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Well I guess Perry sometimes like swinging and pretending he is TarzanTongue Smilie
I know that Grondy warned me about thinking about stuff too big for me brain to cope with but....I had a big debate with me mates about energy and eternity and all that kind of stuff.....well let’s just say I got a blimey big headache afterwards....and it is still going on after 4hours....perhaps I stressed out me braincellsTongue Smilie

I promise Grondo that I will never do that againTongue Smilie

Heh, the same happened to me recently Aul’. We started discussing life, the Universe and everything, and after 10 minutes, we reached the conclusion that there is no point to anything. We continued to discuss for a further 3 hours, but the same conclusion remained. I couldn't get to sleep that night because I couldn't stop myself trying to comprehend the incomprehensible.
I accidentally headbutted a drinking glass and had a piece of it sticking out of my forehead

Now what the heck can bring you to do something insane like that?! Big Laugh Smilie
I always manage to walk into things, whether it me a podium, the kitchen table or a wall, I always manage to do it.
Yes, I'm getting somewhere with this... I walked into an open door today, the corner. Ouch. I have a big red line down my face!
Some people I think need to share in their infamous knowledge of the universe and life, since after all being Queen of it I need to know about these things Wink Smilie
Lol Andrea Smile Smilie I walked into a car once and flipped over it 'n' landed on my behind,my brother won't let me live it down,hehe.
I walked into a car once and flipped over it 'n' landed on my behind,my brother won't let me live it down,hehe.
I I crawled into the left front hub cap of a moving Model A Ford that was slowly driving through the alley behind our house. We were playing guns and making so much noise I couldn't hear it coming and on my hands and knees I rapidly came through the three foot high bunch grass at the edge of the alley: BANG! Stars and all. I only got a nosebleed out of it, though our old neighbor dang near had a heart attack; he thought he had run me over. Kids, its a miracle we ever grow up to create a population.
I accidentally headbutted a drinking glass and had a piece of it sticking out of my forehead

Now what the heck can bring you to do something insane like that?! Big Laugh Smilie

Alcohol my brother....good music....headbutting felt funny at the time.....but my head got heavier and heavier since I got more and more dissy....then I finally smashed me head into the glass....well actually...I didn’t feel the pain(thanks to being drunk) and I didn’t notice it at first...but me mates helped me and I noticed that I was bleedingTongue Smilie
well, a really stupid thing to do it was mateWink Smilie
But now I can laugh at that Big Laugh Smilie
I wonder why it is that hurt toes seem to be more painfull than any other hurt body parts? I mean, when both my big toes and ingrown toenails they hurt like h*ll.
Mind you, they were infected for two years before I finaly let the hospital operate on me. Ouch! Sad Smilie
talkin bout toes, i`ve just dislocated my lil toe that`s on my right foot, I can`t walk, or stand on it, I`ve got ice on it right now n it KAINS! Sad Smilie
Aaaw sis, how did that happen? *hug* Sad Smilie
I'm very sorry to hear that, Sheryl; hope it'll pass as soon as possible!

Talking about pain, my teeth give me head aches for about a month! I almost wish they were gone!


I played a lot of sport when I was young and never had a really serious injury, but when I was coaching my daughter's Grade 6 netball team, I snapped my Achilles while playing a scratch game with them - laid up for six weeks - and then on light duties for another six. The strange thing was, when my Achilles snapped, it felt like I'd been kicked, but there was absolutely no pain. Other more minor injuries always hurt more! Go figure....

How I have loved reading threads with Peredhil, Bugyfeonor, Plasticsquirrel Aule, so many. What personality and pizzaz.

When my little brother and I were in the care of an auntie of many times removed he snuck outside , for he was totally fascinated with English gardens.I noticed him missing and became afraid. I went outside and there he was pulling out t his long metal thingy with spikes on the bottom and a hole at the very top to rest your sprinkler head in when you are not standing about watering. "No no " I cried running over and taking it from him'do you want to have this thing plunge into you.Just as I said that I slipped my hand went up with the metal thing and down it came plunging into my right foot just above my toes. I honestly remember hearing nothing and everthing looked so rosy pink, just everything. My little brother was screaming and ran to get auntie who was a nurse. But I could not hear him and just looked down at my profusely bleeding foot. I felt nothing and only a tiny prick when it was all stitched up. Unhappily the stitches burst a couple of days later because I forgot and put my foot into water. It is rather a thick scar and not lovely.

Such an awesome thread.

I won't start with "when I was a kid" because I still jump around a lot.From every place imaginable.I jump from trees,from walls,from ledges and been doing it for a smart 16 years.And obviously I've gotten into a lot of trouble for that.

I've broken,twisted and shattered bones(mine only thankfully) and innumerable defective muscles some of which still hurt if I exercise too much.

Another thing was(still is)my abominable speed.Which would help if only I looked where I was speeding into.I rammed into every possible wall,closed glass doors,revolving doors,human beings,mannequins,dogs and even cars(stationary thankfully).

