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Okay Mate, while you're out, I'll unpack some mugs and set out the pretzels, popcorn, and light horse overys and make sure the jukebox is well stocked with platters (records, tapes, CD's, DVD's, etc) by Enya and our own Plastic Squirrel. Big Smile Smilie
thanx... I'm so anxious about the movie.... I even cleaned my room! "and between you and me thats saying something"... well i have to do with my digitised version of Harry Potter Sad Smilie( but it just isn't the same... or i could go and read the hobbit... or explore the ME atlasses.... or i could just hope to find a copy on the internet and download it Smile Smilie
*runs in and hurls all the Enya recordings at the wall* That was terrible! I'd just enjoyed (I think) the Movie, and then this terrible warbling started, it was Enya, and it sounded just like that sh*te from Titanic! AAAGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!
Not sure if I liked the movie yet or not, as a movie it was great, but as an interpretation of Lotr, it really sucked. Not for die hard Tolkien fans, definitely. But it looks great for the most part (I think the special FX budget got used up on the Balrog and the Cave Troll cos the world of the Ringwraiths looks crap). Ummmm.... I'll continue talking about it elsewhere, where I'll have changed my mind probably. General consensus, didn't blow me away, and Enya ruined it for me. As did bumping into a mate from work and his girlfriend on my way in, and having to listen to them munch popcorn.
Hey Grondy! If my name is still down at the bottom when you get here, and you want to know more about the movie, I'm hanging round the chatroom for about half an hour.
Errr I need a drink *drink
I do too so I will have.. tonight.. but thats still so far away Sad Smilie
*drink *burp
blimey, that chatroom ranting's thirsty work. pull us a pint someone.
Okay Mate. Enjoy!


Cool smilie, Taz.
Err.. burp.. I'm going to be sick only... with thought of it... errr... shouldn't have drunk that many last night... (it could be up to two whole beers!!... after that i lost track) Big Smile Smilie
Good to get back into a pub like this...
And, *Plastic, you made clear now that you don't like Enya. We got your point... And do you consider yourself to be a die hard tolkien-fan (in that case you didn't like the movie)?

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There's a post somewhere explaining my terrible split personality problems which prevent me from ever knowing whether I like the Movie or not Tommy.
*drink Barman! Oh, we haven't got one yet, I must be the Barman then, no spirits either! Ok then, Tommy, Grondy or anyone, here's a monkey, nip down the offy and get the real drinks in will you?
Hello people. Decided to get off my backside & work for a couple of weeks or so while waiting for my new work's done and here I am.

Haven't seen the movie yet, not showing 'till next month I think. I finally saw the HP movie though - talk about overrated! Slow moving, lousy script and bad acting all around. Who said it was good?

Btw Plastic, I saw your Top 5 on your website. The last one (5 things I miss & wish I could have have again or something like that) was one of the saddest thing I've read! Sob.
I said I liked the HP movie, cos I did (but it's another one I need to see again really) And what did I tell you about going off without telling us? We were all worried sick again Young Lady! And I am quite a sad person really Golly, sorry.
Indeed we did, where did you go Spider Lady? Don't do that again or we'll lay a heavy guilt trip on you. Big Smile Smilie
Hey, hang on a minute guys, I *did* tell you my pc was out & I'd be away for a couple of days, back then sometime after the new/old forum crashed again. I figured I needed a new one since the computer repair bloke sniggered at my old pc, so I went off to work to earn some money.

Thanks for the welcome (again) though, I missed you guys. My job was rotten - I hydrotested a small gas pipeline in Korea, worked around the clock onsite, so no entertainment, didn't shower for days at a time. Plenty of beer though!

And, Plastic, I meant it! It was really sad, about that Top 5 girl. You sounded terribly nostalgic, I really felt for you then.
*ungoliant I suppose I missed your post as I was without internet service from the first to the eleventh of December due the the diabolical mechanizations of AT&T and Excite@Home. It was enough to cause one to *drink Glad your back now. Smile Smilie
jep she did post it! never thought about it though Smile Smilie welcome back.

