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The Forsaken Inn seems to be forsaken.

LadyVee walks to the bar and orders "a pint of your finest ale".

"It's a bit quiet in here." She comments.
Bugyfeanor comes into the Inn, leaving the snow and wind behind him.
"Ooops, I thought this was 'The Prancing Poney'! Well... since I'm already here... bring me an ale too, mate!"
He joins Lady Vee and start talking 'bout the weather. (I think it's gotta do with the pollution brought by Sauron and Sarumn; I could've swore that snow burned my face!)
A young lady begins to pour their drinks and listens quietly into the conversation.
"Will that be all?" she said,smiling softly.
An old man walks into the inn, looks around and wonders aloud," Why have they started a RPG in this inn?"
A young half elf enters, brushing the snow from his shoulders and making sure the sword at his belt is concealed beneath his long black coat. For a brief period, while the door is open, the squeak of the sign outside the inn swinging in the wind can be heard. The new arrival slowly surveys the interior of the inn, a homely looking place with paintings of the heroes of old adorning the walls, and a roaring fire in the huge hearth at the far end. He glances across the people seated at the tables until the gleam in his eye meets that of the young lady behind the bar;

'Now then, how about some of this famous ale?'
... As the half-elf sups from his goblet & flirts with the young lady who served him - Legolaslass enters the bar... noisily! She is singing an old tune she once heard sung by some dwarves.... 'ere the break of day...' As she struggles to recall the actual lyrics she stammers a little then thinks she'll add her own...

'... ere the break of day ... I started well with pipe weed, followed by some of my own ale..... I'm here after a good old feed...'

She notices young Lady Vee at one of the tables 'Ah, my old chum, how are thee this evening? Allow me to refill your goblets & join you and your companions!'

After one of Legolaslas' famous speeches - (whilst standing on her head) - she notices the young half elf out of the corner of her eye & ponders over his mysterious aura. 'Hmmm, this young lad has something up his sleeve' she mutters (Or was that under his coat?!?)


'Hmmm, this young lad has something up his sleeve' she mutters (Or was that under his coat?!?)


Psst... Cue Pere/half elf.... Super Scared Smilie
Pere glances at Legolaslass, instinctively knowing what she is thinking. Finishing his glass of ale, he strides over to her, fixing her with his gaze;

'You don't seem surprised that I carry a sword, most of these people would run a mile if they knew.' He gestures across the inn at the motley clientelle. 'Perhaps you have an acquaintance with such things?'
The young lady behind the counter smiles to herself. Flipping the road sign for The Khazad-dumish Inn so that it pointed here was quite clever. Then she jumps up on the counter and announses out loud: "Welcome to the Forsaken Inn my friends! We are the only inn for miles around, but our beer is cold and the wine of first class and the only kind we don't serve here are the none-paying kind." Then she turns to the halfelven with a teasing wink "So don't go to far from this counter mister Halfelf, or I'll be forced to introduse you to my friend Brutus, an you don't want that."
"Now drink and be merry and the tip cup is right next to the bowl of mallorn-nuts on the counter!"
Pere glances at Legolaslass, instinctively knowing what she is thinking. Finishing his glass of ale, he strides over to her, fixing her with his gaze;

'You don't seem surprised that I carry a sword, most of these people would run a mile if they knew.' He gestures across the inn at the motley clientelle. 'Perhaps you have an acquaintance with such things?'

Legolaslass gives him a 'nod' in respect and greeting - 'I have travelled these parts - - for many a moon & rarely do I meet ...'

The fair lady pulls back the long, golden-red locks of hair that had, afore, covered those ears that tell all there is to tell.

'...a fellow elf'

'Pray tell, my good fellow, what has you in these parts and...' - as she lowered her silken voice - '.. what do you foresee to carry such a heavy burden? Dear sir, my 'Steel of Choice' is but a staircase ride from here (in my room) - if I can be of assistance to you this evening , please call on me as you wish'

With a 'swoosh' of her hair (mostly for dramatic purposes) she called for the barkeep to refresh her companions ale & to bring a fresh goblet for their guest.

The evening proceeded (with many a hiccup!) until all were merry.

As the night came to a close something was brewing.....