So that was bad.And oh yes last but not the least.I stapled my own thumb with a paper-stapler,stood watching the embedded double-edged pin,then pulled it out and half-collapsed with the pain that ensued.

I will never forget my mother's face.

Heh, I saw so many familiar faces here, so I decided to try my luck with posting some, hmm..

Unlucky events of my past. Smile Smilie


When I was a kid, maybe less than 6 years of age, I used to walk a lot in the nearby forest (which became a sanctuary to me during all of those years that would come to pass), and always when I went there, I practised climbing and jumping from rock to another. I still remember almost 5 different ways, how to overcome those small cliffs behind my father's house. Two of them are more dangerous, but I've always managed.

But once, I was in a serious trouble. I decided to climb atop of a long tree, 'cause I wanted to see my hometown from high above. I was around 11-12 during those times, and I can tell that despite my current physical state, I can still climb like a monkey, if I try enough.

Anyway, it went well for start. I found a few good spots, where to keep my feet while I lifted myself up and up. And I finally got there. The sight was more than beautiful, and the feeling of wind blowing past me was more than incredible. But then, I noticed that I had climbed a bit too high, and 'cause the tree was more thinner than other trees, it began to give way, 'cause of the extra weight that I had brought with me. And so, the tree itself bent and bent and I kept my hold, and slowly began to climb down, so let's say that it was under my control after all.

I got to half-way of the tree's height, when something cracked and I quickly dropped myself and then took a firm grip of one strong branch, and at that point, the tree was quite downward and cracking a bit, so I decided to let go, and fell over 3-4 meters down to ground. It did hurt a lot, despite of the ground being wet and mossy, and that experience gave me a lot of pain for the next seven days, 'cause I had wrenched my right arm.

I've never tried to climb atop of a tree after that. (But close enough Wink Smilie

PS. I can tell more climbing experiences if anyone requests. ^^

@ Odette: I pretend that I no longer climb or jump around, but I cannot help myself on that. Always when I can throw in a few jumps and tricks, I most likely do it. =)

i request more climbing experiences. Smile Smilie

If anyone knows about Calgary(Scottish, meaning running water) Alberta Canada, then you would know that despite the arts-ballet,music, painting etc that are a big deal there , because of the flat lay of the land there are many farms and cattle ranches in close proximity and several aboriginal bands such as the Stony Indians, the Blackfoot, etc, and they all converge in the summer for about a week long Calgary Stampede. People square dance in the street and ride horses even into banks and such and it is a wierd wild experience. So strangely enough many citified children are very interested in cattle and horses and the workings of farms while at the same time might be as city like as anyone in NewYorkCity.

I was in ballet and piano lessons and a cheer leader and all that stuff and a book fanatic, yet when the summer holidays came round and my little brother and I were more or less shipped off to one of the relatives near or far away that ran ranches or farms inbetween orur regular holidays away, i would be excited to see all the livestock.

One of my uncles, uncle Miles was a quiet terribly no nonsense fellow who expected to be obeyed on the instant. My two cousins were both gentle and kind and very obedient like me.(my little brother, well..............not so much.)And one of the absolute rules was to stay away from the bulls, they were black angus and enormous and as well my uncle had one that was part something or other that was fierce. It had a huge nose ring and an even huger fence about it to keep everyone but the most skilled of hired hands away. Children being children however at times certain things were such temptations that my cousins, being bored stuck on the farm would invent things to do when their parents were away into town some miles away and the hired hands were far away in a distant quarter section mending fences or what not.

It was then that my cousins would invariably think of something daring and quite terrifying for my brother and i to do to show us how weak we city slickers were. my brother however rode his horse a great deal and always won awards in the gymcana with his horse gipsy, So it was that they all conspired against me to ride that gynormous bull. It was tied one day to the side of the fence with a thick chaing attached to it's nose ring. my boy cousin found an old milking metal harness thingy that you put the cow's heads into to keep them from moving about if they are skittish when milked. He gingerly managed to get the bull's head into it by offering it grass or something and then locking the metal harness about its' thick and massive head. It started screaming naturally and moving about. That is when I was to get on it's back and stay there for ten seconds. I was terrified but unable to get out of it. I climbed on top of something dont remember what offered to me and up I went. I stayed on about three seconds before being hurtled into space and I fell hard on a small stone that went right into my back near my spine. I was sick with pain and fear because there came the uncle and aunt and he had been known to actually give a strike or two with the bull whip if my cousins were disobedient .I had to keep quiet and pretend nothing happened Somehow my boy cousin got out the stone but it got infected and it was days before i could even breathe properly. we stold pain killers and i kept the site clean . I never ever tried such a thing again . My little brother however went past the bull pen later and made rude noises to the bull, he now did not like him .some foolish hired hand had left the gate to the bull pen unlocked and the thing became incensed at my brother and broke through. The look on my brother's face, i have never forgotten that. he nearly fainted. being a strong runner though away he went and away the bull tore after him. no one dared to interrupt and some even laughed hysterically seeing my brother running up and down the hills before some of the men lassooed it and dragged it back to the bull pen. after that it was sold and we had peace and quiet again until a couple more bulls were brought.

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