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I like punk, though I am not as familiar with it as classic rock and metal. I really like the more classic punk like the Romones and the Sex Pistols. I do like Linkin Park. It has been a while since I have been into any new bands, but I liked them as soon as I heard them. I think they have what it takes to stay around for a while. Thumbs Up Smilie

As far as Metal goes, I think my favorite band will always be Megadeth.
Rock rules! As does Linkin Park and Disturbed.
Disturbed? Dude you only like one of their songs. Why do always talk they're your band? Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie
Rock rules! As does Linkin Park and Disturbed.

For me, Linkin' Park will never qualify as a good "rock" band. They just mix stuff together and add some distortion to their electric guitar and people think they're rock!! Duhhhhhhhh... If Linkin' Park are rock, then I'd be happy to call Pink Floyd as an Indian Classical band!

P.S. We don't have the "band" concept in Indian Classical music... but oh well!! And in my very first line of this post, you can safely remove the word "good" as well as "rock". Linkin' Park don't qualify for either! As I said, they just mix stuff together and all their songs sound the same!


As far as Metal goes, I think my favorite band will always be Megadeth.

Cheers!!! Thumbs Up Smilie
Linkin Park is Nu Metal. Apparently by mixing stuff together they think they are progressive and can distinguish themselves from other bands...

I believe i have a CD of them somewhere, which i quickly shoved away after listening to it.
Oh I forgot this is the classic rock section. And shut up dark, disturbed has about 6 cool songs.
If Linkin' Park are rock, then I'd be happy to call Pink Floyd as an Indian Classical band!

Got me in splits that! Hard to imagine Floyd doing some good ol' classical Indian music.

Anyways, I still can't figure out what is the point of this thread? Are we discussing something or just blabbering on about our favourite rock bands.

Well, after the break-up of Creed, I think that Alterbridge is better than Creed. Better guitar-playing in this one. And the singer's quite good too.
Something I hate...Ska. I'm not big ska fan. Besides Good Charrlotte being Ska Punk They have some good stuff.

Narsil-I hate you Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
First of all, Good Charlotte is not ska or punk. They are posers and are incapable of writing anything original or spontaneous.

As for ska: Please get yourself some CD's by the following: The Specials, Madness, or Operation Ivy. All else is in mockery of these bands and a distortion of what ska is. I believe ska was originally Jamaican, also, so I am sure if you dig deep enough you will find some very good Jamaican ska artists. May I suggest shopping at a small, independent local record store: you will not be blinded by commercialism that way.

Melian, I knew you were intelligent and had great musical taste, but now I'm even more impressed-I also am a fan of early punk and "post-punk", whatever that is, (as well as tons of other types of music) but all of the newer stuff seems contrived and recycled. Ever heard of T.S.O.L. or X? Great stuff. I could go on forever, but I'll spare you. One new band I think you'd really like is the Yeah-Yeah-Yeah's, out of New York. I'm not talking about their singles, though they are good too, I am talking about the album "Fever to Tell". It is sooo brilliant, that you almost cannot believe it is on a major label. Very Siouxsie& The Banshees/ and X and the singer, Karen O., is unbelievably talented. This is like my third time praising them here at PT, but I swear, they are the real thing. So good.
Thanks Laurelindhe. I think my taste in music is all over the place, but it's good to see that there are people out there who appreciate all kinds. You and I seem to gravitate toward similar types of music so I will definately take your word for it and check that band out. I have gotten so many good suggestions from people here and so far have not been disappointed. Cool Smilie
I'll have to agree with you about older punk Laurelindhe. It's really good stuff. I haven't heard much of it, but I've loved what I have.
Yo wassup my homies? Dis rock stuff is good an all jus like the best Linkin Park but you dudes to listen to the man Snoop Dogg. He does the pimpin stuff doggy style.
anyone from britain (or anywhere else) goin to the download festival? just bought my tickets now and i am happy Big Smile Smilie
We don't even get anything as remotely cool as a Download Festival here in the States, if by download festival you mean a large place where thousands of people can download music(hehehe)...then again, thanks to American idiot Lars Ulrich, of Metallica, downloads are no longer legally free and you will get federally prosecuted and die if they catch you pirating free downloads of music here. Yay! I am so envious of your freedoms.
If anyone has not heard the new Queens of the Stone Age cd, get it and listen to it. It is one brilliantly written peice of rock 'n roll.
ah we should be so lucky, nah its just a festival called "download" 'tis good however. QotSA are great band, "go with the flow" being one of my favourite songs ever. and anyone goin to any good rock concerts in the upcoming year? ive got Feeder in march and Muse in June
Is anyone a fan of Flogging Molly? I'm a fan, surprisingly. I love Irish music, I guess that could be why. I also love Green Day. That's about the only rock artists I like. The Goo Goo Dolls (I don't know if that qualifies as rock or pop. I hate categorizing music because it's sometimes hard to place music in categories, and the ones that are hard to place are often better than mainstream bands. Then those unknown bands sometijmes end up quitting because they don't have the support and then I'm left sad.)
Flogging Molly is an awesome band. Can you think of any other time you've seen a moshpit while an accordion is anywhere near the stage? I didn't think so. I hate green day. I hate green day more than I hate any other band I've ever heard. (I'm gonna get lynched/linched(?) for saying that, but like any of you can find me.) Besides Flogging Molly (Which might be celtic rock), the only rock I listen to are some of Good Charlotte, The Who, and Led Zeppelin(Which I can't spell anyway). And why are so many celtic rock bands pop bands? Celtic ROCK ! Not Celtic pop, Celtic Rock! ( Celtic pop bands:great big sea and 7 nations, a bunch of other bands I don't have time to mention. Good Celtic rock bands: Enter the Haggis, Flogging Molly(If that's really Celtic and not just rock), Blood or Whiskey, etc.)
Nirvana Rules!