[Sorry - got a bit carried away! lol next!!)
A young hobbit sat in the corner watching the half elves warily. She had once had an unpleasant experience down a dark alley with a half elf and was trying to find the other half to make the bad dreams go away. Super Scared Smilie
She wriggled her furry toes. The hairs were twitching - she too could sense that something was about to happen....
"Hrummphhh!" frowned an elf from the depth of his cloak. This used to be such a quiet place for him to drink and contemplate, until this evening. And now? Well, it seemed another place gone to the pits. They'll be bringing in disco lights and dancers next, he thought sourly to himself as he finished his ale.

Slipping past the noisy revellers, he decided to hang out in the Golden Perch in future. That place was quiter than Saruman's library. He'd get some peace in there. Seeing a troop of oliphants wearing pink tu-tus and riding monocycles heading down the road, he knew he had left not a moment too soon.
Lady Vee winked at Bugyfeanor. " That's got rid of grumpy old Val. Iheard he'd been thown out of several ale houses because he started a petition to stop the pole dancing at the Green Dragon. Anyone for a game of Scrabble?"

She sat there, looking innocent, wondering if anyone had noticed she wasn't quite all she seemed?
Legolaslass gives him a 'nod' in respect and greeting - 'I have travelled these parts - - for many a moon & rarely do I meet ...'

The fair lady pulls back the long, golden-red locks of hair that had, afore, covered those ears that tell all there is to tell.

'...a fellow elf'

'Pray tell, my good fellow, what has you in these parts and...' - as she lowered her silken voice - '.. what do you foresee to carry such a heavy burden? Dear sir, my 'Steel of Choice' is but a staircase ride from here (in my room) - if I can be of assistance to you this evening , please call on me as you wish'
Pere quickly glances round at Vee, then, content that neither she nor anyone else is listening, leans forward towards Legolaslass and speaks in a soft, hurried voice;

'I cannot tell you fully of my purpose here, but I can tell you that some things you see are not completely as they seem' - Another glance at Vee - 'If I would keep your wits about you if I were you, and keep your sword about you at all times; I will inform you further when it is more appropriate. Alas, this is a burden that I have borne far too long.'

He looked out of he window and noticed that the snow was coming down thicker than ever;

'I think I shall require a room for tonight,' he said to the girl serving the drinks, 'Do you have any available?'
"Ay" the girl replied "plenty of rooms awailable, we don't call it 'the Forsaken Inn' for no reason." She brings out a cobweb covered key from under the counter. Then she leaned over and wispered: "If I may ask a favour kind Sir, our maid went up there a month ago with some new linnen, and we've not heard from her since. If you find her please let us know, her mom is quite upset with us for loosing her. Oh and there are some doors that keep appearing and disappering, that's nothing to worry about, happen all the time."

The she turns to Vee, "and would you like a room too, my lady?"
Lady Vee smiled enigmatically. "I think I will take a room" she said in her low sing-song elvish voice. "And would someone bring me breakfast in bed?" She smiled again, remembering her last visit to this inn and the maid who brought the linen.....

"Breakfast in bed?" the girl pondered for a moment. "Yes... I think we used to do that, been so long since we've had guests!" the girl giggled. "Well the meny isn't big, but we have our speciality; egg and bacon fried with garlic! Or blood pudding, for some reason that seems to be very popular.. don't know why..."

As Vee and the the half elf joins Legolasslass the girl nibbles on some garlic bread.
"Nice to see people here again."
As the good Lady Vee looked thoughtful (In a slightly worrying, menacing fashion)...

I would keep your wits about you if I were you, and keep your sword about you at all times; I will inform you further when it is more appropriate. Alas, this is a burden that I have borne far too long.'

In the hushed, silken voice, she replies - 'No need for any more words on the matter for now, my good fellow. [ 'Nuff said! ] I accept your counsel & am grateful for it. I reside in room eleventy-one on this fair evening & am at your service, if you should wish to call upon me.

'Come, join us new friend...' The maiden's voice now raised & for all to hear '... let us introduce ourselves....'

After a goblet or four & many merry songs later.... (Including a very funny, yet slightly scary rendition from Lady Vee.. Something to do with a good breakfast & entertaining maids....?!?)

'Excuse me while I go to my room for some fresh attire...'
(a slight nod at her 'new companion' indicated the real reason that she must 'change' her attire, to suit).
'... A few more goblets of your finest, over here my good lady/bar-keep, to keep my friends company in my brief absence!'

