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Thread: Hey hey! Welcome to our temporary boozer!

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Shouldn't be...... Are you in the Forum profile bit?
oops...nope, I was in the 'your account' part. It doesn't let you change it there.
Don't change it now, with the upgrade it totally ****s everything up, stay on the default option.
I like this new khaki color scheme...very earthy...Big Smile Smilie
The chat room is called #thelinuxroom cause #fantasy got un-registered.... Not that it matters cause the new chat room applet doesn't inform you of what room you are going into and instead just connects.

All the themes should be fine and even if your profile still has "pt" selected I made a copy of the default one and updated pt with it so all is fine.
Will check it out soon then. But I like this new scheme, so why should I, anyway. Well done again, Taz! Smile Smilie
Flagon of your finest foaming ale please oh stout Yeoman of the bar........o shit, i'm pissed, wheres the toilet?
Errr. Just round the corner mate. Winking Smilie
Yeah, we like to call it the "Belgium" though. Wink Smilie
There he goes again! Its 'B*lgium', Plastic, 'B*lgium'. Very Big Grin Smilie
LOL! Still going on about that? I could have known though... Big Smile Smilie
hello.. im here for the screaming orgasm...
Did I miss something? Look Around Smilie

[Edited on 18/7/2002 by TomBombadillo]
A screeming orgasm had better be a drink Gimli, or I may have to delete your post. Moderator Smilie

If not, I dont think the rest of us need that image of whatever it is you are doing in here. Wink Smilie
Pixie Smilie
of course its a drink.... maybe i dont want to be here.. bunch of sick minded people! geeeeeeez
ahhhh that was good, got every last drop...... so what you talking about, screaming orgasms?gaaa, you'll be after a slippery nipple next. Whose round is it?
Got The Blues Smilie
Anyone for a White Pussy followed by a long slow screw up against a wall then?
Super Scared Smilie
If I didn't recognize those as the legitimate names of alcoholic mixed drinks, I'd delete your post Plastic. Shocked Smilie
Ha Ha Ha Smilie ROFLMFAO!!! Ha Ha Ha Smilie
heh! Good to see somebody round here knows their drinkies. Big Smile Smilie

You can't use normal drink names can you? No, even I recognised the ones in your post, Plastic. Smoke Smilie
I'll have a Guinness now to get it all over with. Cool Smilie
Did I say I was talking about drinks? Wink Smilie I think I left it up in the air didn't I?
Man, I've gotta get out more often! Angel Smilie
After reading this thread I think it may be safer to stay in! Wary Smilie
Very Big Grin Smilie

Can you see yourself ordering a White Pussy? Jumping Flame Smilie

Well, after going to a place where you could order a "Come down from that bananatree" and a "Miss Piggy's pig show" or a "Little Sister of the Big Wolf", I've had everything I guess. But never say never... Smoke Smilie
Can you see yourself ordering a White Pussy?

Very Evil Smilie
Hmmm. I think Prog can... Big Laugh Smilie
is a screwdriver the same thing as a vodka-and-orange-juice? Because I thought it was, but somebody was arguing with me the other night that they're different...
To the best of my knowledge, they are the same thing. Perhaps a vodka and orange juice means any combination of the two ingredients while a Screwdriver is mixed in certain proportions? I dunno, I'm no bartender. Either way, in my opinion if it has vodka in it, it's revolting.
Try putting your vodka in the freezer for a few hours so that it goes gloopy (and the outside of the bottle gets a nice rime of frost clinging to it). Then mix it fifty/fifty with Red Bull in a pint glass and you'll have an unforgettable evening. Had a lot of fun on that formula. Pixie Smilie
My most recent drink has been Vanilla Vodka mixed with Vanilla Coke. Very sweet and delicious. I love buttery nipples too. My most favorite is called a China White which is creme de caco with irsh cream floating on top and then sprinkled with cinnamon, in a shot glass. I get a few of those in me and Matthew has to carry me to the car. I am a light weight, and a cheap drunk.
Too sweet for me, I'm afraid. Just give me a good old Canadian rye on ice, thank-you very much. Big Smile Smilie
I try to keep off drink as much as I can, a couple of beers and I'm anyones Big Smile Smilie
Difference between a vodka and orange and a screwdriver? A little umbrella, some fruit and about 3 quid. Smile Smilie
oh man, vodka and red bull...I can't drink that stuff... Tongue Smilie
red bull makes me ill, w/o vodka in it. I can't imagine drinking it mixed with anything.

