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I got the full set of the History of Middle Earth books from my sister and parents, a plasma ball from my son, a LotR poster book, TTT calander, a crate of beer and some videos from my girlfriend. Oh, and not to forget loads of sweets from the people most likely to call me fat after Christmas.
I got much candy, much clothing (a very good thing...this way I don't have to fight with the laundry at school as often...), school supplies ( Mad Smilie ), a couple CDs and some sheet music I've been pining over (Rodrigo's Concierto Pastorale for flute and orch, if anyone knows it). I haven't exchanged gifts with some of my friends in particular has a gift that she says I'll get a real kick out of...this worries me a bit - she's got an odd sense of humor sometimes... Tongue Smilie

Also! I forgot! It was the best thing ever! WE HAD A WHITE CHRISTMAS! For the first time in 30 years! I love snow! Yay! Exclamation point! Big Smile Smilie

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LOL! My first response to your White Christmas, Chika, was "Oh wow, what a coincidence! So did we!" Then I remembered you live roughly 50 miles north of me so I guess it's not that much of a coinicidence after all Big Laugh Smilie The first White Christmas of my lifetime Big Smile Smilie Snowman Smilie

Anyway, I got a kick-*** printer from my thoughtful and generous parents. It's an HP Photosmart 7350 and it just rocks! And a box of my most favorite (and outrageously expensive) chocolates- Godiva peanut butter meltaways Tongue Smilie

Three DVD's- Spiderman, Minority Report and Ghosts of Mars.

A bunch of books- The Chronoliths by Robert Charles Wilson; Last Call, The Anubis Gates and Earthquake Weather by Tim Powers; I Am Legend by Richard Matheson; Swan Song, Gone South, The Night Boat, and They Thirst by Robert R. McCammon.

Now I just need to quit my job to find the time to read them all Read Smilie

I also got a cool black t-shirt with a white tiger and a dragon on the front and a new leather wallet (with $100 bill inside!!)from my "real" dad and his wife which came as an unbelievable shock as I've barely even spoken to them in a number of years. Happy Elf Smilie That was nice.

And I can't forget Eryan's generous gift of 777 adventures Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Thank you Eryan! That was very thoughtful Wiggle Smilie

I got the TTT poster, TTT calender,(I have a lot of LOTR stuff now!) CD player, alarm clock,candy and money.
Lemme see here...*rumages through a pack*

I got a funky microscope (the kind med students need to buy for school), a murder mystery party/game, new stereo, couple cd's, a model (one of those gundam wing things), and...a partridge in a pear tree! Wink Smilie

I must be the only person who didn't get anything LOTR!!! *grumbles and swings the axe 'round about him*
The only LOTR thing I got for christmas was the Nasmith Calandar. I also got a gold pendant and a new bag for school. Unfortunately, Santa couldnt afford a DVD player just yet.

What my kids got would take far too long to list, but definate favourites are cuddly, talking spiderman and Barbie as Rapunzel.

My cats got the scraps from christmas dinner, which they devoured with relish. Wink Smilie
Hey, we need to start a thread for all the LOTR stuff we have. See who has what, who has the most posters, and things like that.
I must agree with Stonehelm. This could be rather fun.

*(As a side note)*
Y'know, if we were to do that, we could set up a little bitty forum and such where we could tell others what LOTR stuff we have, but then if we wanted to, even trade it kinda thing, or give stuff to other members that want to do that, maybe...posibbly....only speculation? lol Just an idea to go allong with it. Cool Smilie

I'll be around today if anyone wants to reply
Wow! You people sure get loads and loads of Christmas presents! I didn't get anything. *snif* Cause we quit that tradition this year, as it only costs heaps of money and we wanted the presents to be a surprise, so every year you got things you didn't want or need. So this year we decided to buy one present (like a game) for the whole family. And every year someone else buys it. Big Smile Smilie Looking forward to New Year's Eve. That's when we get the presents. Big Smile Smilie
I got the TT calendar Big Smile Smilie ; a clock-radio; a waffle maker; candles; body lotion; R90 (that's about $9); lots of chocolate and other sweets; and some other stuff that's still to come.

I would really love to get the TT posters, but you can't even buy them here - it's ridiculous. I got my FotR posters by going to the movie complex every week (towards the time that the movie stopped showing) and begging them for their left over posters, I got another one from the vidoe store where I used to work and the last one from Toys R Us when I bought my Ringwraith action figure (but I had to beg for that one too).
Geez, you have a ton of LOTR stuff...I've only got the first movie. *sigh*

Of course my friend and I had seen the movie about 17 times in a week due to the fat that one of his friends had the screener copy of the movie and copied it for him, lol. But I got the actual store-bought one for my b-day back in September.
I got the Lord of the Rings trigoly, Two Towers soundtrack, The Hobbit, lots of LOTR cards, lots of nice clothes, stuffed toy cat and dog, bath stuff, TTT poster, LOTR risk game, bunny slippers, the making of the LOTR book, and some body lotion stuff. (I think that's it)! Big Smile Smilie
From my parents:
I got LOTR extended version DVD, the book, JRR Tolkien: Artist and Illustrator. A webcam and a plasma CD rack. Christmas Smilie
From my daughter:
A wonderful photo album with pictures of our Christmases past and a lot of snowmen that we have built over the years. Vanessa Carlton CD and a autographed Baleek vase. Christmas Smilie

From my son:
Well, it is in the mail. Smiling Santa Smilie

I am quite spoiled.

I have the best girlfriend in the universe.
some other stuff as well....

Oh yeah, my sister got me a LOTR quiz book and a making of the movies book, she was gonna get me the extended DVD but remembered I didn't have a DVD player, DOH!!!!
It does sound like you have a great girlfriend Plastic.! Now we need to get your DVD collection built up.

