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I've moved this thread from General Discussion to a tavern.....

Floyd_n_milan Posted Friday 17th September 2004 (10:53pm)

Yo, people, this one's dedicated to Pink Floyd. Talk on or should I say, "Welcome to the machine..." and "Have a Cigar"

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Crystle caves Posted Friday 17th September 2004 (11:15pm)

If I don't hear "Wish You were Here" every couple of days I go INSAINE! I get physically sick and can't move for sake of pain. Mom sais it's because that was playing in the hospital when I was born. Even if that weren't true, I'de still love passing the time listening to the dark side of the moon.

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"Wish You Were Here" is an amazing cd. I'd have to say though, my favorite songs on that cd are "Shine On You Crazy Diamond" first, and "Wish You Were Here" second. Great, great cd. have you all heard about how Syd Barret showed up, after he had gone "insane", and made an appearance while the band was recording?

Which Pink Floyd cd is your favorite out of Meddle, Wish You Were Here, and Suacerful of Secrets?
I'm with aran on all points there. Shine On You Crazy Diamond is the top one for me, though Echoes gives it some damn good fight. Interestingly, they both are musical peices rather than songs. And speaking of Syd Barrett, yes, I know about that incident.

And I vote for Wish You Were Here.

By the way, it would be a nice idea to run sort of a poll here.

Favourite song and favourite album. And the choise isn't limited. Any Pink Floyd works, just don't include the solo work by say Barrett or Gilmour or Waters. Let's keep it in all that's released under the name Pink Floyd. I guess that includes the post-Waters era as well.
Good idea Floyd.

It's gonna be tough though. They're all so great in different ways. But I'll try...

Favorite Pink Floyd Album: Dark Side of the Moon (favorite song on album: Any Colour You Like)
Favorite Pink Floyd Song: Echoes or Shine on You Crazy Diamond. (Albums: Meddle and Wish You Were Here, respectively)
Hey, no "or" please. Be firm.
My bad. My favorite song is.................shine on you crazy diamond
I'll go with High Hopes for my fave song and The Wall for my fave album.

PS: I need not say I love more than one of their songs, so that was a tougher choice than it seems at first sight; plus, my fave song was Shine On You Crazy Diamond up til I've heard High Hopes for the first time.
I think Division Bell is my favourite Album.

My favourite song depends on the mood I am in at any particular time.... It's between Shine on you crazy diamond, Dogs, One of these Days or Atom Heart Mother. I think if I had to just choose one, it would be One of these Days.
It seems to have gone quiet in here. I thought we had more Floyd fans around the site than this. Where is Plastic Squirrel when you want him?

So what about the early Floyd.... Piper at the Gates of Dawn, Saucerful of Secrets, More, Ummagumma, the early singles etc. Anyone into them? I think saucerful of secrets is superb, but it seldom gets anyone's favourite album vote because it is outshone by their later stuff.

And has anyone seen either of the films from which the soundtracks More and Obscured by Clouds came from? I think the films were called More and La Valley. There was also a film called Zabriskie Point, which I've seen a few times, which Floyd contributed three tracks (Heart Beat, Pig Meat; Come in number 51; and Crumbling Land). Anyone seen this one, or heard the soundtrack? It also contains material from Gerry Garcia of the Greatful Dead and Connie Francis of all people.
Hmm. It is quiet. But, I must say Val, that I haven't met anyone other than you who's into the older stuff, but I'm with you. I've got the More soundtrack, though I haven't found the Zabriskie Point Soundtrack anywhere! Sad Smilie

By the way, September was an important month when it comes to Pink Floyd, and I seem to have missed the dates, here they are anyways :

Wish You Were Here : September 15, 1975

A Momentary Lapse Of Reason : September 7, 1987

This means that Wish You Were Here celebrated its 29th anniversary on 15th.

In October another two albums were released, viz., Ummagumma and Atom Heart Mother.

By the way, where's V? I think Momentary Laspe Of Reason was her favourite album!
I don't mind PF, my boyfriend is a great fan, and the songs are great. Well some are, some are hideous!! What were they thinking?? (Don't ask for names, we usually listen to them in the car. ) But they are too depressive for me, can't take too much PF in a row. Love the animations in The Wall (from an artistic point of view), the only reason I want to watch it, I sort of tune out after that. Like I said, can't take too much in a row. Wink Smilie
Whoa, Amie, you need to listen to Dark Side Of The Moon, Wish You Were Here, Obscured By Clouds and the like. Don't go listening to The Final Cut though. Not recommended for you!