When I drink I become very very very very friendly, I have to be careful who I drink around but I don't get hangovers. With all my medical problems, I usually feel a lot better the next day. It relaxes me enough to where I can relax and get some sleep, gets rid of pain etc. Matthew loves it when I drink. Tongue Smilie
I usually only drink on occasions and then, only certain things. Southern Comfort and Gold Schlager. Strawberry Daquiris if someone puts one in front of me. And of course beer, preferably Molson Ice, just above freezing, please. Oh, and white wine and champagne too sometimes. I'll do Jello shots on New Years Eve if someone twists my arm ( and they usually do), but I really don't care for them too much. I don't like Jello. Blech!

I drank a Pina Colada once and vomited almost instantly. Needless to say, I can barely stand to be in the same room with a Pina Colada since then.

[Edited on 9/6/2002 by ProgHead777]
Myself? I'm partial to jynnan tonnyx, but have never passed up a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster, were anyone able to find a bottle of Ol' Janx Spirit in this day and age: finding the rest of its ingredients are mere kid's play. Big Smile Smilie
Prog, we will have to get together for champagne and Strawberry Daquris. I am not too crazy about white wine, but I love red wine. I love Southern Comfort and Gold Schlager too. The only beer I drink is German beer, and there is only one kind, that I can stomach, and I can't get it in Texas. They do import it, but it just does not taste the same, so I don't drink beer.

Grondy I have never even heard of the drinks you mentioned. I must be way out of the loop. I don't drink often, because I don't like to drink alone. 1. it is no fun alone and 2. I have an 8 year old child to take care of. I am a real light weight and one drink makes me tipsy. Being alone with an 8 yr old and have my reactions impared is not a good thing. So I don't do it. Nights that hubby and I have alone, that is different, I usually get T-rashed.
Nope, your not out of the loop for those ones, Mellie! I guess it means you haven't read Douglas Adams "The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy" is all. Tongue Smilie
ROFL! I thought Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster sounded familiar! I'll take you up on those daquiris Mell!

[Edited on 9/8/2002 by ProgHead777]
No, I have never read it. Matthew has it and one time i picked it up to read, and something crisis happened and i didn't get to. Then, I just never go back to it.

Mellie hands Prog a daquirs, "Cheers, mmm good. "

Melli, you should definitely take the time to read the hitchhiker's guide...such a good book... Cool Smilie
That's what I keep hearing. I will, but I have to finish the Silm first. I have finished 2 more chapters though. It is an excellent book, If I could just stay away from here I would have already finished it. lol
This place is just tooo addiciting.
LOL! Been through that period too Mellie! The one in which people keep advising you which books to read (cos they're really good). Big Laugh Smilie Now I do believe those are great books, don't mistake me, but I just don't have the time to read them all. And once they've found that out, you'll be peaceful again. For a while. Very Big Grin Smilie
I hate beer, It's Vodka and Coke all the way for me.

Ick! Dead Smilie Malabu and Coke is better!
Sad Smilie I'm on the wagon!! It's been 3 months without a drop of alcohol.... Very Sad Smilie Very Sad Smilie

But at least I can enjoy a virtual drink here...*tiptoes stealthily around everyone else's table & swipes their drinks*

On the plus side, I've discovered that I can get up early in the morning, and get to work on time. And I can concentrate fully on my work, without feeling like I've just been run over by a bus all the time. That may be important since a tiny design mistake can blow up everything within a kilometer don't worry you folks, them gas pipelines are perfectly safe....for now. Big Laugh Smilie

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