With a 'swoosh' of that hair (Again, for dramatics) she ascended the twisted flight of stairs to her room....
The only sound she heard was the arthritic creaking of the wooden steps as she ascended further and still further. Her breath frosted the air.... she stopped on a landing, the darkness caressing her..... no sounds could she hear now, no familiar laughter or singing. Nothing. The air was barren here in the heights of the Forsaken Inn. Her eyes adjusted to the gloom and shadow. In front of her a door stood partly open, a faint glow tickled the edges of the battered oak door. Her curiosity over came her and her hand, as if in the control of someone more powerful than herself, stretched out towards the open door.......... now she heard faint sounds but nothing that welcomed her. Instead, shivers skittered along her spine but still she could not pull back. The room was beckoning her...

She shivered.
Meanwhile, down in the bar - all was merry. There were many more goblets of the 'finest' consumed before the half elf realised his new companion had been 'changing her attire' for quite some time!

He pondered for a few more moments then remembered that the elven-lady had told him earlier her room number.... (eleventy-one) He decided to go & check she was ok.... 'mysterious place this Inn' he thought to himself.

As he rose from the table & excused himself, Lady Vee watched, suspiciously, as he headed for the stairs....

'Hmmm, is he about to discover all my plans....?'

Lady Vee decided to act earlier in the evening, with her plans, than she had planned to and.....
. waiting until he had disappeared up the winding stairs she ventured out of the shadows and cursed him. She was about to follow him when she noticed somebody else nearbye. She looked down... and down.... there was a young hobbit girl staring up at her.......

She coudn't now follow the half elf so she smiled and turned to the hobbit. "Hello" she said in her husky voice, "Who are you?" "My name is Daisy" said the hobbit. "Can you lend me some money for a drink please?"

Lady Vee eyed Daisy suspiciously. There was more to this child like creature than meets the eye....

While Legolaslass waits (Feet-a-tappin) just inside that mysterious door... to see what her fate is to be

... The Lady Vee puts her arm around the young Daisy (having had to 'stoop' a little in order to do this) & brings her back down to the bar & orders her a drink.

'So.....' Said Lady Vee '...what has a small person like yerself here, alone - I might add - & penniless?' ....
"Oh?" uttered the demuring halfling, fluttering her lashes in an overt attempt at innocence, "why i am neither penniless or alone, i am sorry to have misled you, its just that my guardian is attending to his steed in the stables, and well i am parched y'see, and afraid that the barman here would not serve me on account of my tender years and ..."she trailed off, with a look of embarressment. "Oh here he is now"she said smiling, and gesturing toward the rear of the inn, the back door was thrown open and an icy gust of air swept through the common room unsettling all within.
A tall and fell figure, seemingly attired in the garb of war, threw back his long black cloak and removed a helm of blackened gold revealing handsome, yet stern aquiline features. With dark roving eyes piercing the gloom of the inn, and an almost predatory manner he scoured the scene, looking for his quarry.
Upon sighting the young halfling and the strange lady in her company, he strode boldly toward them. For a moment, indifferent to Lady Vee's presence, he addressed the hobbit ..."I trust you have kept yourself out of mischief ?" the tone hinted at his suspiscion. "Well, of course my lord i was merely availing myself of others good company and hospitality..."she replied with mild amusement.
"Well I hope that is all you have been availing," with that he turned toward Lady Vee, "I suggest you check your purse madame, the little one is given to testing her, err, talents, you must pardon my poor grace, I am Lord Aelric, Madame Daisy's custodian." he gave a small but measured bow. "and you are?"...
Lady Vee smiled. "I am, my Lord," she said in a husky voice, "very pleased to meet you at last. I believe we have an appointment". With that she turned and swept up the stairway. "Follow me, my Lord, if you please.".....
Daisy wiped her brow in relief. With any luck her evil guardian would be out of the way for some time with the strange lady who'd shown some kindness. She glowered at the retreating forms and wondered if she would be able to sweet talk her way into a stiff drink. She needed it! There were far too many big people and half elves around for her liking. If only her guardian was gone for long enough for her to gather some more information...
"Service! Service!!!" The angry dwarf roars, "Where in the name of the red eye is the barkeeper around here?"
"Goodness!" exclaimed Daisy. "What a loud voice for such an attractive looking dwarf." She fluttered her eyelashes and sidled closer to the newcomer. "The service here is unpredictable I'm afraid. I haven't been able to attract their attention yet." Daisy put her hand on the dwarf's arm. "What muscles! I bet a fine, srong dwarf like yourself won't be left standing for long! Do you think you could order my drink when the bar keep comes over?" Daisy squeezed his arm slightly and gave her best coy smile as she looked up at him through her eyelashes. She really needed a drink!!
"You want service,you bearded monkey!"said Frodo34.
The dwarf read the name tag. "Frodo34?" "Yes, som many Hobbit children where named Frodo after the war that they had to give us numbers."
"Um.. right" mumbled the dwarf. "A beer please."