Speaking of the animations, I love Goodbye Blue Sky. Awesome song!
But they are too depressive for me, can't take too much PF in a row.

Pink Floyd's not depressive. If you want depressing try listening to Leanard Cohen or Nick Cave. They are far darker.

Talking of older stuff though. Have you heard the original versions of Dogs and Sheep as they were originally recorded back in 1970, eight years before re-appearing on the Animals album. Back then they were called Raving and Drooling (Dogs) and You Got to be Crazy (Sheep). I've got them on a live album from 1975 called Spaceball Ricochet. It's a great album containing those two, the whole of Wish you Were Here, Dark Side of the Moon, and Echoes as a live set, and then studeo out takes of Saucerful of Secrets, Shine on you Crazy Diamond, One of These Days (two versions) and Here comes Santa. If you ever manage to run across it, snap whoever's selling it hand off. It's without doubt the best bootleg I've ever seen.
Im just about to listen "Wish you were here" for basicly the first time.
It is a lovely song. Smile Smilie

Maybe boring is a better word then depressing? *Listens to a simultaneous choir of shocked gasps* *heheheeee* Just keeping the discussion going.

I am glad when the radio surprises me by playing a PF song. I like PF better now that I did. There was a while were there was just too much PF, there are limits to how many times you can listen to the same music over and over before you get bored. And the 500th time you see The Wall it is hard to be ecstatic. But it is better now, now I say: "Oh it’s PF Smile Smilie " instead of "Oh it's PF Very Mad Smilie "
Wiggle Smilie
Val, adopt me as your son!! (lol!! GIVE ME THAT ALBUM NOW!!). And speaking of depressive, listen to Alice In Chains. They've got that real depression of the Grunge in them. Listen to "Down In A Hole". Awesome track.

Hey and Etharion, I'd really be waiting for your comments on that one!!
Im listening to it now. This is some weird cool stuff Elf With a Big Grin Smilie Some bits are a bit deppresing, but that dosent bother me. Theyr ok in my book.
Guess what Floyd and i-aran!
i found a friend who's actually heard of them and might have a CD. i'll post my opinion when i've listened to them.
ack on my dorm at UCSC, we had this weekly thing we called the "pink floyd experience." We'd sit around and listen to dark side of the moon wile watching Wizard of Oz, or watch the last part of 2001, a Space Odysie and listen to echoes, or just chill and listen. It was awesome.
Well, my first introduction to Pink Floyd occurred today (apart from all the times you PT peoples have gone on about them) at the markets. I went today, and saw a T-shirt with 'Pink Floyd' on it, and a rather hideous picture of some alien-like creature on it. Any help on WHAT the pciture was all about?
Hmmmmmmm. I'm wondering. Oh well. Maybe you should just listen to Pink Floyd!!
Just listening to Pink Floyd sober is a trip!
Listened to Pink Floyd like I promised Floyd_n_milan....actually I listened to them a while ago, but anyway...
they're pretty good, I like them. :P
Alright, Meddle or Wish you Were Here?
and followup question...
"Echoes" (Meddle) or "Shine on you crazy diamond"(Wish you were here)?
Hey, that's an unanswerable question. Actually, what I've done, is that I've burned a compilation of my favourite tracks on two cds (which aren't enough, I'm planning to burn a third Wink Smilie ) and keep the system on "shuffle".... Whichever song plays, I'm happy Big Smile Smilie
"Echoes" (Meddle) or "Shine on you crazy diamond"(Wish you were here)?

That's a really hard one, but I think Echoes just has the edge.

What's your favourite single by them?
One of these Days has got to be my obvious choice, but after that I think it's got to be See Emily Play (particularly as Julia Dream is the "B"side)
I like "See Emily Play". Really good song.

Speaking of singles..... I think i'll vote for..... *thinks* *thinks* *thinks*



ah yes!!! Another Brick in the Wall... only because I'm the only one in my college who can play that song in its entirity and correctly Tongue Smilie But, actually, this is one song that gets me tapping on the beat even when I'm depressed or something...

Dunno. Can't choose a favourite single really. I'll prolly vote for "Breathe" from Dark Side of the Moon.

