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Ah, Stephen King will be very happy, as his favourite team, the Boston Red Sox made it into the final of the World Series!

Actually, why is it called World Series?? The game of baseball is only popular in North-America and Azerbaijdzjan but apart from that...
Virumor, you are forgetting Japan. Japan loves baseball and is as talented at it as we Yanks, along with Cuba and Puerto Rico...I'd say that makes it a pretty popular sport. But I think you are correct in saying that it shouldn't be called the World Series necessarily, because it is only includes American teams. If it was to be a world series, shouldn't the world participate?

And that is my two cents. GO RED SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Boston Bean-town deserves to win a championship, they haven't been in it for over twenty years, or something like that.
Why is Boston the Bean town??? Because Rowan Atkinson is so popular there? And i thought British wouldn't feel so at home in Boston, despite the big tea party held there in 1773...
Why is Boston the Bean town???
Because it is the home of Boston Baked Beans. Or to keep it within the baseball motif, because the pitchers there first earned their cleats by throwing beanballs at the heads of the opposing batters.
He! Boston took it tonight, 11-9. Great game. But I think Manny Ramirez deserves a bump on the head for his dumb errors...even I can catch a ball better than he did on that second play he messed up, without a glove! I suppose that's why I get paid the big bucks...hehehe.
When we get down to the World Series, then I watch the games. Smile Smilie

I was actually somewhat disappointed but , I suppose, a game with lots of homeruns could be construed to more exciting. I am not so sure about that. Hopefully there won't be so many walks tonight. I wonder if Ramirez is out shopping for some new footwear today? :P

Hmmm, now which team should I cheer for? Well, since a Canadian team isn't in the running, I will have to go with the next best thing - Larry Walker. Cardinals it is then. Very Big Grin Smilie
Bravo, Nell! You picked the correct team!

Seriously, Manny was comical out their in right field. He almost did a flip when his shoe stuck into the grass.

With all the runs and errors last night it was hard to see which was the better team. Both teams were very good on the offence (even though Pujols and Rolen did not deliever) we'll see how tonight's game plays out.

Even i have heard of the Curse of the Bambino. Quite painful in '86, letting the winning ball go through your legs. I guess the fans didn't like that anti-climax very much. Stephen King was probably not very happy with that.
Right. I'll just pretend I know what's going on. You see, baseball's not so hot in NZ. I haven't seen a game in my life. But i decided to come on this thread just to see how freaky you lot were. And I have come to the conclusion... you lot are WEIRD!!!!! Dunce Smilie
I only know one team in baseball : NY Yankees and only one player, that guy who was on his way for that homerun record. What was his name? Barry Bonds or something? Oh well, all I can say about baseball is that it can get awefully boring, even worse than cricket! But, I must say, I really enjoyed playing it on the video game!
Alright Floyd and Loni, get back to your football thread and leave us baseball fans in peace. If you don't I'll come over and begin to tell you how boring I think SOCCER really is! Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie

Barry Bonds plays for the Giants, Floyd, he passed the 700 career homeruns mark this year.

Note to Vir: Stephen King has been present at the games the last few days. The tv cameras have taken shots of him in the stands.
I hope for King's sake, that the Red Sox will win. Anyone read "the girl who loved Tom Gordon" ? Nice book, in which he clearly shows his affection for the Sox. I don't think King would survive another debacle like that one in '86, and i don't want that to happen, since i am a big fan of his writings.

Well, they're 2-0 up now, i wonder when the Curse will become effective.

Yankees players? Come on, even i know Darryl Strawberry and Roger Clemens.

Alright Floyd and Loni, get back to your football thread and leave us baseball fans in peace. If you don't I'll come over and begin to tell you how boring I think SOCCER really is!

Mhmm. I never said that I didn't like baseball. Of all the American sports I like baseball the most. The problem is that ESPN shows some live games from I think "Wednesday Night Baseball" or was it Monday? I don't remember now. It's been a looong time since I watched a baseball game. It shows here at something like 5 am, so I'm helpless!! At 5 am I'm usually listening to Blind Guardian at full volume and getting ready for the football practise. (Ouch! I sprained my ankle today and it hurtssssss ussssss)

People in India call me traitor btw, because I don't watch cricket and always choose to watch football instead, so hopefully you people can "forgive" me Wink Smilie
All cool there, Floyd. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Yankees players? Come on, even i know Darryl Strawberry and Roger Clemens.

Ahhh, well two two aren't with the Yankees anymore. Cool Smilie

Yeah, old Daryl has a big problem with, um, the bad powdered sugar, and isn't Roger Clemens retired or something? He's a dinosaur...neither one of those guys has been with New York for awhile...silly boy, Virumor. Haven't you ever heard of Derek Jeter? He's only one of the most famous professional athletes in the entire world...I mean, the guy dated Mariah (S)Carey, for pete's sakes...I HATE her, but that's gotta count for something in the fame arena...and he's a darn good ball player.