And for HP the Books are much much better then the film! the film is more like monkey see monkey do...there is just much more in the book
Oh, sorry Golly, must have forgot again! Thank you for feeling for my nostalgia, I am grateful, honest!
And I liked the HP movie cos it didn't mess with the book, and it looked pretty, which is all you can ask of a literary adaptation.
That's alright. And thanks, boring. Glad to see you're back too, how's university?

I was really disappointed by the HP movie. The special effects were ok, but they dragged the movie on a bit, didn't they? I mean, they must have spent at least half an hour drilling into our heads that he was a poor unloved & ill-treated orphan. Enough already!

And I thought they harped on the fact the fact that he was *special* a bit too much, dontcha think? I liked him getting the stuff for school, and the goblins were ok, and the Victoria (?) Station bit was appealing cos it reminded me & my husband of our own journeys back to school, but it went downhill after the frog jumped out of the window. Fell asleep after that. Woke up here and there, the ending was disappointing. And why did they never explain why he lived through the initial attack (as a baby). Was it due to *love*? Pah! How corny!
What, you need to know how the magic worked? It has to do with chicken entrails, and lizard tails, and pan-dimensional numbers, and sugar and spice, and newt optics, and string theory, and the national budget, and quantum mechanics, and smoke and mirrors, and spider legs, etc. In the first HP book/movie we really don't need to know why HP wasn't killed as a baby only that he wasn't. But knowing becomes very important in the later books. Oops, sorry about the reference to arachnid limbs, Ungoliant. I think they come from the left over husks of the males of the specie. Big Smile Smilie
You're not supposed to know that he survived cos of love (which is kinda nice when you think about it) until later when it comes in handy again, and ol' Voldemort manages to knacker his protection from it.
I still can't believe they let Enya do music for Lord of the Rings. I mean sure, she has a great voice, but Tolkien doesn't really seem her type of thing...she's more suited to Robin Hood or something. *drink
Could have been worse I suppose, it sould have been STEPS or >insert dramatic pause here< WESTLIFE AAAIIIEEEE! THE HORROR *runs and hides*
*runs and hides*
As well he should! *with tongue in cheek*

Holo, old buddy, your glass is empty; as long as you're not driving, can I get you another? *drink
At least you could have had a good laugh at Steps or Westlife! Enya was just rubbish.
*drink *looks at watch, realises it's only 11:30am and he's been drinking for an hour and a half!*
Sod It! It's Christmas!!!!
*drink *drink *drink *drink *drink *drink *drink *drink *drink *drink *drink *drink *drink *drink *drink *drink *drink *drink *drink *drink *drink *drink *drink *drink *drink *drink *drink *drink *drink *drink *drink *drink *drink *drink *drink *drink *drink *drink *drink *drink *drink *drink *drink *drink *drink

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So which then, in your opinion, was the worst part about the movie - Enya's music (if you can call it that) or Arwen Tyler stealing Glorfindel's lines? Hmm, could be a new poll for Taz there.

And I don't see what is so great about *love* protecting HP, guys. It's just corny hippie stuff. Too '90s for me, gimmie chicken entrails and lizard tails anytime. It's supposed to be a movie about wizards, for crying out loud.

'salright Grondie, you can have the spider legs when I'm done with my victims. Smile Smilie *ungoliant

Enya's bloody awful whining! Definitely the worst bit! And I love all that Hippy stuff, man!
"Don't Bogart that joint my friend, pass it over to me......" *drink
I actually didn't notice Enya's wailing too much,, I think stupid Arwen taking over Glorfindel's bit is the worst thing.
Well, you know, I was sat there thinking what a pretty end I like that piccy. And mulling over how much I'd liked the movie when that screeching started, and my bad opinions of the movie began to surface!
The HP train station is Kings cross Smile Smilie
and I'm not at the Uni.. butt something else uncomparable with any foreign thing i know ... but I can get my Bachelors of science degree anyways (maybe some sort modified a bit or not) But the Subjects aren't any fun and.. most of my classmates aren't welll... ppl whom i would know if they weren't in the same class..

but living on "me own" sure is nice Smile Smilie

As for the Enya part.. what part was it again??

