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Okeydokey boss.
Ok, done. Hmm, actually I've always wondered what 'hits out' was all about. Care to explain, O Wise Owl?
I will take a guess that the 'hits out' is the total number of hits for the month. I know the 'hits in' cycles back to zero sometime after 12:01 AM PST every Sunday.
I think I need to hit out about this! Sorry bad pun.
Just checked, we're still no 11. Do they count 1 vote per day or what? The counter hasn't moved since yesterday. *ungoliant
No idea how it works, maybe we just got the same votes today as yesterday?
That's cause it no longer says, "Vote for us!"; it says--if you wait long enough--"TW One World to Rule Them All". That's why I thought I'd point it out.

As for getting it back the way it was; "Only the Shadow knows!". I'm just hoping the forum is back tomorrow with all the data still attached. You will note that even *Plastic has given up on reaching 1000 posts or even 100 in record time, probably because tomorrow we could be starting all over again.

That's also why we have some topics that still say "never". We used to post something under every topic but now only in those where we actually have something to say, or in my case babble about. It became, Why bother 'cause tomorry we may be gone again.

Meanwhile maybe the 'Hits In' cycles at midnight tonight or maybe they have quit cycling it now that the movie is out. I think Taz told me they update the count hourly.
Hey...remember way back before the board moved the first time...when there used to be a little pop-up "vote for us!" thingie? Any chance of that coming back? Because that's the thing that always made me remember to vote...I actually never even noticed the little voting icon before.
I haven't stopped trying to get higher in record time! I just haven't got any competition for once! and I've been too busy to come up with a whole load of exciting topics, wait till next week, I'll be back to my old form! However, no-one's even come close to me yet! I'll hit 100 tommorow at a guess, what a Christmas pressy that'll be!
You know, I've never yet reached 100 posts...maybe if you added up everything since when I first posted I'd break a hundred...that's kinda depressing...I gotta try harder...



*Plastic Smile Smilie
Hey, I broke, uh, 30...that's like 15 posts in the past day or so...I'm doing good! (For me at other people's standards, maybe not...haha)
*posts* just because he can. *drink
I just hit 100 on the old forum when it up and disappeared; I think that's why it left. Earth to Grondy: Don't be paranoid! Smile Smilie
Big Smile Smilie
You wait, in 24 posts time, I'll send that virus into it again..... Oops, I've said too much Wink Smilie
Have just voted. Hope I will ever reacht the 100. *sigh*
Keep on posting (and VOTING) people! Smile Smilie
Still on 11 when I checked.
*just keeps on posting for the hell of it!*
we seem to be stuck in a rut at #11...some of the sites ahead of us are movie sites, maybe they'll die down after a bit, once the movie goes out of the theaters...
*posts again cos he only needs three more to bag 200* *Plastic
caught you cheating *Plastic!
(oops doing it myself too) Wink Smilie
Big Smile Smilie
Bloody right! I've got to go all the way back to the top now cos of you, and my dog's getting hungry!
I know! And I had to do that because of you... Wink Smilie
I've been posting my head off, and we're still at eleven! Sad Smilie
Mad Smilie
Thanks for reminding me, I almost forgot to vote. Smile Smilie

Hmm, last I checked, we're still 11th. C'mon, we're only 10 votes behing the Dagorhir Battle Games! 264-254.
closer...256 - least we're moving one's voting for them (hah!)
Will start voting again then, seeing that it does help! Big Smile Smilie
*posts with no apparent reason, just cos it annoys grondy* *drink
Sure does, but its a pub.

I think they update the votes only hourly.
*drink does it again
Hurrah! They must have just updated it!

WE'RE No. 7 NOW! 5 votes, 6 incl. mine, nehind landofshadow (7 votes). Right Tommy, this is where you make the difference! Vote now! *ungoliant
I will (after I stop posting here, promise!)
Smile Smilie
We're on 8 now. But I've been posting my head off, so we should be ok. Smile Smilie

Don't think the number of posts affect our position in any way, Tommy. Smile Smilie

So now someone is gonna come in and tell me I'm wrong...
Nope, just irritates the hell out of management. Big Smile Smilie
Big Smile Smilie lol
I meant voting, *ungoliant. Oops! Smile Smilie
I've been voting again, we're at 7 when I checked. We must get into the top 5 people, so VOTE !!! Smile Smilie Smile Smilie Smile Smilie
*pops his head in the door to annoy the management.*
#6 guys...1 off from Dargohir Battle thing...they have 31 hits in and we have 30...

we're #5 on the quality chart though, so....wahoo! Big Smile Smilie
Dumb Grondy hadn't ever looked at the voting booth in a full-sized window and missed the catagory and quality aspects of the place. Not sure what they symbolize, but won't complain about our rankings. I thought it was the same as the old, now I know it isn't, thanks to Chikakat's last post.
Tis very different and takes much longer to load, and generally annoys the hell out of me, so i never check where we are, unless we're in the top 5 which we never seem to be anymore. Sad Smilie
We will we will, I am currently working my little butt off coding a new Middle-Earth Online Role Playing game. Once that's up in a week or so PT will rock the tolkien world.

Also I notice were at number #7 and moving fast so be positive people, we all know PT belongs at number #1 *taz
He's right. Are we getting a game then Tazzy? How very exciting!
Yep. just finnishing off the registration then I can get working on the actual structure.
Goshogoshogoshogoshogoshogosh how exciting, with structure and everything, I'll *drink to that.
kewl! This RPG will it take place in a IRC room or here on the forum or another sort of link server/client, client/client thing? is it multiplayer? can you finish eachother off?
It's webbased and yes multiplayer. If any of you have ever played Planetarion, kind of like that. You will login in via a control panel and basically enter "middle-earth" where you can shop for new equitment and resources, build your character, move round the world, fight, explore, make friends and lots more!
I went to the Planetarion next to Madame Tussauds once, it was really exciting, you could see all the planets and everything.... Wink Smilie
To get the latest on what's happening with the Middle-Earth Online Roleplaying game visit, I am updating it daily with news on what's been added and where I am in development.

Please also use the forum on there now to post any suggestions for features you would like to see or any ideas you may have.
PLanetarion rocked! untill it became to big and you had to pay for it. wow thats really a load of work making such a thing!! A friend and me thought of building something a like but didn't do it cause of the work it meant.
wow.. a i will check out the website.... as soon as i good my mouse to work it's quite anoying surfing on the web without a mouse
Wow! Our very own RPG. We love you *taz we do! We love you *taz we do! (etc)
I think i'll start voting again. Let's see where we are now... And where we will be next time I check.. Smile Smilie
Hey Gang! Were down to Number 16; keep those votes coming in. Smile Smilie
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