battery in his back and a light sensor in his nose and he WHISTLES in response to people moving in front of him!
I laughed like mad, it was so funny!
Rednell,your gift... made me cry. Or almost... I realised that it is what I indeed desire the most. I would give anything, anything for such a Phial!
And I just realised that I forgot Boring!!!!
Boring - for you it MUST be of course a sailing boat, as beautiful as Vingilot!
Just today I got a real (non-virtual) Cuddly ????? I completely forgot the English name of that beast!!!
It is called a groundhog, groundchuck, or rockchuck or woodchuck depending on the area where one lives in the USA. By any name they are marmots, genus Arctomys in Europe and Arctomys monax in North America. Teacher Smilie

Of course not being a zoologist I may be wrong in the above because I always thought "groundchuck" was just a better grade of ground beef or a style of American football which was preferred by coach Chuck Knox who was noted for his teams running game rather than their passing game as a way of gaining offensive yardage. Elk Grinning Smilie
Yeh, Thanks Eryan, I got you a thank you gift.
It's a life size stress Morgorth, when ever you're feeling blue just squesse, bash and crush the little blighter to your contentment!
For Allyssa: an invitation from Elrond for a long stay in Rivendell (including a trip with Elladan and Elrohir to Lothlorien, via Dimrill Stairs), and an enthusiastic editor begging her to publish all her past, present and future writing (and willing to pay for it in advance!)

Thank-you Eryan! That is the best christmas present I have ever had. Big Laugh Smilie

...for Eryan: An operational copy of Vilya, so that you can heal the hurts of this world.
a magical Lemon and a magical Grapefruit to keep her company

Oh, thank you ever so much!!! Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie I really didn't expect that.

A box of traditional-home-baked-gingerbread men for Eryan from Orange&buddies
Oh, you forgot me, too, but that's understandable, cause I don't post a whole lot, I tend to lurk around and read everyone else's posts, they're very entertaining. Also, I'm not sure what to get you, so MERRY CHRISTMAS TO EVERYONE! Also, a Happy New Year.
For Elentari31: a beautiful magical star singing softly enchanted Elven music whenever she will feel sad

Thank you so much Eryan! Big Smile Smilie And thanks for actually remembering me. And for you... one wish to come true, anything at all.
I really wish I could give you that. I wonder what your wish would be...
Thank you everybody, I am very moved by all my gifts - I never ever got so wonderful Christmas gifts before!!!
Allyssa, I am so glad to get the copy of Vilya, I hope that it wil work still now when the One is destroyed...
Fangorn, will you accept a herd of nice docile Huorns? And I agree that lurking IS fun!
It is a pity, Ross, that I did not get my anti-stress Morgoth earlier this year, I had ample opportuniies to use him!
Grondy, I meant groudhog, I didn't know the other names (in ME they are known as "Grondhogs", aren't they? Wink Smilie
Orange, great thanks for gingerbread men! I usually make myself funny gingerbread dwarves as well!
Elentari31, I cannot decide yet but my two possible wishes are (1) to be able to finish the cycle of novels I'm writing now (and to be satisfied with the result!), and (2) that my left knee stops to hurt me so much. But the novels are more important I think! Wink Smilie
I will leave now and be offline for quite a moment, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everybody once more!
I dought you had forgoten me as I have not been on PT long but I would like a present too.
Your pressent could be add 35 more post and be elevated to the posstition of friend, failling that Grondy has loads of psuedo-simarills

Your gift was perfect!!! Thank you so much for thinking of me. Eyran, you put alot of hardwork and thought behind each gift that you gave. That is the most wonderful type of person there is in the world, someone who truly cares about the people in their lives.

For your gift, I give you even more of the knowledge that you already posess of Tolkien's world, and our world in which we all live. With that knowledge comes peace and happiness! Use it wisely and everywhere, to help anyone that you possiblly can. I have the faith and trust in you to spread it all over the world.

To everyone else at PT, I also wish peace and happiness, and lots and lots of chocolate, and extra free time, to do what you most desire in this world.

May all of your wishes come true, and the magic of the season fill you.

MMMMmmmmmmmm chocolate!
Ross, you must be looking over my shoulder
Very Sad Smilie

forgot a Tigger Smilie never mind Very Sad Smilie
Yeah thanks a lot (although I do hope that I might get that sometime soon...)
Thank you Eryan for being so thoughtful... Christmas Tree Smilie
green is my favourite colour!