The young lady returned from the backroom with new bottles of wine. "Daisy! You hopeless drunk! Did that creapy guardian of yours come too?" Daisy noded and the girl sighed. "Here then, have a drink on the house. Nah, take the bottle. But don't tell the boss! If you are trying to get a dwarf to buy you a drink, then you must be desperate. You know how they are with money..."
Momentarily, unsettled at Lady Vee's sweeping and unlooked for invitation to follow her upstairs, Lord Aelric gathered his thoughts and swiftly surveyed the inn's clientele. Upon seeing the drunken dwarf, a scowl formed upon his high brow, observing that Daisy was clearly going to make his job difficult, he fixed her with a grim stare, "Do not drink yourself into a stupour young miss, we have a long and difficult road ahead of us and i do not wish to spend naught of it babysitting your hangover, my wits are needed elsewhere." With this terse comment he followed the mysterious Lady Vee, wondering as he went what she meant by 'appointment', could she be an enemy spy? Only time would tell...
The dwarf glanced the way of the grim looking raven-maned figure, recognising something of his attire, a dwarven-made clasp of black-gold caught his eye. The device it bore was unfamiliar - a black rose with gilt edged dagger through it, but the craft was unmistakably that of his fellows in Erebor, what would this manling be doing with Dwarven treasure? He feared the worst and grew suspicious meaning to follow him until the infectious hobbit lass moved toward him, "What about that drink you promised master dwarf?" said Daisy with a broad grin, her cheeks flushed with wine...
"Well this looks good enough I think." said Darous as he opened the inn door.
As he enter he felt the heat of the roaring fire hit his face....."now thats better"
He made a beeline to the bar and was glad to see it was well stocked.
"Bar keep give me a ween of ales....Im quite thristy."
From her place on the stairs Lady Vee turned and caught sight of the enigmatic stranger dressed in black. It was just possible, she thought, that she had made a mistake. She glanced at Lord Aelric. ...

Aelric noted the thoughtful look that crossed this serene woman's comely face, and for a brief second his nerve was sundered. He had, in his time as a knight, faced countless perils and impossible odds in battle and now this mere slip of a girl was toying with him it seemed. Annoyed at his lack of discipline, he stiffened and awkwardly approached her."It seems you have me at a disadvantage m'lady, your tone and manner suggests that either we have met, or else you have some knowledge of me. Surely if our paths had crossed i would remember you, so logically it seems you must've met others and that fact in itself troubles me greatly."
Lady Vee drew back slightly into the shadow of the doorway, and motioned as if to whisper, there was a dangerous, playful look in her brooding dark eyes. Aelric, in spite of his natural suspicion, was intrigued by this woman and...
"My Lord", she whispered, "I fear I may have revealed myself in error. I did not think to find two such men of in this forsaken place." She glanced over at the man standing near the bar. "However, all may not be lost and I shall trust to my instincts and the air of Numenor I discern about you." She moved to go up the stairway. "Time is pressing, My Lord. The woman I send up earlier will not stay dumb forwever and we need her help, not hysterics. If you wish your needs attended to you must follow me quickly."

She turned and disappeared upwards, the dust fretting in swirls. "Do they not employ maids to clean this place?" she thought.

Lord Aelric made as though to follow her but his attention was arrested by the glint of something beneath the Lady's cloak. Was it his imagination, or was that a sword?