P.S. No more football talk! The purity of the beloved game of baseball will be tarnished forever henceforth...GO RED SOX!
Good luck to your Cards tonight Stoney! I'm hoping they can come back and make this a great series!
Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie
It's Boston all the way! The curse has ended!
and isn't Roger Clemens retired or something? He's a dinosaur...neither one of those guys has been with New York for awhile...silly boy, Virumor.
Not yet, he pitched for the losing Astros against the Cards in the NLCS last week, and again had one of the better records this year.
Oops, sorry...never really liked him, though he is a legend.

Can I keep my head, Grondy, or will you be having that for dessert tonight?
Sorry, but all my baseball knowledge is based on one typical Simpsons episode, starring Homer "Homerun" Simpson. I thought Roger Clemens was the guy who was todl by Burns to get rid of his sideburns all the time.

I can't think of baseball as anything else than just an Americanized version of cricket. Cricket... the most enigmatic sport after the game of hopscotch.
'Snot anything like cricket. We don't have those silly, great paddles.

My Cards are falling apart.....the pitching STINKS and no one is hitting the ball. If we aren't careful we are going to be swept tonight.

Lighten up : your Cards will always have the sport of cricket. Maybe they like flat bats instead of round bats. I should warn them of course that in cricket, the balls are still round.

What? Cricket doesn't use cube shaped balls. No wonder they roll so far. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

I'd rather the Cards win tonight’as long as they don't make a habit of it’for I'm not yet ready for the next five months of life without baseball.

Go BoSox!

Exactly, Grondy! If only the Sox could win IN Boston...*sigh*. How great would that be?
They did it! They did it! The curse has been lifted! For the first time in 86 years, the Boston Red Sox have won the world series! Pary Smilie Thumbs Up Smilie Jumping Flame Smilie Juggling Smilie Juggling Smilie Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie Exclamation Smilie Elf With a Big Grin Smilie Na-na-na-na-na Smilie Wiggle Smilie

**Runs around madly in her room, trying hard not to wake the kiddies**

Yipee! All hail the conquering heroes!

Um, Stonehelm, was that you who wanted the Cards to win? They had a snowball's chance in **ll!
Woo hoo! Yee haw! Outstanding! Awesome! So coooooool! Pary Smilie Super Wow Smilie Jumping Flame Smilie Wiggle Smilie
I'm glad for the BoSox, they played an excellent series. I just wish my Cards had made a game of it. We were so great through the season that I wasn't expecting us to just hand the series over.

But anyway, good for the Sox, they deserved to win. Now we won't have to hear about that curse anymore!.

Yeah, they should have put up a way better fight, Stonehelm, I agree. It would have been much more enthralling to see someone pull off a last-minute victory, as opposed to the lay-down-and-die display that the Cardinals gave. That must have been very disappointing for their fans...

Pah! The end of the World Series means another six months until the Boys of Summer come around again to delight us baseball junkies!

Down with football!
Yeah, it was a bit anti-climactic though...wasn't it? Don't get me wrong...I'm so happy, but the drama didn't see to be there. (Oh, how we love drama...)
I was so sure the Cards would win last night that instead of watching on TV, I listened to the game on radio while I played Neverwinter Nights. (My second time through it; I just teased a bunch of giant spiders in a Neverwinter Woods cave.)

From out of the far northwest comes the cry: WAIT 'TIL NEXT YEAR! The Mariners will be just as bad as last year, but they can't get much worse than this year.

I hate the NBA, can just stomach the NFL, and where in the 'H E double toothpicks' is the NHL when we need it? Oh well, Spring Training starts in March and I can then listen to those games out of Tempe AZ.
I hate the NBA, can just stomach the NFL, and where in the 'H E double toothpicks' is the NHL when we need it?

Dittos all the way, only I can't stomach the NFL! I like the NHL though, hopefully it will be worked out....maybe.

Well, 'till next season folks!

Well first of all I’d like to say congratulations to the entire Boston Red Sox organization, and to all of the long-suffering Red Sox fans out there. The Red sox were the best team this year; you deserve it, and job well done! Savor it for all it’s worth, and enjoy it while you can because my Halo’s will be gunning for you next season!

I’m sorry about the Cardinals Stoney! I know it’s tough to take, but your boys still had a great year, you won your division, and you’re the National League champs, and that’s definitely something to be proud of! In a way the Cards really overachieved this season, nobody expected them to go that far, the Cards were picked by all of the so-called experts to finish third in the N.L. Central behind da Cubbies, and Houston.

The Red Sox were a team that was built for the post season specifically, and I think when it really came right down to it, the Cards just didn’t have the pitching to compete with the Red Sox. I was very surprised that the Cards didn’t win at least a couple of the games though.

