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From about the age of four, when I first went to sea with my father, I wanted to be a fisherman. Then, when I was 14 some marine biologists chartered our boat and from then on that's what I wanted to be. During University, however, I became a bit disillusioned with the whole science side of things and decided I wanted to go back to my roots and be a fisherman.

That's what I was for quite a few years, but when fishing collapsed in our area, I got the opportunity to take up the marine biologist side of things again, as well as policing the local fishery. I must admit, never in a million years did I ever see myself as policing the fishery, but if the shoe fits, wear it. To be honest, I don't think I could even have dreamed a better job than what I do now. Sometimes I have to pinch myself to make sure I'm not dreaming.
That is really great Val. I love the sea as well having lived by it all my life (and I still live by it, being only thirteen, hehe). I can only hope to be as happy as you are with your job when I grow up.
When I was six I wanted to be a teacher, that has worn off now because I am too terrified to discipline Big Laugh Smilie But I do like to lecture. I also wanted to be a world traveler. When I was older I wanted to be a writer, and still do. Nowadays the traveling urge has come back again and I want to live all over the world. I want to be a philologist, an anthropologist and a world traveler at present. I've also always wanted to sail a big schooner.
Erm... After watching the Indiana Jones Movies I too wanted to be an Archaeologist. Then my sister did a degree in it, and I found out it wasn't half as exciting as Harrison Ford made it look, besides, it's a git to spell, so I changed my mind and decided to concentrate on being part of the Rebel Alliance. Of course than it turned out that Star Wars wasn't a documentary so I was again knackered.

The obvious choice was to be a rock star, but that proved to be a little dificult to break into, besides, mainstream music is always terrible and I didn't want to make it anymore.

Eventually I decided I wanted to be happy, which meant working as little as possible while still making enough money to live on, and having time to spend creating my horrific brand of avant-garde noise (some might accuse it of being music). So I've achieved my ambition, go me.
This is going to sound painfully corny, but I have only ever wanted to be one thing. Even before I could read, I used to try to read, much to my family's amusement. I would have been about nine years old when I discovered the delight of writing stories. I knew then that, that was what I wanted to do when I grew up.

Well, it took me longer than most to grow up, because I have only been writing seriously for the last three years. I tried to follow some "good professions" (accounting, computing) on the way, but none of them really fit me - or I didn't fit them. I am not sure which, but it doesn't really matter. Found my true calling again eventually. Big Smile Smilie
I always wanted to be a milk man, but then I realised you had to get up early, so IU decided I wanted to be a chimpanzee vetinary, but there aren't many chimps in Lancashire. Then I was the model maker at a model shop (coolest job ever). I have been a graphic designer (can I just say Mac's Suck big time, all you other graphic designers only insist on saying they're better because you train on them and they look funky, well open one up. All the components are IBM and a PC is half the price, you can get all the software and it works twice as fast). Now I'm training to be an accountant!
They are some lovely ambitions and very interesting.

Can I ask what marine biologist, philologist, anthropologist, chimpanzee vetinarys are? I`ve never heard of them before. I`m interested. I`ll sit and discover what they are while members explain, that`s if you want to tell me, or keep me waiting. Wink Smilie Thanks for all your replys everyone, it`s great to find out what other people wanted to be because then it gives you ideas, that`s if you want to make a success of that particular ambition. Big Smile Smilie

Plastic, I`ve watched some if the Indiana Jones movies, but I never noticed any arcaeologists in them. That`s not what got me interested, what got me interested was Egypt. Ever sinse I learnt about Egypt in year 3, I have got really fasinated with Egypt, then I got interested in the mummification and the discoveries and findng bones and everything else.

I love Egypt! I have the Egyptian Get Set discovery kit and I think it`s great. It`s the ideal thing for me, you have to discover what mummy has been found and other information about it, I love it!!

