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I am now going to spoil the mood by reminding of website rule #7
No abbreviations like "som1, or How r u"?" Please write full sentences. Not everyone is familiar with sms and chatroom lingo.

f is pronounced as v like in Gandalf

It is? V being pronounced like f in Gandalv (the original way of spelling that name) however is old news in my part of the world. That in-between sound doesn't excist in English I believe.

*Starts to call Vee for Eff from now on Wink Smilie *

Horrible subtitles, yes we too have plenty of those. There was one good one in LOTR. When Pip is telling how he is related to Frodo. "... my cousin once removed on his mothers side.." (or something like that), the subtitles said (in Norwegian) "... my cousin who was taken away from his mother..." Elf Rolling Eyes Smilie

Anyway, languages. I speak Norwegian and English. I know German enough to guess the meaning of a few words in German and Dutch Wink Smilie And I understand Swedish and Danish at least to a point.
I always liked the sound of Mithrandir, or maybe it is because the way David Wenham's says it. Wink Smilie Although when Frodo sees Gandalf for the first time in many years in the Shire again... that is very cute as well.
Oh the whole Shire part is so cute. Fireworks, Gandalf! Fireworks!
Languages, let's see I know English, Hebrew, a little Spanish. But other then English the only language I really know well would be ASL (American Sign Language). And now I am learning Sindarin! Elf Winking Smilie
I only know my mothertongue Hindi and English. And I tried taking a crash course in Norwegian from my Sis. Takk, Amarie!

And just to get back to the topic of this thread, no I'm not English. I'm an Indian!
hola, que tal les late algo de espa’ol?

hihihi From MExico, spanish of course.. ans as we are neighbors to USA, it is quite useful for us to learn english... i also like italian, french... but my special hit is that i am about to learn how to speak and write Maya... it is an ancient language of part of my ancestors... about 500 years ago.. but it is still used in Yucatan, Cancun.. the MAran Riviera if you ever heard of it.. and it is such a lovely language... so poetic.. and well spoken, it sounds soo relaxing... it is said that it was the language of the Gods... (at least on Yucatan pennincula) Spanish is also a beautiful language.. more than a 70 percent of the countries on my Continent speaks it as mother tongue...
I hardly know any Canadians here. I do not speak english, I speak Canadian, eh. Well I also speak french, it being the second most popular language in Canada, (Qu’bec). Does any one else here speak Canadian? I can't understand a word anyone is sayin' eh!
C, eh? N, eh? D, eh? Big Smile Smilie

Rednell, the most exellent CM, is also Canucki. She'll probably understand you. Wink Smilie
Okay, just thoguht I'd invade this thread by coming here with my Englishness. Go English!!! Not only do I speak English, I was born in England!!! But I'm a NEw Zealander, really. Unfortunately.

I AM learning Latin, if that counts. And I started learning Quenya. Quenya is on hold until I've done with the Latin Evening Classes. But they don't belong to countries, so I suppose they don't count. Sad Smilie
Im Irish!! and yet i live in England. i speak english and irish, though to be honest theres mot much demand for speakin irish, i think ive only had to actually speak it once.
just to add, Ireland just beat England at the rugby!! my father is currently in some irish bar somewhere intoxicated beyond belief.
Welcome Glory findel! It is so nice to share the boards with another Canadian, eh?
Canadian does have a unique blend of the "King's" English , French and various native dialects. Throw in an "eh" at the of each statement and a few in the middle too. Ahhh, yes, it does have a nice friendly and laid back tone to it, doesn't it. eh?
Big Smile Smilie
Quite right Red, quite right.
I'm Canadian too!

Throw in an "eh" at the of each statement and a few in the middle too.

