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Don't wory to much about voting anymore, I mean still do but to be honest I have checked our logs and maybe only 4% of our hits come from - 90% are from search sites so were doing ok, over 5000 unqiue visitors a day for the past month Smile Smilie

[Edited on 29/12/2002 by Taz]
Woo-Hoo!!!!!!!! (I said Woo Hoo, Okay?) Big Smile Smilie
Down to 23 today.
If we needed to be in the top ten we could do it easily just by putting that vote for us image in the left hand navigation, but tolkienworld really doesn't mean anything.

[Edited on 5/11/2002 by Taz]
Good. So I voted my head off all these days all for nothing??? Wink Smilie
As you can see I have now included a voting image on the front page of PT now. > Thus were in the top again where we should be.

Although still TolkienWorld is only sending us roughly 20 hits a day where as google sends us 3000 plus!
I initially found my way here from Tolkienworld. Does that mean anything though?Animated Wink Smilie
Only that you are a discriminating person that knows what you like, and that you are very welcome here. Dog Smilie Smile Smilie
I don't recall how I found this place, I just know that when I got here (well loads of editions back in time actually, Very Big Grin Smilie Taz) I felt so great and at home, that I stayed and I still have no intentions to leave. Ha Ha Ha Smilie
I can't really remember how I got here either, something to do with ""-not sure how that relates though! And now I check, that domain doesn't appear to exist, oh well.
Fun thing!-you can vote more than once! If you go offline and then on again you can vote again Big Smile Smilie And if it is a Monday/Sunday and the polls have been reset then you can easily get PT into first place within 10mins! Or I guess you can just seek professional help....
PT does seem to be listed with quite a number of directories. Well done Taz! Your site is becomming quite famous! I believe it is even listed with Cecilia Dart-Thornton's (Famous Aussie writer) home page's web links. Cool Smilie
Gosh! So now I'm member of a famous website? Disturbed Smilie
I must admit it amazes me sometimes when I am browsing through a tolkien article on a large site (bbc etc) and I see PT referenced at the bottom. It's kind of cool.
Well done, Taz. Keep up the good work.
Ok folks, lets do it. On the front page under the welcome note you will see a short paragraph asking people to vote for us. Lets see if we can get PT to number one where it belongs!
It's a shame really. We're on 13 (!) for popularity. And if you see what's ahead of us... Tch! Tongue Smilie

Anyway, since Rednell told me we should all vote again, I've started voting. But we're stll on 13. Sad Smilie So let's all vote!
Okay, this is going to seem like a stupid question, but how do you vote?
Not at all Samwise: at least today because Taz's "Vote for Us" link (see his post of 19/8/2002 at 08:45 in this thread) is no longer there. To vote now you have to click on where we are currently number nineteen in popularity. Happy Elf Smilie
"The Council of Elrond" more popular than us? Outrageous. Also rediculous.
Okay...very sorry but...I went to Tolkienworld and could not for the life of me figure out how to vote! I saw where we were listed, and looked everywhere, and read somewhere that I could vote by a button on this website...I am very lost, though the answer is probably very obvious. Could someone help me? Sad Smilie
wheee wot is this? it looks sooo fun! like competition! yeah that encourages ppl to post like this but so wot?
You must be really bored today, Elrose, to dredge through all of these dead and buried threads. What is it? School half-term?
bloody anne frank paper. im stuck on my conclusion, i want to do something w/ hitler being crazy as he said ’I believe today that my conduct is in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator"
and yeah, i probably should be done by now
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