Big Smile Smilie
I always wanted to be a spy, like James Bond... Getting that beautiful girls, killing bad guys, etc... Police Smilie
Well, that`s interesting, a lot of undercover work there and you`d get much more high-teched things than us. Alot of money for instance. Big Smile Smilie I wouldn`t mind a bit of that. Wink Smilie
Oh right, I must have missed that part of the story where it hints, shows or tells you. Oh well, that`s okay, I know now don`t I. Thanks for the info.
Let's see.. When I was little I wanted to be a princess (nothing unusual, really) But then I changed direction and I wanted to be a boss. Nothing specified, just a boss. As long as I was the boss everything would be fine.. hehe. (a little touch of my more dominant side, perhaps?) After that I changed my mind again and I decided I wanted to be a architect who sang (opera) on her sparetime and painted pictures while rehearsing the opera. Then I'd sell the paintings, become a famous painter, singer and achitect and then I'd be the boss and make lot's of money. Hehehe. Tongue Smilie

Now I'm quite content with my whish of working with marketing. Smile Smilie
Quite a big difference then between them! Big Laugh Smilie When I was a little girl, I wanted to be a princess to. I used to pray and wish that I would become a princess, but then I grew up to realise that was never going to happen, so I just gave up. Sad Smilie
Quite a big difference then between them! Big Laugh Smilie When I was a little girl, I wanted to be a princess to. I used to pray and wish that I would become a princess, but then I grew up to realise that was never going to happen, so I just gave up. Sad Smilie

Roflmao!! Of I'm sorry Sheryl, but this was just so funny! Big Smile Smilie
btw, you should never give up, and if you want to, I can keep you in my heart as a princess.
Well Aire my sister wanted to a princess but I never did. Wink Smilie I did want to be Robin Hood though...
Sheryl: After reading Tolkien I researched him and where he got his ideas for writing. All of this led me to read about his profession: philology and I fell in love. Philology is studying words and ancient literature and can sometimes include archeology (sp? Yes you're right Skwerl, it's too hard to spell!) Actually I think the thing that really made me want to be philologist was when I saw this National Geographic movie about the making of LotR. They had a part where they talked about the Kalevala, and ancient runesongs being song by elders in Karelia and it was like I could see for the first What amazingly beautiful stuff. To study this, to preserve this, to learn about this...I just wanted to run off to Finland!
And this is probably all you want to know about me. I'll tell you why I want to be an anthropologist tomorrow. Wink Smilie
Okay, that`s fine with me.

Aire:Isuppose it is quite funny, when I read it over I chuckle. Big Smile Smilie I can see the funny point of it now. I sort of humiliated myself there as well. Cool Smilie
Quite a big difference then between them! Big Laugh Smilie When I was a little girl, I wanted to be a princess to. I used to pray and wish that I would become a princess, but then I grew up to realise that was never going to happen, so I just gave up. Sad Smilie

NEVER say you gave up anything again, Sheryl! That makes me feel very sad with you! Never give up of anything you want! So Angry Smilie
Can I ask what marine biologist, philologist, anthropologist, chimpanzee vetinarys are?
A marine biologist, sheryl, studies sea life. The romantic image of marine biologists is people studying dolphins or sharks. In my case, however, I tend to wade across muddy sandbanks monitering cockle and mussel beds.
I`m really sorry Celtavhc..I`ll take that advice, thank you and please don`t stay mad with me. I would hate to lose such a great friend such as you or anyone for that matter. So I beg for forgiveness....You can count on me for not giving up on the Archaeologist/Egyptologist thing. I`m visiting the British museum 2moro, mostly for the Egyptian artifacts, and I`m going to ask for some advice or anything they can tell me.(If they can.) Wink Smilie

Thankyou for that explanation Val. I have a much clearer understanding now than I did b4. Thank you. Big Smile Smilie
I want to be a radio talk show host. I've got a big mouth and I love debating politics/news with people!

