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The Elven maiden blinked.... blinked again.... She looked about the room & thought she saw a figure she recognised. Although she could not be sure where she knew the dwarf from, she approached her any-hoo!!

'Well, my friend... We meet again! How are you this evening?'

The dwarf, blinking herself turned to face the maiden.

'I... I... Well, actually, I'm pretty good, my friend!!'

The maiden Lego swung her arm about her companian & turned towards the door.

'Come along, my chum... A fine brew awaits us down in the bar. Let us get our full before the night is out!!'

And with that, arms about eachother, they headed for the bar....
Shouting "Drinks for everyone - let's start this party now!" And giggling they fell over the feet of the tall, enigmatic stranger in black.
it was a good thing his feet and hands were hidden in his cloak and his facew was hidden by his hat or they would have seen he was green footed and handed had a nose as long as piunocchio's when he lied. but a fine brave young fel.ow he was for all that coming from mirkwood in the days before it got shadowed oer
Daisy's mind cleared abruptly when she noticed the return of the elf lady. Where was her guardian? "Oh dear, I hope that wasn't a sword she had under her cloak," she muttered as she slowly got to her feet. Lord Aelric could be a bit of a pain and loved telling her what to do but Daisy had got used to having him around.
...Casually observing the mounting excitement in the Forsaken's common room, Aelric sighed deeply to himself, he really needed a drink. It had been so long a journey on the road and with his charge Daisy, although an annoyance at first, had toward the end at least lightened his spirits with her infectious jovialty and keen wit. He knew he could not allow himself to be distracted though, his cover-story could not be compromised, so that meant keeping faith as the halfling's guardian. "Not so hard" he mused, "She is entertaining enough, in her small way".
Striding silently toward a fireside table, Aelric casually sat himself down and surveyed the gathering carefully. If there were any here that meant him ill, he would soon know it, but for now he contented himself with that drink, all the while pondering his next move and what part the enigmatic Lady Vee may play...
Thump thump THUPM... CLANK A few boards on the floor move and a elf mage(with some dirt on him)climbes into the room. >Ah hello there ! So this is the foraken inn, eh? And who might all you be ?< he brushes the dirt of of him with a glance of his hand.
This thread is FORSAKEN !!!! Comon guys!!! Check the threads a little bit often, please?
I didn't realize the Forsaken hung out at Inns; I thought they mostly stuck to the Bore. Oh, well, the times, they are a changin'.
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