It sounds like everyone got some really great gifts. Tommie, your gift idea of a game sounds great too. We also do that every year as well, but it is just the 3 of us that play usually.

Well, let's see what did I get:
From my mother in law: jewelery, bath stuff, glass paints to decorate some wine glasses she gave me.

From my sister in law: more bath stuff and gel pens

(I tend to take 2 hour baths and have lots of bubbles and candles)

From my husband: jewelery (a beautiful saphirre and pearl ring. which are my 2 favorite stones)

From my son: a little purple pillow that says Love on it. candles and pens of all kinds.

From my sister and her family: a christmas candle

From my mom: The LOTR all in one hard back illustrated by Alan Lee. Realms of Tolkien: Images of middle earth, and 4 of the Home series, which I already had, so I exchanged them for the BBC tape of the LOTR.

From my friend Stacie: I got a crystal candy dish

I am quite spoiled but, I think that is because everyone knows that I can't do anything or go anywhere so much of the time, that they feel sorry for me. So I tend to get a lot of gifts from everyone in my family.

Oh, and Matthew's Aunt and Uncle gave us a together gift of a bronze dragon with a crystal ball. It is about a foot tall and is absolutely gorgeous.

And how could I forget an email from Plastic, and a card from Grondy, and of course Eryan's island, and a new family here at PT.

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Bob Woodward's Bush at War, David McCullough's John Adams, Attack of the Clones DVD, set of screwdriver bits, set of small pliers, box of Frango Mint Chocolates, box of Frango Rasberry Chocolates, a tin of home made Christmas cookies and candy, and Eryan's fine gift, not to mention the rest of you lots' well wishes.

And I may as well wish a happy new year to 42 and Allyssa and all you others who live on the far side of this tiny blue marble whose celebration will be over by the time I get back here New Year's Eve. So:

Pary Smilie Pary Smilie Pary Smilie Pary Smilie HAVE A HAPPY NEW YEAR ! Pary Smilie Pary Smilie Pary Smilie Pary Smilie
I didn't get anything for Christmas but that's just our tradition - we don't really celebrate it, we celebrate New Year's. So I'm hoping to get at least some presents tonight! Oh yeah, I forgot, I did get a guide to playing on the guitar from my dad. And of course before that I got a guitar so I'm really really happy! Big Smile Smilie
Sounds like everyone had a lot of good stuff for christmas. I didn't get LOTR stuff for christmas, but i got the big cups at the movies when i went to see it on tuesday. Big Smile Smilie
I know that you shouldnt give to receive but I spent about ’400 on presents and I received a ’15 second hand very old printer, oh well, you live and learn.
I got a 'NO!' when asking for 'girlfriendship'......And a Merry Christmas to all of you!!'

-yes,that was sarcasm
well actually you all got a tons of presents...., that is very nice...., well i only got a great shirt that my wife give me, and a movie somebody else gave us....., sounds too few gifts but neither me nor my wife use to give things, we prefere to do things together, and that id the best gift of all....., well at least for me, it is Wink Smilie
I can't agree more with you on that one! Christmas isn't about the gifts and stuff. It's all about loving eachother and spending time with loved ones (although my religion would say all that plus Christ comming to earth too Tongue Smilie )


Sorry to hear 'bout your 'NO' to your relationship man. Win some you lose some i guess...
I got the Lord of the Rings collection, The Hobbit from my parents, the Two Towers from my brother, Mars Attacks (dvd) from my friend, many books and other stuff. Big Smile Smilie
I mean the Two Towers game (PS2) from my brother!
Tongue Smilie
Einar: You can use the [Edit] button at the bottom of your previous posts to modify what you said in that post, which will make you look more knowledgable rather than absentminded like me. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
*growls and grumbles*

Everyone but me (the main character! I wish...) *laughs* seems to have gotten alot of LotR stuff for Christmas. *sigh* Guess I'll have to spend like 300 bucks on stuff in Ottawa when i go.

Resurrecting an old thread, but Merry Christmas everyone 

... so, what did you all get?

a Kindle! :-)

Now you'll have to buy Tolkien’s works all over again for the Kindle Smile Smilie

Happy New Year 

Happy New Year everyone!
How are you?
The best thing I got this Christmas was getting to spend it with my family. 😜I was supposed to work but I've broken my hand so I got to go home. 😊

How did you break your hand?

I fell of a horse 😅
Nice to see this site is still alive! And appears to be older than I thought. Pretty amazing -- especially considering some of the gifts received in 1970. No Tolkien presents for me, though one -- an Amazon gift card -- will go towards those. My Christmas present to myself was from a local thrift shop, which has a monthly box of books sale. I found several I'd been looking for for some years, including volumes 2,3, and 4 of "A Dance to the Music of Time". Not Tolkien-related, of course, but I also found a couple that are, at least tangentially: recent translations of the Nibelunglied, and the Tain, part of the Ulster Cycle. And since I picked it up in December, I'll include a 1978 Ballantine set of Hobbit and LOTR (the gold box one). That was from Goodwill. Near mint condition -- though TT was missing. That's OK -- I'll turn one up sometime. Happy New Year to all.

Happy New Year Slippery elm!

One of my fondest memories is of my friend and I during our college years, browsing multiple charity and second-hand book shops for Tolkien related books – hoping to find a first or signed edition. I believe my first copy of the Silmarillion was from such a shop.

Sounds like you got some nice presents and it was a pretty successful Christmas 


Hey, Taz -- great way to get the Silmarillion! My first copies of LOTR were from a junk-type store, lo these many decades ago. 10 cents each, the old original Ballantines. I wish I'd grabbed the Ace editions that were sitting there too. Little did I realize at the time they would be the closest most of us would ever get to the first edition versions! But I came across them again, many years later.