I kinda have to disagree with that... Not all Canadians say 'eh.' I do say it once and awhile, but not at the end of every sentence. Heck! I'll go for days on end, without saying 'eh' Usually when i do say eh, i'm aware that i'm using it. I live in on the coast of British Columbia, and we are a different breed on Canadians, completely different climate that the rest of Canada, and us Sunshine coast boys usually involved more with illicit substances. Smoke Smilie Very Mad Smilie
Hej alla glada som l’ser detta!
(Hi everyone who reads this!)
I’m from Sweden, Stockholm, lived here all my life. My family has lived here since ever.... the family from my mothers side "emigrated" from Lappland (North of Sweden) so I have these Chinese-looking eyes so everyone thinks someone in my family was chinese... Very Mad Smilie
A touch of Same blood in you then. Smile Smilie Hei hei from Norway. Waving Hello Smilie
To set the record straight, (not that it was wrong) I am American, and proud to be. I am not racist and accept everyone, even if they are from Norway.
Well... good for you cause you know that if you mess with Norway you mess with Sweden as well Smile Smilie
Wouldn't want to mess with both now, would I? Especially since Amarie is from Norway.
I AM CANADIAN! Hey, has anyone ever heard the expresion that canadian beer is like moonshine? It's true, my uncle had 6 american wussie beers and didn't feel a thing, then he had 2 Molson Canadians and he was wasted! Hehehe
Don't know about the Canadian beer, but apparently American beer is like making love in a canoe. I have only tried Budwiser myself, but find the description very fitting.
Only Norway Findarato?? I am disappointed.

Great to see so many Canadians surfacing. Not that I am Canadian, but the ones I know are kind, funny and witty.
I'm from The Netherlands, our prime-minister looks like Harry Potter Cool Smilie
Yes I really would have seen that our PM looked like Aragorn and had the wisdom that comes with it..
Well, if you vote for me next time, you'll have a PM that looks and acts like a fool. Wink Smilie
Well, I come from Australia (parents are Aussie, but born in England) don't know what it makes me though...
Nah, but for the English people, just remember who always wins the Ashes!!

I also lived in spain for quite a while (18 months) and it was pretty good. Didn't go to far out from Madrid, which is pretty much city only, but I also got a real sword from Toledo (Toledo steel is meant to be the best). Plus I saw people making "antiques" in segovia. I have a thread that tells of a particular misfortunate event that occured there. (Stupid Stories, under the Ivy Bush). And also, no offence to any spaniards, but the PM looks kind of like a weasel.
I'm from NEw Zealand... BUT HAHA!! I HAVE INVADED THIS THREAD WITH MY ENGLISHNESS!!! I was born in ENgland and I'm proud of it. I shall get back there as soon as possible.. i miss it. ENGLAND!!! ENGLAND!!! We won the World Cup last year. I think.
The World Cup of what? The World Cup of Tea ?
Yeah, as far as I know, and I'm an American (not typically known for our soccer (or football) prowess), England did NOT win the World Cup. I think Loni's a bit delusional Smile Smilie.

Oh...wait, wait, wait...are you thinking of rugby, Loni? I think they did win. Nevermind... Smile Smilie
I'm from The Netherlands, our prime-minister looks like Harry Potter

If anyone was thinking that I'm the PM of Netherlands, then they are wrong. But I still have complete sympathy with that guy.
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You have now been notified. Moderator Smilie
Ooooo! You got Grondyed! But this time it wasn't by me. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Hey, Allyssa,
Am I the only Australian here?

I guess my fellow countrymen are too busy watching the footy, turning the meat on the barbie and sinking a sixpack.

No... There is one more here. And I still find the time for that beuatiful BBQ and six-pack. So someone else may be able to understand my abbriviatings and stuff. And I also watch the footy a lot too, or the cricket now anyway. What part of Australia do you come from. I am QLD person, so you better not be a NSW person. Cos we'll win the state of origin next time!!
I'm kind of too bored to read through all the pages to see, whether there is another german here or not..... So If there has been one already, so here is a second one. Achtually I'm half turkish though, and I have been to a School in Czech Republic for several years (you know, those guys who just joined the EU...)
So I guess I'm a crossover - european ...... lol
American speaking. Forgive me, but where is Norway? I can't find my Geography books... again...