And Arwen taking glorfindels part was brilliant it just was great it spiced up the movie a bit! it was just like how i imagined elves!... *purrrrrrrrrrrr.... just the thought of it......... it's a got thing it's napping time already.. (i'm staying with my parents this holiday, iss a bit less expensive) and i totally forgot i was invited for dinner at a friend of mine.. which is only 4 hrs travelling.... so i couldn't make it in time when they notified me i had forgotten it.. Sad Smilie

[Edited on 28/12/2001 by Boring]
Enya wails during the Council of Elrond, and then right at the end, REALLY LOUD! You can ignore it during the council, but you have to leg it out of there pretty sharpish at the end to miss it.
Yeah, what about the council? It disappointed me a bit too. All those rows and stuff. But Frodo was good there though.
Cheers, *Plastic! (and everyone)
btw: topic says: welcome to our TEMPORARY boozer. Is it still temporary, or what? Wink Smilie
well.. the coucil was very very very very .. etc etc.... disapointing yeah... I thought Bilbo should be there and the father of gimli or somting... it was't at allike as i had imagined it..
*starts hanging Alan Lee paintings on the walls and clearing up the Xmas sick* Well, Tazzy reckons he can load the old forum onto this one without hurting it, and I expect if he kills this one, there may be the smell of revolution in the air, so I pronounce the Forsaken Inn back as a permanent Boozer! God Bless Her and all who spew in her!
*Plastic *drink
I kinda figure were permanently temporary. *hurl

[Edited on 29/12/2001 by Grondmaster]
Don't let me forget to keep all the packaging and stuff for the fixtures and fittings this time! Wink Smilie
Great! So this is our one and only forum? *hoping and praying everything will work out OK*
Good. I grew accustomed to this one. I think I can even start liking it... Wink Smilie
Cool Smilie
yes, even the blah grey color scheme is becoming familiar and homey...Smile Smilie
Cheers everyone! Drinks are on me! *wave

*drink *drink *drink *drink *drink *drink *drink *drink *drink *drink *drink *drink *drink *drink *drink *drink *drink *drink *drink *drink *drink *drink *drink *drink *drink *drink *drink *drink *drink *drink *drink *drink *drink *drink *drink
*drink *drink *drink *drink *drink *drink *drink

Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie

And I have become a friend (fiend?) as well... My day couldn't be better... *drink

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100 POSTS!!!! WAHOOO!!!!! (where's the little jumpy smiley when you need 'im?) I win!!!! (Even though *Plastic and Tommy hit 100 first...shhhhh...I win anyway...)

The very first time I have ever gotten to 100 posts on any of our various boards!!!!!!!!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY!!!!

*drink *drink *drink *drink *drink


And I even did it without cheating! (mostly. At least edited out my most cheaty post in favor of this one...)

[Edited on 31/12/2001 by chikakat]
Welcome to the club, Chika! Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie

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*posts lazily*
*postThreadIDys the place up a bit, and gets it ready for the new topic he's about to put in*
Grondy says 100 posts is a milestone to be celebrated when done legitimatly. "Anything gained cheaply remains so." He read that someplace, he thinks. Smile Smilie
I wouldn't go on about it too much. You'll only upset grondy. Big Smile Smilie
where's my 100th post???

i'm still a stranger aren't I?

Why is the chat room called something like #thelinuxroom?
You are a stranger again Boring. And everything else is what is known as Taz's marvellous improvements. And all my postings (informative and interesting as they are) keep getting Grondied!
I haven't eaten any posts since my Tuesday/Wednesday session. Will probably do so again soon though. :P
yes, even the blah grey color scheme is becoming familiar and homey...Smile Smilie

Chika, go into your profile and change the scheme, I suggest blue, cos it's nice. But if you want to strain your eyes, then go for the third one down which is in blue and black and is impossible to read!
Can you change them now? last time I looked there was only one option available...
Why do I keep getting logged out??? Mad Smilie
Where is my 300th post I keep wondering. I'm sure I must have left it somewhere.... Hmmm... Wink Smilie
I tried to change the colors but the only choice was the defualt....
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