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Good mornin!
he wont read the books and he keeps findin stuff that he doesnt like bout the movie. whenever i watch it, he starts sayin stupid stuff bout it.(unless his fiance is here, cuz she likes LotR a lot) Wink Smilie
Maybe he is an orc in human form! Be very careful around him! Big Smile Smilie
No. He is very unhappy and only does that because noone pays attention to him when watching LOTR.
My older sister refuses to watch LOTR because she doesn't want to see movies that isn't "real", with stuff that could not happen in real life. Such a stupid thing to say. Oh well. It's her loss!
Movies that aren't real are the best of all! Who wants to watch "real life" all the time?
if sum psycho cums on this website claimin 2 b me, IGNORE HIM!!!!! it would b my older bro who hates LotR and wants 2 make me look bad on my fave website.

Why don't you just ramshambone him. I have a feeling you're femail there for, there's no way you can lose!
A normal person esp. if the person is crazy ???

Anyway that would be a real reality show compared to all unreality shows...
I'm sick of reallity shows, you can't get away from them on TV in the UK. I say instead of Big Brother bring back POB.
Yeh or Speed, Crash, Die, Burn and all them other programs about people driving like maniacs.
We have like half a dozen reality shows here in the US, and man does it get tiresome! After that its dozens of crime shows.