I'm English, can't speak any other language sorry Dunce Smilie, really wish I could. Well to be totally honest my mum is Scottish and my dad Irish. I was born in Portsmouth so am a 'Pommie'. I live in Essex (please, no 'Essex Girls' jokes that's if anyone around the world has ever heard of Essex Girls jokes!!)
My hubby is Scottish and would love to learn Klingon - I would love to learn Elvish.

Do you think we would have a communication problem ? Ha Ha Ha Smilie

Would like to say also that I joined PT almost 2 weeks ago and am enjoing this - thanks to all Happy Elf Smilie
Well, there was this Essex girl...

I LOVE ESSEX GIRL JOKES!!! But no one has heard of them, I bet. My Dad told me about them a few monmths ago. Apparently he heard all the blonde jokes as essex girl jokes!!! BELL RANG!!
Hey Maydmarion!!!!! I am an Essex Girl born and bred but moved away about 4 years ago. I have heard many, many Essex Girl jokes - most of which would not be suitable for Planet-Tolkien. It's a difficult thing to live up to.

Wiggle Smilie
i'm austrian... 100%, though i've got some relatives all around the world (Switzerland, France, Italy, Argentinia), my ancestors have all been austrian, as far as i know... and i don't expect to be the only one round here... or am i?? i speak german, of course, english and some italian, which i'm busy trying to improve. Elk Grinning Smilie
Forgive me, but where is Norway?

Aah! Now that will be up on the Arctic Circle sharing its borders with Sweden. Its on the North of Europe. Extreme North. You won't miss it! Smile Smilie

And I ain't English! I just speak it!
And Norway also has all those lovely crinkly edges, that won an award for Slartibartfast. Orc Grinning Smilie
And Norway also has all those lovely crinkly edges

called fjords. I don't understand why these Scandinavians pronounce j as though it is y. They already have a y in their alphabet but still.... Can someone explain?
I don't understand why these Scandinavians pronounce j as though it is y.
I think they got it from the same place as did the Spanish, though I suppose one of our Noregian or Spanish friends will tell us there is still a subtle difference between the pronunciation of j in those two languages.

And we English speaking kettles should never call the pot black with our different pronunciations of all the ough words. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
And we English speaking kettles should never call the pot black with our different pronunciations of all the ough words.

So true Grondy. The pronounciations of all the ough words is thoroughly confusing. I mean I can never get through with them all. Its just so tough. I would have cited more examples but I have to plough through the other threads as well. Very Big Grin Smilie

(edited by myself to include the smily and to tweak up the spellings)
"I don't understand why these Scandinavians pronounce j as though it is y"
Scandinavians do not pronounce j the same way as y. Where did you get that idea? j sounds like y, that is what the English do to make me confused when they write words to 'help' explain what sounds the different Tengwars have.
Ooh sorry I am a bit slow today. It is the word fjord, isn't it? Well I don't mean to shock you, but you people pronounce fjord the English way, and that is a fjord apart from how we say it.

I think Slartibartfast did a great job. The fjords are spectacular!
So how do Norwegians pronounce 'fjord'? Apart from correctly, of course.
Since the english has two sounds for each letter and not one proper r, this is the simplest way:
Wink Smilie
Okay, I heard that. Apart from your beautiful voice, sis, I didn't notice any dissimilarities in the way that we (*ahem* English) pronounce fjord and the way you (*ahem* Norwegians) pronounce it. Its all the same to me. Or rather, its all Norwegian (read Greek) to me!
It's surprising that of all people, Lord Aragorn doesn't know how 'fjord' is pronunciated... after all doesn't Barfagorn say in the movies "Ride hard, don't look back. If you'll make it to Fjord Bruinen, you're safe" ?

Amari’'s .wav file is basicaly the way I pronounce "fjord" though mine is a little slower: like a very fast fee-ord. But as she says, our eyes translate the sounds of the letters and dipthongs differently so we are at an impass to do it with letters, unless we use the sybols in the dictionary and even then we can't do it for diferent regions of English speaking peoples pronounce the same words differently. For instance "cot" and "caught" are pronounced the same in some areas, whereas the vowel's sound should come from the back of the tongue with the former and the middle to front with the latter. I sometimes think.
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