When I was a little girl, I wanted to be a princess to. I used to pray and wish that I would become a princess, but then I grew up to realise that was never going to happen, so I just gave up.

Well, you are our resident princess Sheryl!
And there is still time. You only have to marry a Prince.
And there is still time. You only have to marry a Prince.
However, I don't know if there remain many whose name is 'Charming'. Elk Grinning Smilie
That was a lovely thing to say Stonehelm, aww, thank you....

Val, I shall wait in my tall tower until my prince comes and rescues me....I`ve got my eyes set on Prince William.(He`s Prince Charles son and also the son of Diana, princess of whales.)

Grondy, there may not be any Prince called 'charming' but there are princes out there that are just as charming, you just don`t find out at first.. Sad Smilie
Drumming is cool Asteroth!

Yea, drums are kool.
I wanted to be nurse. Now i dont want to be a nurse because its too much school. Next, i wanted to be a pilot. Ive wanted to be a pilot ever since. !
Airplanes or Helicopters?
Well, good luck Delidia. I wish all the best for you. Big Smile Smilie
When I was a kid, I wanted to be a vet, but that suddenly changed when we got Biology in secondary school. Big Laugh Smilie Then when I was 12, I wanted to be a pilot. Then when I was 14 or 15 I wanted to do something with boats (cos my dad and brother bought a tug boat, small one). Now, I'm 19, and I dream of becoming a good translator. And I dream of moving to Dublin, does that count? Tongue Smilie
When I was a little girl I wanted more than anything to be a singer. I was really good to, My dad used to have me sing for his band. He's not in a big band but he's pretty popular in the Tri-state area Ha Ha Ha Smilie

I started smoking and lost my voice... Sad Smilie

Now I want to work for a large company with good benefits.. funny how your dreams change when you grow up.
I’m only 13, but for many years now I’ve wanted to become a actor, writer and director (if all else fails a chef).
I know it’s not exactly easy to become a well payd and famous actor if you live in Iceland but you should always hang on to the dream, wright.
Right! You hold onto that dream okay?

Ever since I was 4 til a now, I`ve wanted to be an actress, hopefully I may work alongside you one day Pesi! Big Smile Smilie Oh I also wanted to be a jazz dancer, or something similer. Big Smile Smilie

But since about 5 months ago I wanted to be a Egyptologist/Archaeologist all in one. I`m learning how to read and write Ancient Egyptian hyrogliphics. It`s great fun, I`m doing a word search at the moment in hyrogliphics. I`m turning my room into Egypt, a bit OTT but I don`t care it`s my choice. I`m having an excavation site, a studying section, a display, clothing in my closet.e.t.c....Alot of things happening at the moment in my life I suppose. I have a big show coming up, well to tell the truth I have two big shows coming up!

I`m not really looking forward to them seeing as I`m busy with school and everything. I`m leaving my theatre school when I`m in year seven because I don`t really like going there anymore. Very Sad Smilie

Well, c ya l8tr. Big Smile Smilie
Hey @ you, everybody want to be such intressting things Sad Smilie
I only had a few things to *dream* about.
My first thing what I wnat to be? I was around 10, 11 and i want to be a teacher, the main reason why?? I had so many *bad* teachers. After a while I want to be a famous rider. But unfortenely I have no mony and I am not really extra good.

3 years ago I desidet to join the army, to study in the army Politiks and Sociallive. I past the big test and normely I could go, but the nice doctor sayed to me *you are to light, I want that you have more wight on* inthis way I was going to Irelnd. And since I am in ireland I dont wonna go anymore. the main reason, I dont have the fittness. *g* I do a lot of sport but not really many enough to join the army

now I am back to the teacher-job, what an ironicall thing *g*
Not very intressrting all this stuff.

But I think this is intressting...............yeah dram your dreams, when you have some.
actor, writer and director (if all else fails a chef).


