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No he doesn't. He plays classical music.
Sure Rhapsody. PM me.
I KNOW Vivali plays classical music. And I don't mean 'rocks' as in rock music. I mean he's real cool. He's real good. He's one of my favourite composers. Besides Beethoven, of course, who cannot be paralleled. Well, paralleled, but never beaten. I love his Four SEasons. Especially the one with the really fast violin bit.

Have you guys never watched the mini-series of Mists of Avalon

Um...... trick question? What IS Mists of Avalon?
Um...... trick question? What IS Mists of Avalon?
Well it might be a soap opera about this mid-western family who live in the town of Avalon. They are Mr. S.D.Mist (Slightly Damp), his wife Very Fine and their two precocious children named Swamp and Marsh. But of course it's not. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Thanks.... i needed that. But it also could be a futuristic spy series. Operation Avalon. I like it. But it's not. WHAT IS IT!!!!
Blind Guardian ROCK!!


Don`t you think it`s time to stop
The chase round the ring
Just a stop running, running
Round the ring
Don`t you know that fate has been decided
By the gods
Feel the distance
Out of reach

Blind Guardian - And Then There Was Silence

Hehe, this would fit nicely into that Eru's thoughts thread, especially with the "free will" being debated in there Wink Smilie
Hmmm... Favourite band? That's a hard question... I listen to nearly ever kind of music, so even harder for me... I have different favourite bands for different moods i'm in.

But i guess the ultimate answer would be Dream Theater.

Btw, writing lyrics here?
*looks at Virumor*
Give 'em a few of C.o.F lyrics will ya?
OKay, can I slate Dream Theatre again? No, okay then....
Currently listening to way too much Kiss, I fear they may be becoming my favourite band.
Rock on baby...
Thats right Floyd!!!!! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

And blood tears i cry,
and the scream remains inside.....

Blood tears
Okay, I shall invade with Classical Music yet again. No. no Classical MKusic. I have changed my mind. My favourite group is our barber shop choir at school. It's so cool. And they won two thingies at this thingie. It was so cool.
Hmmm...all-time favorite band would probably be The Beatles. I love Train too. They are a local band here in SF, and I have known them since they were playing in small pubs around the city. AC/DC is right up there on my list as well. Oooo...Enigma is nice too. Yes, I love practically anything and everything...even classical.
I love practically anything from the 1960's and 70's. The Rolling Stones and Simon and Garfunkel are my current favorites, but I can absolutely not live without hearing American Pie at least once a day. Pity I have to er..."borrow" my brother's cds to listen to it.
Classical music is pretty cool too. I just found this one cd of all flute music that was recorded in some canyon. It is really, really cool. Best of all: It was never edited in a studio so it has all the sound from the wind and water in it.
uhmm im new Big Smile Smilie

id have to say mi favorite band is either simple plan or good charlotte, but usually i like the songs, not the bands Big Smile Smilie
Hi there, babe! Welcome to the party. Big Smile Smilie

My favourite band? Dunno, seem to vary quite a bit. Nightwish? Iron Maiden? Dire Straits? Jethro Tull? Oh. and Dragonforce, L'’me Immortelle and... eh, yeah.
I have many favorite bands...
REM, L'’me Immortelle (with you on that one, Grev!), Blind Guardian, Depeche Mode, Queen, Smashing Pumpkins (few songs from them, at least), Black Sabbath, Collective Soul, Lifehouse (especially them Smile Smilie), Rammstein, Nirvana, Tool (thanks Pere for introducing me to their music!), Coldplay, U2, Maroon5, Mettalica, John Mayer *sings* "your skin like porcelin..", Velvet Revolver (still kind of iffy on them), Sonata Artica, Apocolyptica (Eicca...mmm!! beautiful Wink Smilie), Yo Yo Ma...
And the list goes on. Smile Smilie
Cool. Where did you get those smileys from Grev?
I won't link to the smiley page before the Council gives the go-ahead, as although most of them are just funny, some might not fit the family frendly description. (I'm lousy at figuring that out)

It is however, a GERman WEBsite by the name of smiley-channel.

I think my favorite bands of all time are Led Zepplin, Megadeth,Iron Maiden and Black Sabboth. (In no particular order.)
i have two main fav bands - Linkin Park and Lil' Jon and the Eastside Boys. i also like Ying Yang Twins.
My fav artists would be DMX, eminems ok but he's kinda hardcore, and 50 cent pretty awsome
as you can see, i live in the hip-hop generation (i'm 14) lol
Favorite band. Ouch, tough one.