Daisy watched the dark clothed man enter the inn and regretted that third bottle. She tried to pick herself of the floor but to do that she would have to let go of it first. She decided to wait where she was until the dizziness passed. Suddenly, something shiny caught her eye. Daisy tried to focus on what was beneath the kind woman's cloak. In other circumstances she would have thought it was a sword but it couldn't be. "That woman tried to buy me a drink", Daisy thought fuzzily. "Can't be a sword. It'd better not be, I'm not up to saving Lord Aelric's neck if she gets nasty. If only I could remember what I came in for. I know I was meeting someone and I had to find something..."
The woman I send up earlier will not stay dumb forwever and we need her help, not hysterics.

Presumably, the good Lady Vee was refering to the elven maiden who had inadvertently been drawn into that dark, mysterious room earlier in the evening.... Although, I could be wrong.... Any-hoo, we'll go with it...

As The Lady Vee led her new, slightly bewildered, companion towards that mysterious room - The Elven maiden, Lego - (Yes, strange name for such a creature.... imagination is not at it's 'peak' just now.... bear with me!!) - was standing in the centre of a room totally under a spell, although aware of her surroundings & the fact she did not intend to be there - she was struck 'dumb' & could not move!

The room itself was not as cold and mysterious as it had seemed from the outside. On the contrary, it was rather comforting! It was as if the maiden wanted to be there.... As if she had been coaxed in by the most wonderful aura she had ever encountered.

This was infact Lady Vee's room. The same room she had always stayed in, on previous visits, to The Foresaken Inn. The room that no other guest had ever had the pleasure of occupying.

The Elven Maiden (Lego Very Mad Smilie ) was under the spell of whatever force resided in this room.

Content, yet bemused, she awaited 'visitors' that, although not quite knowing how she knew, she knew were to join her......

The stranger felt unease as he stood at the bar....."there is a stench about this place...some evil hides in this place."
His hand slowly moved to the hilt of a elvish blade encrusted with runes of power; which had been passed down from his forefathers many centuries ago.
...Meanwhile upon the hall of the first floor, the atmosphere grew tense. Although, Lady Vee did little to conceal her weapon, it's very presence put the veteran Dunedain on his guard, "Assassin?" he thought, "surely she cannot be so careless, yet she knows my origins and speaks in riddles - this could be a trap...if so i must make ready." He hesitated in the doorway, slowly unbinding the peace-knot about the obsidian hilted bastard-sword at his hip.

"M'lady a knight is never hysterical, but neither does he brook any treachery", meeting her gaze he motioned with a glance that he had spotted the concealed weapon. Lady Vee waved her hand in an exaggerated gesture of innocence, "Oh that pifling tis but a trinket to scare goblins, so do not worry yourself Lord" she replied lightly, "i assure you that if you are indeed the person i seek then it is not YOU that is in danger." there was an ominous tone apparent in her husky voice. Aelric unperturbed followed her then into the darkened room, vigilantly scanning the shadows for any possible ambush. However, he saw only the transfixed form of an elven maid, standing as if in a bath of pale moonlight, a grim smile played on his dark face at the sight of an Elf, helpless and blind to his mounting hatred....
Lady Vee laughed softly. "My Lord, she is not for your sport. We have need of her. Restrain your urges or all that you hold dear will be lost."

...for a moment he had forgotten where he was, and old emnities are not easily forgotten, he chastised himself silently, "Fool", he thought ruefully "the war is over, must think clearly, I must be focused on the ultimate goal, not this - tis only a distraction!" Standing fully two feet taller than Lady Vee, he seemed to draw back into the corner of the room drawing shadow about him as he went and all the while fixing his piercing gaze on Lady Vee. "No tricks you here, I know a little still of sorcery, and though I know not what you intend for the Elf-witch, i must protect myself, I trust you understand?" He confided in a dark low whisper. "what is your NEED of her? Is she your slave?"...
(excuse me! Two feet taller??????? What am I, a dwarf?)

Anyway..... I have no idea where this is going. Help Please!

"Sorcery? Yes, you would call it sorcery. This elf maiden has interesting lineage. Her blood is the right mix of several races that even she does not realise. I believe you are seeking something? Something hidden, something secret? This maiden's unconscious 'talent' will help you find that secret thing you desire. But it comes at a price. You know of what I speak, do you not?"

She looked up, up, up at Lord Aelric.