Almost, The King who abdicated because he was forced and they used his mistress as an excuse. A few years ago the released the truth after fifty years. They needed an excuse to get rid of Edward because he was a Nazi sypathiser and he was given vital war information to Hitler. so the used Walace-Simpson as an excuse being that she had divorced. Most likely they will skip Charles anyway because Royal affections are flaging and as a few of you have pointed out William is popular with the ladies and could potentially develop a new affection for the royal family!
Don't marry a prince and never set your heart on it! The reason why you will alway's be looked on as a coomoner or an Oich as they prefer to phrase it. My great great great great great grandad was an Earl, because he married a cook they dispossesed him of his title and land! I'm glad they did this though otherwise I wouldn't be here! Yea me!
Just think though Ross, you could still be here, and be King of England as well as Geeksylvania. Big Laugh Smilie

So Sheryl, you'll just have to setlle for being Daddy's little princess.

I don`t think so, let`s just say, my dad and I don`t get along too well, okay?
Sad Smilie
That's just because your at that age, you'll like him eventually. My Dad is the biggest pillock going but I still love and even like him at times!
I`m 11 and I haven`t liked him since as long as I can remember! We just don`t get along! He never got along with his dad, so I suppose we`re alike in that way, I don`t want to be like him though.... Mad Smilie

This thread is not about me and my dad so we`ll lay off that part yeah and talk about what the thread is about. Yeah? Big Smile Smilie
*backs away cautiosly*
Don`t worry, I`m not angry at everyone for talking about it, I just don`t like to talk about him...
I started off wanting to soar in the sky amongst the eagles....a dream that never could come true.....but then I thought that at least I want to I wanted to become a pilot and that is still my dream....But first I want to become an airplane techichian!
I wanted to be a lazy long haired git who sat around all day playing with pianos and guitars and moderating Tolkien fan sites... wow! Lucky me...
And listening to Sister of Mercy! Wink Smilie
Well, that is a wierd ambition and I suppose part of it came true! Big Laugh Smilie
erm... all of it did Sheryl. Hooray! (I may have been lying about it being an ambition though)
Maybe a writer, philologist, teacher, or a linguist. Though I have composed music before, and play the clarinet. I also taught myself to play the piano; I'm pretty good at it.
So, I dunno.
um i'm only 12 but I'm pretty good at drawing anime so I thought i'd be cool to have my own show. And i'm good with computers so I also want to work for Lucas Arts (Star wars fan coming throught Big Laugh Smilie ) or maybe if I got good enough at skate boarding I could win the X-Games or something. Smoke Smilie
I think every girl can agree with me on this one, but up until I was about 4 I wanted to be Queen of England, until I was told I had to be of royalty... I
Then I wanted to be a vet or zoologist, anything with animals, I guess part of that came true, but now I don't want to do that anymore.
I've always wanted to be a writer or screenwriter, and I'm not going to give up on that one, but what I really want to do is join the US Air Force as an Airborne Cryptologic Linguist. Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie
Good luck Andrea!

Good luck to every1 really is wo I should say...Well, work towards ur dream and don`t give up! Big Smile Smilie

I don`t know y, but I want to work with children, helping ppl really, so I suppose anything to do with ppl and helping them with their problems or anything like that...Smile Smilie
Sheryl dear, its all about being a cowgirl,it was and is for me.
But one thing I wanted to be besides a cowgirl was a Archeologist. There where a few other ideas in my head,like I always wanted to walk on the moon,but seriously that dream is better left behind.
that dream is better left behind?? It might actually be true in about 20 years LadyF, but I don't think I'll aford it, although I'd surely love it!!
Egypt sheryl?? then we'll be even friendly together Wink Smilie . I've been fascinated by Egypt since I studied it 3 years ago..I also wanted to be a astro-physician (well you're the ones who asked!!) and veterinarian as well ( I never kew how you spelled that word, but >I guess you all understood right?Wink Smilie. I think that's about it...for now!!
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