I would rather sum up the styles I dig, instead of bands. And there is not really one band that stands out from the rest. So I will name a few:
Crimson Thorn
Virgin Black
The Awakening
Jean Michel Jarre
Jeff Wayne (War of the Worlds)
Verbum Mentis
Pink Floyd
Deep Purple

And loads more. I'm mainly into DeathMetal (hence my name: DeathMetalChristian) and gothic/electronic styles. And ofcource PowerNoise.
My fav band is U2..They r so cool...MY brother listened to them all the time and with me havin the room next to him i guess i was brain washed..and a good old age of 30ish i still love them....I do have a fav artist aswell..i must admit im a total Robbie Williams nut.. In Love Smilie ..and no i didnt follow Take That..i just liked Robbie...sad i know Animated Wink Smilie
I love Creed, Chevelle, Green Day and others. These are my favorite bands. In America.
Cool Elf Smilie

My fav bands are Rush and Linkin Park. Also a newish band called The Music. My daughters think I'm too old to like the last 2 as they're young bands but you're as young as you feel.

Saw Rush in Glasgow in 2004 they were brilliant.
Wiggle Smilie

I forgot Linkin Park. Add them to my list too.
Does anyone like Styx?
Yep, I like Styx. I've just started listening to them in the last five years though thanks to my husband.
Does anyone like Genesis? I love Genesis. And Phil Collins solo too, of course.
Our Lady Peace rocks! Had a hit on Mtv with "Innocent" but I can honestly say that all their songs are good... a little extra star for the song "automatic flowers.
Another good artist is Emiliana Torrini, some of you may recognize her cause she sang "Gollums Song" in the Two Towers. "To Be Free", "Reykjavik" (like Bj’rk she is also from Iceland), "Easy" and "Sunny Road" is a some of her songs...
Tommie, do you mean Genesis as in by busta rhymes, or is it a band?
My fav bands are Rush and Linkin Park. Also a newish band called The Music. My daughters think I'm too old to like the last 2 as they're young bands but you're as young as you feel.

Is Rush any good, Linkin Park is my Fav. but i not heard of Rush. Are they like LP?
Tommie, do you mean Genesis as in by busta rhymes, or is it a band?

Well, it used to be a band, don't know if they're still together, I thought they were, but not sure. Had Phil Collins and Peter Gabriel as percussionist (spelling?) and singer. Had big hits like "Jesus he knows me", "Follow you, follow me", "Mama" and "I can't dance".
My daughters think I'm too old.....

I didn't like that! Remember this, nobody is too young or too old for those kinds of things except the things that know! Anyways I'm typing in here not because of that, My favorite bands are Evanescence, Linkin Park, Coldplay, Eraserhead(this band has already separated years ago.)Phantom planet, Cranberries, Switchfoot, Incubus and anything carefree or loud that speaks out my self.(or maybe I should add relaxing?)
Does anyone like Genesis? I love Genesis. And Phil Collins solo too, of course

I really like early Genesis, Tommie, but think they went badly downhill when Peter Gabriel left. Trespass, Foxtrot and Selling England by the Pound are among my all time favourite albums. I really don't like their later material though.
I really like early Genesis, Tommie, but think they went badly downhill when Peter Gabriel left. Trespass, Foxtrot and Selling England by the Pound are among my all time favourite albums. I really don't like their later material though.

Ehmm, can you name some of the early material? (I'm guessing I named titels from the later period). I really really really like "Jesus he knows me". But then again, I'm a Phil Collins fan. Animated Wink Smilie
Those three albums from above are some of their earlier material. They tended to write rather long compositions back then (such as the 28 minute Supper's Ready from the Foxtrot album), so they weren't really singles orientated. My suggestion would be to try and find either a copy of Selling England by the Pound or Trespass if you want to give them a go. I quite liked the Follow you Follow Me single from the Then There Were Three album, but that was the definite shut off album for me, after which I lost interest in them as a band.

I always thought the first two Marillion albums (Script for a Jester's Tear and Fugazi) took off from where Gabriel's Genesis had ended. Sadly they went rapidly downhill too.
*rapidly making notes*
Thanks Val! I'm definitely going to give those a try if I can find them!
My favorite band is Pink Floyd. I really like their music. I also like Queen.
Mine too, Galadriel. We have a Pink Floyd thread in the Golden Perch tavern if you are interested.
Is Rush any good, Linkin Park is my Fav. but i not heard of Rush. Are they like LP?