P.S. By the Val, I'm waiting for you to tell us about that book you got as a present!!
It's a signed copy of Inside Out, A Personal History of Pink Floyd by Nick Mason. There're a lot of pictures in it that I've never seen before. As it's written by one of the band, it goes into more depth than most of the biographies that have been written about them. Put it on your Christmas list Floyd.
Pink Floyd....what can I say. I've been to 2 Floyd shows in Oakland, California. One was way back in 1977 (in the Oakland Arena)...and the other in 1991-1992 (not sure of the year - in the Stadium). I have been to 1000 concerts in my lifetime...but none have ever even came close to Floyd. They blew me away! The lights, the sounds, and the band....better than any movie I've ever seen (pink pigs floating around the stadium? whoa!) When the show was over I scrambled to try to get tickets to the next days show they had added on....but had no luck.

I have many of their CD's and NEVER tire of them. I even searched and have found a video tape of the 1991-1992 show I was at (someone took with their home video camera...but not bad really!)...I still play it ever now and remind me what rock and roll was once all about!
Pink Floyd - what can I say?

Great post Floyd Smile Smilie
I went to see one of their cover bands, Off the Wall last week. They were good, but not as good as the Australian Pink Floyd, who when you close your eyes are almost as good as the real thing.

I bought a DVD a while back, too, titled Inside Pink Floyd, A Critical Review 1967-1974. It's got some great footage of their early days that I had not seen before (the making of the Arnold Layne video etc). Worth buying if you are into that sort of thing.
Basking in the glory of finally owning the PULSE DVD Big Smile Smilie

Anyways, Val, what's the name of that book?
The same as it was on the 11th December, Floyd.... Inside Out, A Personal History of Pink Floyd by Nick Mason.
The pink floyd experiance(the Ausie one) is in NZ at the mo, but unfortunately only doing the main centers. Hopefully next time they'll come up here again, i've heard they are really good too Val, almost as good as the real thing, but lets face it, the chances of the real guys kissing and making up again are pretty the tribute band is the next best thing..

i once read some where that Mark what'shisname? came up with the idea for the *wall* after he got spit in the face by some nutter at a concert, so guess we can thank that jerk for his filthy bad manners, cause it created one of the most vividly stunning live concerts in history.
Just prior to the Wall being released, Tommy Vance interviewed Roger Waters for a special edition of the Friday Rock Show, in which they played the whole album with Roger talking you through each track. He did say in that interview that the idea for the Wall had come from the incident you mentioned. Roger was feeling particularly ill but was forced to play (sounds like Comfortably Numb). When some louts in the front row began playing up rather than listening to the band, Roger spat on one of them.

As for reforming, I think it's unlikely, although Nick Mason did do a guest appearance in a recent Roger Waters concert after they accidently bumped into each other on a beach one day. Mason and Waters had always been friends, however. I don't think you would ever see Gilmour or Wright playing with Waters again, having bought him out prior to Momentary Lapse of Reason.
Has anyone gotten the wall dvd? any good?

thanks Floyd_n_milan for getting me here im in heaven! haha okay a little overt exagerating but who cares
I've got the wall dvd Inwe, and its wonderful!!!... it's soo good... it's a must see....!!!!
ooooo I'll put it on my "To Do List"!!! hehehe
I wanna see it bad..
By the way call me Megan, it feels more comfortable with me, otherwhys I feel like I'm using some sort of alias or something and it just feels weird lol (I know I'm crazy there we go, the first step is admitting it)
I have the Wall VCD (Yeah, outdated I know! But 2 years ago, I didn't have anything that'd let me play a DVD!) Anyways, I like it. Though I'm not really sure that everyone would like it, to be frank. For some people, even Pink Floyd fans, it can be really boring. Also, it isn't completely "family friendly"!

I would honestly recommend PULSE over Wall... Well, depends. I mean, Wall is more like a movie. In fact, it IS a movie. Whereas, PULSE is a live concert. But it's simply great! I actually find songs like Another Brick in the Wall, Wish You Were Here etc better performed in PULSE than the original versions.. Ah well, maybe it's just me! Also, PULSE I think is the only concert which has Dark Side of the Moon in its entirity.