"Are you prepared to pay that price?"
Loni barged into the conversation. (She always was a stupid dwarf) and said: "Whatever the price I'll pay it. I don't know anything about this, but I have loads of money I just mined and I want to waste it somehow."

(Isn't Loni a stupid dwarf?)
Lady Vee looked up at Lord Aelric, "Whould you like to kill the stupid dwarf, my Lord", she said, "Or shall I?"

...without hesitation and with his senses already primed for ambush, the request or command was acted on with predatorial celerity. From those eerily-woven shadows he sprung drawing blade and bounding in one precise and agile movement. The dwarf completely oblivious to the peril, looked dumbly about not expecting an attack from the dark recesses at his side, the strike was swift and clean, the broad ebony blade crunching at the base of the dwarf's skull, the flat of it making the impact. Reeling, stumbling at the doorway, the dwarven intruder crumbled with a gasp to the floor. Aelric, sheathed his weapon, grabbing the prone, unconscious dwarf and pulled him into the room. "I do not think it prudent to commit murder here m'lady", he began in a measured, cold tone, "but rest assured, i will deal with the body later - fools that rush in, have fear to tread do you not think?"
Ooooooh, harsh...... but fair.
(oh yeah.. the bit when i said Aelric was "fully two feet taller" well maybe that was a bit much, but trying to stress his height in accordance with heritage(Dunedain) as they can be anything from six feet to seven and half feet... and i guessed that Vee was about average for a lady, say five to five and half feet tall? does that explain?)
..."and as for the price Lady Vee, i have paid in blood already, and furthermore, i am willing to go to whatever lengths necessary to get what i must, if she is the key then so be it. No longer shall my birthright be withheld from me, the usurper Elessar shall be exposed as traitor to the true Kings of Numenor."
"It will be more difficult to keep two people silent than just the elf maidbut the dwarf's blood may be of use to me. However, my Lord, I am concerned about the man at the bar. I sense knowledge in him of things that should remain hidden and if he is a servant of the Dark Lord then our quest is in peril. Go now and find out who or what he is."

Lord Aelric moved towards the door.

"My Lord", her voice was soft, "Tell me, does the Dark Lord still haunt your dreams?"
..."Go now?" Aelric shifted uncomfortably, a grimace crossed his brooding features. "Though our designs may have some common ground, do not presume to think I am your lacky, M'lady. As for my dreams, they too are my business alone - and the Dark Lord, what of him? He is nothing more than a rumour, a shade... " a strange fey gleam came into his eye. Swiftly, he snatched and caught Lady Vee's arm in a firm grip and drew her close. "Once in Umbar, they called me Dark Lord" he uttered in a rasping whisper, "But with Him gone, that title will take on greater significance in the future!"he smiled cruelly.

Lady Vee, for an instant was dumbfounded, "So now I know it is you, finally you have cast off your disguise, does the spirit of Gorthaur move your thoughts, or are they your own." she said churlishy, and pulled her arm free of his grasp. Lord Aelric's eyes narrowed at the chiding remark, his pride smarting from the blow. "i did not need Him then, and I do not have need of Him now, my destiny was always my own, only His War permitted the opportunity and with His downfall, my fortunes also did wane." His inward fury apparent to her, she permitted herself a disarming smile. "come now my Lord Aelric, do not wallow, you'll have another opportunity soon, if you assist me here in my preparations, your fortunes are certain to improve" she paused, "improve immeasurably!"...

He relaxed slightly, and took his leave of the room, making sure to bind and gag the fallen dwarf intruder before his exit. Now, his intentions were made clear, there was no going back; she knew him and she was dangerous - but equally her self-confidence installed in him a belief that her role was pivotal and his cooperation absolutely necessary.
Lady Vee waited until Lord Aelric's footsteps had disappeared then she turned her attention to the elfmaid. "Well, my dear" She whispered, "We have need of you but for now you must go back. I will call for you later and you will come to me."

She reached into a pouch on her belt, taking out a thin chain of silver coloured metal. Then she fixed the chain around the elf's wrist where it shrank and tightened. It almost became part of her flesh.

"That will keep you from remembering and will keep you to my will."

She placed another band on the dwarf's wrist.

"Now, my dears, you will wake in a moment, believe you are old friends, and go back downstairs and enjoy yourselves. Your time is short....."

Lady Vee then followed Lord Aelric downstairs, keeping to the shadows.
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