Rush have just done a 30th anniversary tour (they're from Canada) - so they are a bit older than LP. The aren't like LP but I like Chester's unusal voice and Geddy Lee, the lead and bass in Rush, has a distinctive voice. You either like his voice or you don't - I think is's amazing.

Give it a go and as Val stated after my post their earlier stuff was better - but I think this happens to most bands. Neil Pert - the drummer - is excellent, he writes alot (most) of their lyrics. Alex Lifeson is excellent on guitar - althogether a trio amoung trios.

Fav cds are Grace Under Pressure and Hold Your Fire Wiggle Smilie
Aerosmith, Robbie W, Elvis, Coldplay, Madruga, Guns and Roses Thumbs Up Smilie Jumping Flame Smilie Jumping Flame Smilie A bit of everything!!
I think I'll just show my age and say mine's Pink Floyd because they've been my favourite band for 25 years and I'm still not fed up with them. Unlike any other band, my ears still prick up if I hear their name mentioned anywhere.

Okay, first off this is HobbitHomie05, if you remember me and this is my new username because of a screw up with the other.

Now, let me begin! Val, I like you even more then I did before!! I love Pink Floyd!! I've loved them for awhile now! I'm only just 13!! Haha! I like the Dark Side of The Moon album the most I think... I've got an awesome shirt of it. I like The Wall too but Dark Side of The Moon, I think, is better. I don't have any of the others though, only those two. Anyone, young and old, you need to check out Pink Floyd if you havent already, they have some of the most relaxing and beautiful music ever!

I think Led Zeppelin would have to be my favorite though. I'm actually wearing my Stairway to Heaven shirt right now! I can't pick my favorite song because there are sooooo many!! It's amazing how successful they were. At Best Buy they had a box set that had 10 cds in it for $125!!! It was insane.

One of my other favorites are defianetly The Who!! I love them, I don't know when I developed this obsession, but I truly do love their music. My favorite song of theirs is Won't Get Fooled Again. If you ever watch the previews in the theater for Robots, thats the song that is played! I jump when I hear it, its an awesome song.

Honorable Mentions:
Jimi Hendrix, Lynyrd Skynyrd (love them, first rock band I really liked), AC/DC, Fleetwood Mac, CCR, Bon Jovi, Guns and Roses, Boston, Queen, and Papa Roach and Linkin Park are my heavy, modern rock favorites.
my favorite artists and bands are
Casting Crowns
Tim McGraw (im from Kentucky, wat can u expect?)
Kenny Chesney
Garth Brooks
Stephen Curtis Chapman
Dc Talk
Jimmy Eat World
Green Day
but im open to anything (not a band Very Big Grin Smilie )
I'm generally with Inwe, but the last few years Pink Floyd has nudged past Zeppelin. Bonus points for substance. I still can't decide if I like Meddle better than Wish You Were Here, but lean toward the former; Dark Side is the best album without a doubt, with Time the best song (I'm getting a deja vu feeling, but think I posted this in the Floyd thread; if I'm repeating, sorry.) I'm also part of the small minority that loves The Final Cut. So very true. The most poetic description of a nuclear holocaust I've ever heard is Two Suns In the Sunset.

The first time I saw the song list from Who's Next I thought it was a greatest hits album. The only song on there I don't love is The Song Is Over. Every line in Behind Blue Eyes except one is about me (there's a prize if you guess which one.) It's hard to pick a fave. Really hard. Prob'ly Getting In Tune. But I do like "Meet the new boss... same as his dad boss," but I guess I said that.

I'm too big a Kerouac fan not to like the Doors. Like Are You Experienced, it's hard to belief the consistent quality of the debut album. LA Woman is still the best though. Morrison Hotel also rocks.

Hendrix is stunning, but I don't share the mindless devotion of so many others. Are You Experienced is magnificent though, and who doesn't like Little Wing.

Abbey Road and Magical Mystery Tour. Wow.

Anything by Buddy Holly, without whom we wouldn't have Abbey Road or Magical Mystery Tour.

Hey, Rivendell, do you like Country music? Jimmie Rodgers (without whom we have, well, no Country music at all, and so no Ernest Tubb,) Carter Family (June Carter was NOT Johnny Cashs wife; Johnny Cash was June Carters husband,) Ernest Tubb (without whom we have no Buddy Holly, and so no Beatles,) Hank Snow (are you SURE you're Canadian?) Hank Thompson... seems like there was another guy named Hank, but that was right before country music died and rose from the grave full of unlife. Well, and Bill Monroe and Flatt&Scruggs, but technically Bluegrass is a subset of Country, and I'm not gonna lecture anyone from KY about Bluegrass.