Oh well, if I were you, I'd buy both Wall and PULSE Tongue Smilie
Alright, I might consider getting PULSE, thanks alot for your recommendation! Wink Smilie Big Smile Smilie
Me and anneli manage to have some good conversations about Pink Floyd in the Chat Room (You all are of course invited to join in Smile Smilie ). We thought that we might post this one conversation in this thread.... Smile Smilie


anneli> hey..i knew something was wrong..i dont have my music on yet
floyd_n_milan> lol
anneli> it was just too quiet in here
anneli> hmmm..what should i listen to
anneli> guess I'll try Classic Rock today
* floyd_n_milan is playing "Obscured By Clouds" by Pink Floyd on Obscured By Clouds
anneli> I have a hard time finding Pink Floyd on think under Classic Rock?
floyd_n_milan> i don't remember where i found them...
floyd_n_milan> oh i actually added them in my own music station!
anneli> I did too..alot of it...but it never comes up to play for some reason
floyd_n_milan> hehehe
anneli> i'll keep clicking until I find some


floyd_n_milan> have you heard Obscured By Clouds?
anneli> I'm not sure ? ? From which CD?
floyd_n_milan> Obscured By Clouds
floyd_n_milan> im talking about the cd and the song as well Wink Smilie
anneli> no..i guess I haven't
floyd_n_milan> its not the best one i guess
floyd_n_milan> but i love it
floyd_n_milan> hmmm
anneli> hmm..I will have to listen sometime


anneli> Ha! I found Pink Floyd..under Progressive Rock
floyd_n_milan> aha
floyd_n_milan> Smile Smilie
anneli> Shine On.... Is the in the top 10
floyd_n_milan> it has to be!
floyd_n_milan> it's the best!
anneli> omg...Pigs
floyd_n_milan> on the wings?
floyd_n_milan> or just pigs?
anneli> three different ones
floyd_n_milan> ah
floyd_n_milan> i prefer Pigs on the wing part 1 and 2 and Sheep
anneli> that's what it says "Pigs (Three Different Ones)
floyd_n_milan> yeah
floyd_n_milan> animals...
anneli> yes
floyd_n_milan> have you heard the album?
anneli> oh yes...brings back tons of memories
anneli> remember i told you..i went to see this tour...I just remember pink floating pigs
floyd_n_milan> ah indeed
floyd_n_milan> actually those pigs retained their spots in every Pink Floyd concert after they first appeared in the Animals promotional tour!
floyd_n_milan> they're so cool
anneli> yes Smile Smilie very cool!
floyd_n_milan> in PULSE they come up when One of these days is playing
floyd_n_milan> looks so awesome
floyd_n_milan> hehehe
anneli> I can't remember them on that tour
floyd_n_milan> PULSE?
floyd_n_milan> 1994
floyd_n_milan> last tour i think Sad Smilie
anneli> yes
anneli> yes...the one I took my son to
floyd_n_milan> just before Division Bell came out
floyd_n_milan> cool
anneli> there were so many lights
floyd_n_milan> the DVD is just awesome
floyd_n_milan> yes
anneli> I have the you have one?
floyd_n_milan> and there was a plane crashing after Us and Them
anneli> yes
floyd_n_milan> and that floating thing that comes up at the end of Comfortably Numb
floyd_n_milan> i love it!
floyd_n_milan> i have the DVD
anneli> omg..that was the best!
floyd_n_milan> yups
floyd_n_milan> and i loved the end with Run Like Hell
floyd_n_milan> the lights were so awesome
anneli> I should make you a copy of my video
floyd_n_milan> lol
anneli> best show I ever seen
floyd_n_milan> yups
floyd_n_milan> same here
floyd_n_milan> the first DVD i ever got
anneli> good choice
anneli> video is a different copy than was made by someone at the show
anneli> many people do that..when they can
anneli> it's not bad at all
floyd_n_milan> ah
floyd_n_milan> that's allowed?
anneli> nope
anneli> but people do son collects alot of them
anneli> some good...some not so good
anneli> this way you got alot of different perspectives of the show
floyd_n_milan> yeah
floyd_n_milan> hehehe

So Megan, if you're reading this, you should now know what to get Wink Smilie
anyone else heard about Pink Floyd having a re-union at the Live 8 concert? i would give my right arm for tickets, so for anyone who has tickets and is in need of a right arm, in fairly good condition, im your man!
Here's a link to what I've heard Pink Floyd to play Live 8 show.
COOL! Thanks for the link, Grondmaster; I'd heard (one) rumor, but that's all. Almost like a Pink Floyd reunion for the twentyfifth anniversary of the split, and for an excellent cause. This may be a heresy to some (my former roommate, for one) but I personally consider the underrated The Final Cut the last Pink Floyd album (though said roommate reminds me that Rick Wright wasn't around for that one, which gives the honor, fittingly, to The Wall.)