Anyway Stoney, don’t take it too hard, and keep your chin up, Cardinals fans have nothing to hang their heads about. Besides I’m already hearing that you guys might acquire Randy Johnson from the D-Backs, now there’s something to think about!

Myself, I’m already counting down the days till I’m sitting in my seats at Angel Stadium, right where I belong!
Elf Smilie
Actully, its is kind of funny, but I wanted the Cards to win the NLCS more than I had wanted them to win the WS. I wanted it to be proven that we were the best team in the National League after all that talk about the Cubs and Astros.

But you are correct about the pitching. There is some work that needs to be done there, and Randy Johnson might be just the fix we need!

I heard a joke that the Red Sox wouldn't win the World Series until the NHL skated in hell's arena. So I guess that's why the NHL has disappeared, they are now playing at that venue Elf With a Big Grin Smilie.
That is very much possibly, since ice hockey really is such a hell of a game.
Insert the melody line of the chorus of the Skip James tune "I'm So Glad" (which was later covered by Cream in the late 60's) here;

"I'm so Vlad, I'm so Vlad, I'm Vlad, I'm Vlad, I'm Vlad"!

Or my other fav right now "Most Vladuable"! Congrats Vladdy you deserved it! Counting down the days till Apil 5th!
Elf Winking Smilie
I just saw on Sportscentre Weekend Update that Barry Bonds was awarded the MVP for the 7th time....
Yes Bonds won MVP for the N.L., and my main man, Mr. Vladimir Guerrero won MVP in the A.L.!
It's NEXT YEAR! and the wait is almost over: only two weeks 'til Spring Training.
Wow! Spring training already! I have a bit more hope this year because my mets got Pedro. . . Elf Winking Smilie
Since I live in SF and am a HUGE fan of the Giants, I wonder what's going to happen with Barry Bonds now...hmmm...anyone heard anything?
Wow! Spring training already! I have a bit more hope this year because my mets got Pedro. .

Your Mets got alot more than that, ummm they also got some guy named Carlos Beltran for starters (only the biggest Free Agent acquisition in all of MLB this off season, and one of the very best players in the game!), plus they’ve made quite a few other moves that should enable them to be highly competitive this season. I expect the Mets to be good this year!

Since I live in SF and am a HUGE fan of the Giants, I wonder what's going to happen with Barry Bonds now...hmmm...anyone heard anything?

Nothing, absolutely nothing is going to happen to Barry (but his legacy has been tarnished). He is recovering from off season surgery however, and is expected to miss basically all of spring training. The Giants IMO with their off season signing of Alou (now SF has two legitimate super stars), and with other moves they made are the favorites to win the N.L. West.

Now with all that said, I’m sooooo excited for baseball season to start again! I never thought I’d say it again in my life because I was way bummed on MLB for a long time, but I just can’t wait for April to be here!!!!
Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie
Happy, happy, joy, joy, MLB is back!!!! GO ANGELS!!! Angel Smilie
GO GIANTS!!!! (and Athletics) Good and Evil Smilie
And GO MARINERS! Duck Smilie Duck Smilie Duck Smilie Duck Smilie

And DOWN WITH THE YANKEES! Exploding Head Smilie Exploding Head Smilie Exploding Head Smilie Exploding Head Smilie
I've never seen a baseball match. I've only seen the film with the all girls baseball team with Tom Hanks as the coach - but I still don't understand it One Eye Smilie

That's all right, I don't understand cricket.
Who does?
Hello! I am a long time Oakland A's fan. I was born and raised in the Oakland hills but have moved up to the foothills now. I still attend many games at the coliseum. Back in the early 70's me and a friend went to every weekend game (and some weeknight games..but our parents wouldn't let us go to me because of school the next day) ...we also attended the 1972, 1973 and 1974 World Series games....those were the days I tell ya! My boyfriend at the time was one of the batboys and after the games we would wait for him and he would bring us bats, balls, etc. I have several players bats still (all from the championship team) and lots of signed team balls (visiting teams and A's). Also alot of memorabilia....mostly A's. I still love the A's and follow them daily...and always will.

I also love the SF Giants too although my son is a bigger Giants fan than I am. (I'm mostly A's..he's mostly Giants...but we both love both teams). Pacbell Park is gorgeous! A great place to see a game...I've been there a few times. I surely don't miss Candlestick Park! Cold, windy and just plain yukky.

I am glad the season has finally started....I hate waiting through the winter!
Any other A's fans out there?????
I kinda tried to understand baseball once. (I come from a cricket mad country, India though I ain't cricket mad at all.) I got the bsics alright but then the rules confused me so much that I decided to chuck it and not to play any sport that involves hitting a ball with a contraption which even vaguely resembles a club. But alas, that resolve has been broken when I was once forced to play cricket with/by my buddies here in India and ended up taking a hatrick (three outs in a row). Well, they never asked me to play cricket with them since. Animated Wink Smilie
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