King Missile is arguably the deepest stuff overall I've ever heard, and funny as hell. A few selections from They, IMHO the best album:
The Bunny Song

Sometimes on the subway he felt like a little bunny rabbit
With a cute little bunny nose
And long floppy ears
And a brand new submachine gun
And a big bushy tail
Because the little bunny wanted to kill everyone
The little bunny wanted to kill everyone
In the barn


I want to go to a place where nobody knows who I am
And come back to a place where everyone forgot who I was
I want to bury myself and rise from the grave and shower and shave and start over again
I want to be somebody else again

So I want to go away and come back and start all over again
I want to be somebody else again
I want to be somebody else again
I want to be somebody else again


If Only

If only (8X)
If only we could turn our heads into melons
Then we could squeeze them and they would produce delicious juice
If only we could turn our heads into breads
We could slice ourselves up and make sandwiches
If only we could turn our heads into cheeses
We could jump into a mushroom omelet and make it taste oh so much better
If only we could turn our heads into leaves of lettuce
Hang out in the salad bowl with tomatos and carrots with some bleu cheese dressing on top
That would be quite fine I think
If only we could do that

But we cannot
We cannot turn our heads into any kind of food at all
It simply cannot be done
We must look elsewhere for answers

Mystical S--t is also a good album, I think that's where Take Stuff From Work is ("I stole a whole desk from the last place I worked/They never noticed, and it looks great in my apartment... I wrote this at work/They're paying me to write about stuff I steal from them/Life is good."), and Happy Hour isn't bad, though I've heard Detachable Penis WAY too many times by now, as much as I like one big extended double entendre. Of course, The Evil Children makes up for it. Very timely, come to think of it (Ed mused.)

Fact is, I'm not nearly as into music as most, but these aren't all the ones I like, just the ones I like most.
--Rambling rant ends--
hmmm, let's see, my fav bands... Offspring, Fall out Boy, Green Day, Breaking Benjamin, My Chemical Romance, Evanescence, Billy Idol, Jimmy Eat World, Cold Play, Foo Fighters, Nirvana, Korn, Finntroll, Marilyn Manson, and lots more, but I think that's enough atm. :P ;(
my friends just told me about Thursday and Obsessed. i have never heard any of their songs, have any of you ever heard of them?
alright you know how soo many people are obsessed with Green Day? im not, they have no good instremental listen to Flogging MollY!
Hard to tell... Nightwish, Rhapsody, Iron Maiden, Stratovarius, Dragonforce, Power Quest, Edenbridge, Children of Bodom, Emperor, Enslaved, Finntroll, Moonsorrow, Battlelore, The sins of thy beloved, Dimmu Borgir, In Flames.. and others.
Decemberists, The Shins and The Jayhawks are my current favorites.
Well, I noticed that I have not made any comments in this thread. So here I go.
When I first started listening to music, it was whatever Daddy listened to, so
I like a lot of the 50's & 60's stuff (more for memories of Daddy, it is kinda
like comfort music.) Later I listened to a lot of country (I shudder at the
thought of that now. There are still a few songs from that era that I enjoy,
but not a lot.) Then, as my taste grew up, I decided I really like Rock!!! Kiss
Iron Maiden, Ozzy, AC/DC, Queen, and of course most of the 80's hair bands,
Cinderella, Warrant, Bon Jovi. There are so many that I could never list. Van
Halen, David Lee Roth, Aerosmith, Guns N Roses, Metallica. Well just about any
kind of Rock, as long as you can bang your head to it. I also like some of the
top 40 stuff, but I keep going back to Rock. Oh, and Val, I love Pink Floyd.
I got to see them on my 21st birthday, and that was one of the most awsome
concerts I have ever been too. Just amazing. Listening to Skid Row right now.
Makin' A Mess. Smile Smilie
Oh and another artist that I like that most will tease me about is Rick
Springfield. No one likes him anymore, except for the song Jessie's Girl. One
year, I drove from Dallas to Oklahoma City with 2 of my other friends just to
see him.
My very first concert that I ever saw was Duran Duran. So, I guess I have really
showed my age in this post. Mellie blushes!
Oh and I can't forget Poison the band and the song by Alice Cooper.
Well, I guess I have said enough for now.

I gotta say, the best band:
Good to see you back with us Mellie... How you faring?

I didn't take you for a rocker, though.
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