As for favorites, hmmmmm... well, I'm not saying the two popular (here) choices are close, but when I copied for the car, Wish You Were Here went on one side and Meddle on the other, but as an album, experience tells me I listen to the Meddle side more (I think it's more consistently excellent since I've gotten a little tired of Welcome to the Machine, which just means I think it's good not great now.) On the other hand, I like Shine On 1-9 better than Echoes (just barely.) Best album, IMHO? Dark Side, hands down. Best song? Time, hands down.

And what's this about shuffling Pink Floyd songs? THERE'S your blasphemous heresy, lol. How can you fully appreciate a concept album if you don't hear it through? Still like the compilation Relics, too, since it's the only form in which I've heard the songs, and it has cool Syd Barrett stuff like Bike, on the heels of Biding My Time which I also find awesome, and, of course, the indispensible Interstellar Overdrive (I'm not a big instrumental fan, but that song rocks.) Honorable mention for best song to On the Turning Away and its predeccesor, which, with Sorrow, redeem Momentary Lapse of Reason (and, of course, the non-title track title track gives us what the former roommate calls "digital Time.")

OK, secondary gushing complete, back to your regularly scheduled concise points.
I resently went on a trip with my familly to death Valley. I was once again seporated from my fiancee & father of my unborn child and started to tear up when Wish You Were Here started to play on the radio.
abit late as it happened a while ago, but id be surprised if no-one here saw Pink Floyds performance at Live 8, personally i thought it was superb.
Somehow, I've never really been a big fan of Roger Waters. But yes... I would give my arm to see him performing with the rest of the band again. Surely. But alas! I don't think I'll ever be able to see them live in my life.

Well, I didn't give my arm, but I did utilise my bandwidth to stream the videos over AOL (not to mention the pain of actually rebooting the pc.. that too into Windows! But then again, that's really nothing compared to an arm!). So here I am. On a bright, sunny morning. Freshly out of bed. I reboot the computer. Go *click* on the link which anneli had provided me in the chat room the day before...

A few minutes later, I'm screaming. I'm clapping. I can feel myself unable to withstand all the joy.. Tears streaming down... YES! I saw Pink Floyd together again!! Wow! I'm crazy!

I've had quite a life so far! From the absolute top to the absolute bottom! People came and went. Pink Floyd just stayed with me. Always. I can remember saying to someone I love very much "How I wish, how I wish you were here... We're just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl... Year after year! Running over the same old grounds, what have we found? The same old fears... Wish you were here..". Wish you were here has never been the best song for me. It just makes me feel so overcome with emotions to listen to those lines..

I remember saying to a stranger who became a very important part of my life..."Strangers passing in the street, by chance do several glances meet. And I am you and what I see is me... And do I take you by the hand and lead you through the land.. and help me understand the best I can...." Echoes, I haven't heard for a few months now, but the song is right up there competing with a few others for the top spot in my list.

I can remember how the situation with me was exactly like in Sorrow. Time being no different. Wasting away the life... Good thing now that I feel like I've learnt to fly now.

The Live8 performance brought back to me how I managed to get through the worst period of my life over the past few months. I wonder where I would have been without Pink Floyd. Hmmm. Maybe this just sounds way over the top...

Life's good. Pink Floyd, I saw reunited. I wasn't even born when they split up. I hadn't even heard of them till about 2 years ago. Now here I am, rebuilding my life with a reunited Pink Floyd. Yes. Life's good.
Dude pink floyd is the best i personnally love comfortbly numb and another brick in the wall
I love that verse from Echoes. It's just such an awesome song, and album. And, of course, Wish You Were Here is on the other side of the copy I made for the car. I used to like it more, but Meddle has moved passed it now. I'm expecting various copies in the mail soon (fingers crossed in anticipation. ) I need to get into the early Floyd more (Ummagumma is cool for the cover alone. )

Thanks to the nice folks on the radio, I like ABitW part III better than part II. The Wall is actually one of the albums I'm awaiting; it goes well with my beloved The Final Cut. Two Suns in the Sunset is easily the most artistic description of a nuclear holocaust I've ever heard, and you can beat the album ending with "And now the weather: Tomorrow will be [mushroom] cloudy with scattered [fallout] showers." I still consider The Final Cut the last true Pink Floyd album, even if Roger had already run off Rick Wright.
The whole abitw collection is awesome and the movie is to
The Final Cut is a very undersestimated album in my opinion. To me it seems as though Roger is bringing out a lot of supressed anger about losing his father in the war, which puts a lot of people off. Personally, I think some of his cleverest lyrics are on this album. It does seem like a Roger Water's solo album more than a Pink Floyd album, however. I prefer the later albums (particularly Division Bell) more than this one.
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