Arwen Happy Elf Smilie
I never said anything about Flogging Molly being strictly rock and not Celtic rock or even Celtic at all...I actually said they were Irish, and I never said they were pop. Where is all this coming from?
you can't go wrong with a bit of Rammstein over here in Germany. Lacuna are amazing too but im not sure if they're known in britain. I am actually familiar with a lot of the english/american rock bands as one of my penpals often sends me music, so I have to say that my favourite bands are probably Silverchair, Pearl Jam, Pink Floyd, Nirvana and Alice in Chains.
Sweet, I have to look around for cool threads more cause this thread's awesome! ROCK ON!
I like Led Zep, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, and lots more including some punk and metal. I guess you could say I'm partof the "rock revival" thing that's goin on cause I'm only 13 years old, I also play guitar. ROCK ON! I hope this thread keeps goin!

I also agree with Laurel that we in America and Canada don't get anything cool like the download festival an all though Lars Ulrich is pretty cool, a good drummer and I like Metallica it suckswhat he did and it takes affect in Canada to, not cool.
Joe Satriani, we're just "flying in a blue dream"...
[Always with me, always with you]


Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie
Good one, 2nite I'm going to the club with R&B music,
gonna tell them that one and check the reaction ;-)
[I'll let you know later, if I'd survived that one]
Led Zep and the Doors truly rock the hobbit-hole down!!! But am I allowed to ask those zep fans which middle-earth themed song of theirs is people's fave? Likewise their fave album overall? For me the decision cannot be made I love pretty much all things for the Doors anyone have a particular favourite song? I find the lengthy instrumental on Light My Fire almost puts me in a trance......but it is so difficult to make a decision on one tune etc...
Keep Rocking Cool Elf Smilie
My favourite Zeppelin tracks aren't actually the ones which contain Middle Earth links. My favourites are Since I've Been Loving You, Tea for One, Achilles Last Stand and Kashmir (although my ultimate favourite is Slow Dancer by Robert Plant solo). Favourite Zeppelin album.... that's difficult.... Maybe Zeppelin I or Physical Graffiti.

As for the Doors, I think my favourite has to be either Riders on the Storm or The End. My favourite album of theirs is American Prayer.
Anyone like Rush, they've just had their 30th Anniversary tour. Saw them in Glasgow. My hubby can play some of the music on bass. Geddy has the most unique voice. Rush in Rio was brilliant, saw the music dvd. My favourite song has to be Ghost of a Chance.

And well I know I will get a few arrghs but I do like Status Quo - there I've said it Look Around Smilie



Wait till I tell my daughter what RAP stands for he he Ha Ha Ha Smilie
Yes! Now this is MY kinda topic!

My life is music...well. that and Tolkien. I like a variety....but basically it is all ROCK. Of the heavier stuff: Metallic, Ozzy Osbourne, Creed, Velvet Revolver, Soundgarden, Queensryche and I love Rush. Mid-Rock: Sammy Hagar, Pearl Jam, STP, Tom Petty. I love Heart...absolutely one of my favs. Older stuff I like (60's, 70's, and yes! even 80's) includes Zeppelin, Boston, Dokken, Night Ranger, AC/DC, UFO, Triumph, Poison, and my fav show of all time (and I been to many), PINK FLOYD!

