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I ignore them and tell them "Its your loss that you dont like it". Most of the times people dont read the books because "ther too much names and stuff" oh please.I think they are all rednecks. My neibghur is a wanabe LOTR fan for the movies. So i told him that if he really likes LOTR then read the books, but hes the kind of person that had trouble reading nursery rhimes. I always try to find out new stuff about LOTR and try to read the Silmarillion as often as i cann because thers so much stuff there, and im always kinda proud when i find out something new or remember some little detail. What i would really like is that in a few years i could get my little brother to start liking LOTR too.
Most of the people I know have lots of prejudice when it comes to fantastic stories. In fact, they don't know how much they lose this way, as fantastic stories are -in my opinion- deeper and more spiritual than any other belletristic books.
It's just that some people don't like the idea of opening their minds and hearts onto new horizons. They don't realize what they lose this way.
im totally whith you on that
I think Erebwen "hit the nail on the head" as "they" say. It is the breadth and depth of Tolkien's world and his description of the characters and places that will take me to another place. Just pity those that don't "get" it.

And thanks to Erebwen for "belletristic"! I love words, did not know that one, and just had to look it up.
Ive shared my passion for Tolkien with my father (or maybe its the other way around) for some years now and most people couldnt seem to bother (specially my husband )about it , when we started talkingSmile Smilie
My son is also a devoted Tolkien fan ( I mean the BOOKS !)And last year I told my best friend that he just had to start reading some of it ( I never stopped talking about it , and I guess I was a pain in the ...),but in the end he gave in and started reading...
He says that Tolkien are his saviour ( strong WORD I know ) and that he now knows the meaning of his work ( at least some of it ) And he is very gratefull that I never gave up on him ..
What I mean to say also is that is so good to share it with someone close to you ..And of course with all of you at PT Elf Winking Smilie
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