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Thread: Bands with wierds names

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Bare Naked Ladies
Super Furry Animals
Pet Shop Boys
Showaddywaddy (surely the weirdest of them all)
The Icelandic band H’lt H’ra ._.
The Alan Parsons Project? Metallica? Iron Maiden? Korn? Twisted Sisters? I can go on and on....
Billy Talent (it's a band)
Funeral For A Friend

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Not too Bad (lol,that's a local band name).
Really LadyF? Wow this is sure a weird name for a band!! Wink Smilie
I will have to say :
Good Charlotte
The Cranberries (the juice is really good...I miss San Francisco because of that too) Big Smile Smilie
Oasis (Oasis is good!!!) Wink Smilie
k, I have some wierd names too Big Smile Smilie they are following:
Broder Daniel
Third Eye Blind
Night Wish
The Levellers
Counting Crows

And many many more I can’t think of at the moment
I have two more:
"Infected Mushrooms" and "Propellerheads"
Some of these have been written down, but...

Sum 41
Blink 182
Maroon 5
Eiffel 65
Eve 6
4 Non Blondes

...get my drift? Wink Smilie
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