Thank you for letting me express my love of music Smile Smilie I couldn't possibly live without it.......


OK, but what does GANGSTA stand for then?
Anyone like Rush,

I really like their early stuff, but in my opinion, after a great start they became progressively worse. After Moving Pictures I lost interest in them. Their first three albums, which together became Archives, are among my all-time favourite albums.
nice topic!
I'm a metalhead - i live the life of one anyway. long hair, entry-level job, and i wear band shirts! yah!
my favourite bands at the moment are:
Skid Row, Whitesnake, Motley Crue, old Metallica, Iron Maiden, Queensryche, Megadeth, Iced Earth, Blind Guardian, Alice In Chains, Dream Theater, Nevermore, Saxon and Anthrax, just to name a few ( i could go on all day, i'm very passionate about music haha)

Sometimes I listen to the heavier stuff as well like Death, Dissection and Emperor. But that stuff's a VERY acquired taste heh. If you're over 30, I wouldn't bother with it Wink Smilie
If you're over 30, I wouldn't bother with it

Why not? My grandfather listens to them. He says it's better than listening to "Momma got no peas 'n rice 'n coconut oil"...
woah! at weekend attended the download festival. Among others bands that i saw live included Black Sabbath, Anthrax and Megadeth (for full line up go to and i must say, i was thoroughly impressed, espescially with Ozzy showin us he isnt just a bumbling t.v buffoon.
The Beatles for ever and always!
i have played the violin since i was 8.
growing up in Ireland has made me apprecite other music than rock. that was untill i heard of Yusuf Islam or Cat Stevens. many people say that he is not "rock" but indeed he is.
Led Zepplin will always have a special place in my heart Jumping Flame Smilie
Rock Around the Clock Hit Number One on the Charts Fifty Years Ago Today

'Twas fifty years ago this month that I first heard Bill Haley and the Comets' Rock Around the Clock. My mother and I left the family wheat ranch and drove our 1950 copper-bronze Pontiac Chieftain sedan to Cashmere, Washington where we were joined on our journey by my 16 year old cousin Anita, who was one year older than myself. We left her home and drove on across the Cascade Mountains via Stevens Pass and then to and across the Deception Pass Bridge to Whidbey Island, where we spent a couple days on our Aunt Anna's dairy farm visiting with our three cousins, Neil 18, Ruel 17, and Ira 14.

When we returned to eastern Washington, Neil accompanied us. To earn money for his first year of college, he was going to work that summer on the family wheat ranch; Anita was going to spend the rest of the week with us. Anyway, on that trip back across the mountains we discovered Rock Around the Clock on the car radio and heard it at least seven times during our six-hour ride and we three teenagers could hardly wait for the station to again spin-up that particular platter.

That was my introduction to Rock and Roll, and I loved it.
And that was the moment Grondy became a rebel Elk Grinning Smilie

Nice memory though Grondy. It's great how a series of memories can be retained so strongly because of their association with a piece of music.
I saw Rush in concert last year here in California, and I wasn't very impressed. I like listening to them, but they just didn't put on a good show. Now Scorpions on the other hand...that was a great show! Smile Smilie

...and yes, I agree, nice memory, Grondy Smile Smilie.
The mighty Bolt Thrower....!!!!
Pellet Hurler blows away Bolt Thrower.
Two bands that are rock-esque: Vayden and Ten Pound Strike. Both great bands, TPS sounds like Nirvana and some Pearljam to me; basically good grunge. Vayden is rock post classic-rock and pre punk-grunge. There are four members, each of which has mastered their talent. I can't stop listening to their music since I've returned form their concert. It is truly amazing stuff and I thoroughly recommend it if you like the bands I'm going to list below for rock gods...
Black Sabbath, Queens of the Stone Age, Led Zeppelin, David Bowie, Queen, Alice in Chains, Nirvana, Pantera, Steppinwolf, Korn, Die Toten Hosen, Pearljam, Godsmack, Metalica, Flogging Molly, Dropkick Murphys, Authority Zero,The Remnantz, with a bit of Dream Theater and Muddy Waters.
Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie
Pellet Hurler blows away Bolt Thrower.

ha ha.....but again there not as immense as Tiddly Winker...!!
.... and I didn't see anyone yelling out for "Purple Rain" or "Rock Me"; but I do!! Elk Grinning Smilie
The other night on PBS I watched a Chuck Berry set that included Johnny B. Goode (Johnny Be Good), Brown Eyed Handsome Man, and Maybellene; it was great, just like in the good old days of my youth. Elk Grinning Smilie
"You Are Old, Father Grondy.... " Still likin' Buddy Holly and and Bill Haley though. For more "recent" rock, well, the standards, for the most part, Beatles, Who, Hendrix, Doors, Floyd, Zeppelin, Creedence always rocks. Jethro Tull, sure. Still don't like the Stones, sorry.

