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I quite like the Final Cut. I agree with Val that it's an underrated album. I haven't really paid any attention to the lyrics though (I find that strange. I never listen to Pink Floyd without the lyrics in front of me! Having said that, I already know most of my favourite songs by heart *shrugs*). The album sounds quite like a Waters solo album too. The whole feel of the music is quite similar to some of the songs from The Wall. But I like the album.

I saw my Wall VCD after a long time yesterday. Somehow, I found it to be quite depressive in sections. I don't think I had quite understood; when I had seen it before. I think I understood it much better this time. Probably that's why I found it depressive.

I heard about the PULSE DVD coming out on 5th December 2005. I think I'll buy it! Check here:

I had quite a bit of help from Dark Side of the Moon last week. I had to write two speeches. One was for a presentation on "Time Management" (duh!) for a degree student. The other was a presentation on Kyoto Protocol/Carbon Trading for a person working in a company that deals with the stock markets. The first one started off with "Time" (quite obvious that!). The second one... was a bit tough to make sound interesting. But I somehow managed to use "Money" in it!

From those presentations, I remembered my diploma exams. We had a paper called "Developement of Generic Skills". It was more like an English paper actually. We had to write an essay on "A Stitch in Time, Saves Nine". I was so bored writing that paper, I started off with "In the words of Pink Floyd:" followed by the entire "Time" and a fullstop! I somehow managed to get an A in that one Tongue Smilie
Planning on having 'wish you were here' as my first dance at the wedding in September. Yay
I can see that as a good slow dance song, although the part where it fades back in from the rest of the album seems more dancable (if that's a word. ) Is it silly to suggest you should go with A Collection of Great Dance Songs instead? Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie

In the mean time I've acquired most of the rest from my friend with all the albums, so I have plenty of Floyd for the car (and TWO copies of the popular albums, with the exception of The Wall, which I was missing.) I continue to be impressed by how good a debut album, or album in general, The Piper at the Gates of Dawn is. There's only one song on the whole album I don't like (and I think we all know which one, too. I class it with The Doors, Are You Experienced and Dire Straits on the list of all time best debut albums.
In November I saw the Australian Pink Floyd show. They were an amazingly good tribute band, and I'd recommend them to anyone interested in Floyd Big Smile Smilie

P.s. Congrats on the wedding Crystle caves
I second that Galenhir. I've seen Australian Pink Floyd a couple of times, and they are the best of the Floyd tribute bands I have come across. Their stage show is smaller than the real thing, but if you close your eyes, they sound like the real thing. I've seen Think Floyd three or four times too, but they tend to focus a bit too much on the Wall for my liking, and their stage show is less than APF's. I've also seen McFloyd, who at the time were more of a pub band, and another tribute band who's name I cannot remember (Beyond the Wall maybe?) who were good but a little disappointing.
I'm glad you like APF too Val! Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie

I was driving yesterday and 'Welcome to the Machine' came on over the radio. I never really listened to the lyrics of 'the Machine'; just like with all Pink Floyd songs, it is easy to let the words seep over you in the same way a guitar rift might, with out identifying the note or the length, but accepting the power that it holds.
"Welcome, my son, welcome to the machine.
What did you dream? It's all right, we told you what to dream."
This lyric in particular reminded me of Aldous Huxley, either The Island or Brave New World. The illustration of false familiarity and total control by Media and Government are amazing.

... I love Pink Floyd Orc Smiling Smilie
You know, very rarely do I feel something that's not been worded by Pink Floyd.
I think I heard that one of their original members died this month. Sad that.
Yeah, Syd Barret just died last month. Still not sure how I feel about that; he was a very tortured man, though it seems like in his last years he found some measure of peace, for which I'm grateful. His story is a tragic one all around though, unfortunately. I suggest Wiki for anyone unfamiliar with but interested in the subject of Wish You Were Here whom the band didn't even recognize at first when he showed up during its recording.
It is strange how after so much time out of the public's gaze, Syd always remained that "mythical" figure who had fronted Floyd in their early years. Many fans still consider those early songs to be Floyd's best work, even though the band went on to far greater things during the seventies. I bought The Madcap Laughs and Barrett not long after they were released, but was a little young to really appreciate Syd's lyrics. When I listen to some of those tracks now, you can hear the torment and madness in his words.

I often wonder if he would have gone the way he did if he had not experimented quite so enthusiastically with LSD and other drugs... I guess so, really. I guess the drugs just accentuated the demons that were always lurking beneath the surface.

Reading Nick Mason's book about Floyd, I think they struggled at the time to come to terms with Syd's madness. On one hand they had a lead guitarist/singer who would often turn up at a gig and just pluck one string all night, while the rest of the band had to cover for him. On the other, they seemed too "sheepish" to just tell him to clear off. In the end they drafted in Dave Gilmour (who had taught Syd to play guitar), and gradually phased Syd out without initially telling him. Apparently they would nip out, just telling him they were going to buy cigarettes etc, and go and play the gig without him.

Whatever, the poor guy was a very tormented soul. I'd like to think that he found some peace before he died.
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