For you I wish the very merriest Chritmas ever; and a muse to always keep you inspired. Big Smile Smilie
Thank you Eryan! You're so thoughtful Big Smile Smilie Have a merry Christmas Christmas Smilie
For HaloBlack: a magical pencil for drawing yet more weird and fantastic drawings

Awww! *hugs magical pencil* Thanx very much Eryan! Here *hands Eryan a magical winged hamster named Ert* have a magical winged hamster named Ert! May he bring you much happyness and amusement...oh, and don't feed him after midnight. Christmas Tree Smilie

*reads Grondy's postBody* Yuppers, very well said that Grondy! *nods in agreement* Merry Crimbo to all!

For any young children reading this may Father Christmas, bring you all the best pressent of all, the anticipation of waiting for christmas morning!

Santa? D*mn, I knew I forgot to do something...I forgot to shove that land mine up the chimney! Very Evil Smilie Seriously though...if there are any kiddie-winks reading this, I WAS JOKEING! I won't really blow up Santa...even though he still owes me that island near Australia that I asked for when I was nine. Very Big Grin Smilie I'll get revenge though...sooner or later...when he least expects if *evil sniggers* My cousens always wnated a pet Santa...lets hope she remembers to feed him, I still remember what happened with that gerbil Very Big Grin Smilie

and just incase I can't get online on christmas day...
Christmas Tree Smilie Christmas Tree Smilie Snowman Smilie Alcoholic Smilie HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVERY ONE!! Alcoholic Smilie Snowman Smilie Christmas Tree Smilie Christmas Tree Smilie

*Halo runs off to draw something insaine...*

[Edited on 7/12pm02/1984 by Halo_Black]
And to all those members for whom Eryan couldn't provide a specific present, look at the bar at the top of the screen, we have 1678 members as I write this, and if Eryan had spent the time and effort think up a unique present for each of us, Spring would already have come and gone and she still wouldn't have had time to complete the task. Shaking Head Smilie

Also know that she could only specifically pattern each of her wonderful gifts to their respective recipient because she had learned our natures via the posts we have made. If you haven't as yet made many posts, it may mean she hadn't come to know you well enough to select the 'perfect' gift for you; therefore, you must be satisfied with her best wishes, which are wonderful in themselves. Fat Santa Smilie And to them I add my own:

Christmas Tree Smilie Have a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Christmas Tree Smilie

And for those of you who don't keep Christmas:

Christmas Tree Smilie Christmas Tree Smilie Christmas Tree Smilie Christmas Tree SmilieHave a Joyous Holiday Season! Christmas Tree Smilie Christmas Tree Smilie Christmas Tree Smilie Christmas Tree Smilie

And to everyone everywhere I wish:

Christmas Tree Smilie Christmas Tree Smilie Christmas Tree SmiliePeace on Earth! and Good Will To Men! Christmas Tree Smilie Christmas Tree Smilie Christmas Tree Smilie

Christmas Tree Smilie Christmas Tree Smilie Christmas Tree Smilie Christmas Tree Smilie God bless us, everyone!
Christmas Tree Smilie Christmas Tree Smilie Christmas Tree Smilie Christmas Tree Smilie
Well said Grondy!

For any young children reading this may Father Christmas, bring you all the best pressent of all, the anticipation of waiting for christmas morning! Merry Christmas Smilie

For the majority of adults may your hang overs and diets be short! Good Morning Smilie
*is seated comfotably in a little corner of Rivendel

"Master Elrond, we really should drink a toast of this lovely mulled wine to Eryan."

"Eryan? oh yes, that lovely lady who arranged this expedition for you. To Eryan!"

[Door opens. Two people enter]

"Father, I hope you have saved some for us"

"Of course, of course"

[The newcomers settle comfortably and enjoy their wine]

Thank you Eryan!
Thanks Eryan! Huorns are a perfect present. Merry Christmas everyone!
A very Merry Christmas to you all Fat Santa Smilie
May your holidays bring you all joy and contentment and be full of love.

Tigger Smilie
Thank you so much for your present Eryan, it cheered me up a lot! Big Smile Smilie I love boats. For you...I don't know you exteremly well, but I do know that you are very smart, so I will give you five fine pens and five books such as Elrond has in Rivendell for you to write in! Thank you again for your present, you are so thoughtful, and Happy (Late) Christmas! Big Smile Smilie
Thank you eryan. Big Smile Smilie
Never have I seen such a list of well-meant, heartfelt, kind and truly wonderfull Christmas presents. It must have taken hours to find them all and it was so sweet of you to do so. I have tears in my eyes.

When I visit the Amarie in Valinor I'll ask around for the Phial of Galadriel, when they hear who it's for I'm sure they'll let me take it back to ME.