Couple notes: Sorry, Wish You Were Here is a great album, but Dark Side's still the best.

Favorite Zeppelin song: Ten Years Gone Album:... ... it's close, but I have to go with Physical Graffiti over Houses

Favorite Doors song: Crystal Ship, still Album: L.A. Woman

Modern bands, well, closest I could come would be Dire Straits (killer debut album, in the same class as Are You Experienced, The Doors and The Piper at the Gates of Dawn) the Cars and U2 before they sold out completely. REM and AC/DC's pretty good most of the time. I'm sure I'm skipping some, but I've little use for truly modern "music. "
Well, I uh...I totally agree with Galenhir on Vayden. They are the uber shiznat!!!!!! Never heard Ten Pound Strike, though...I guess I should. I recently discovered that I like the Dilinger Escape Plan.
Let's favorite ROCK the moment: I Found Forever by Fighting Instinct...before that I could've listened to All That I've Got by The Used, or Save Me by Unritten Law.
I'm a big fan of Green Day as well...some of my friends pick on me about that one, but I don't care.
My favorite Band...right now: HInder, simply because I can listen to their entire CD, Extreme Behaviour, and I like every song, and I know every word...not many times I get albums like that.
I also like Fear the State, heard them on myspace one time by accident, and I fell in love Big Smile Smilie
Oh, oh yeah, COHEED AND CAMBRIA! Carlos Sanchez is so COOL! I used to could make my hair look just like his...whether or not that's a good thing I'm still deciding, but I LOVE THEM!!!!!
I like a bit of 80s AC/DC, Metallica, Bon Jovi, Kiss, not much, but I like em alright.
I like 3rd Eye Blind...Three Doors Down...System of a Down RULES! Ozzy's cool...Hawthorne Heights, I like them too...and AAR (All-American Rejects).
Hmm...I wonder if there are any more....I like Sum 41, Fat Lip is an awesome song! I like Cake, Chevelle, Senses Fail, and The Lit, Trapt, Incubus, AVENGED SEVENFOLD! The Beast and The Harlot has got to be a GODLY song as far as guitar solos, and all around AWESOME goes!
Silverstein's good, too. Atreyu..mustn't forget them...Death Cab for Cutie, Matchbook Romance, I'm a Soundgarden freak, Staind, and Collective Soul, Smile Empty Soul..because I totally connect with Silhouettes, heh heh...The Offspring, I like Bad Religion, and....Blue October...Disturbed...KoRn, FallOut Boy, Godsmack, PANIC! At the Disco, ehm...(WOW a LONG list...) Papa Roach Big Smile Smilie...Red Hot Chili Peppers...I nearly forgot Shinedown...and Thrice...okay..I think that's all...if I think of more I'll put 'em here, ^_^
well today is super boring
so ill just list every band that i love

FLogging Molly
Bob Dylan
Cat Stevens
Johnny Cash
Willie Nelson
Charlie Daniels Band
The Beatles
Panic! At the Disco
Arlo guthrie
Woody Guthrie
Deep Purple
John Lennon
Led Zepplin
Van Halen
Velvet Underground
Talking Heads
Paul Simon
The Network
Grateful Dead

and probably some others
Icefangs: Have you seen Vayden live? It is truly amazing and I wholeheartedly recommend it! At their last show, they took the Abba song Money and put a new spin on it... I hate Abba from years of over play on behalf of my sister, but this was amazing, and in no way disco-esque.

Flogging Molly just put out a dvd/cd that I dually bought. The dvd gives insight on the band's beginnings, workings and members. There are some interesting acoustic versions of songs like Drunken Lullabies and Another Bag of Bricks on the cd half, along with songs like Laura. Awesome with a bit more awe is the only way to describe it. FM-faithfuls: it's a must!

A few days ago, I was told of a band called Running With Scissors. They're out of Virginia and have one sweet sound. For some reason the lead singers voice reminds me a bit of Mars Volta but we shall see if this association passes with time.
Thumbs Up Smilie
X Japan. And a lil bit of Dir En Grey.
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