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Well, all I want to know from this thread that how all of u come to be members of this site and moreover how did u even come to know that this site existed. I'm just curious! (Hoping no cats were killed there!)

As for me, I was just searching for some Tolkien-related wallpapers sing the IE search engine and then I came to know about this site. I browsed around the forums abit and then went to chat room. Met and chatted with Amarie and LadyAutomnBlueSky. Liked them and so I decided to become a member
of this site. After that its been fun all the time!

Now for ur true accounts plz!
My good friend Celebrian found it and said this was a very nice place. She was right. Smile Smilie
When I read LOTR for the first time, I was looking for more information about things I didn't understand, like the Grey Havens, and I ended up here. Plastic's comments on Sam made me join the forum. I grew fond of the atmosphere and the people I met here, so I kept comming back.
I was looking for some information on other Tolkien books and found this site. I was AMAZED. I had no idea anything like this existed (happy in my own little world).
Yes, it was Celebs fault that I am here too. Since we have the same tase in everything exept tomatoes I usually agree when she say something. She said a lot of good about this place, so I snuck in a particulary dark night about a year ago. Been here since. Smile Smilie (Well sometimes I go away to eat, but..)
I was on this Icelandic site and was reading some of the articles there (unfortunately for you all in Icelandic!) and came across this link, then the paper Undirt’nar also told people about this link so I decided to check it out and signed up... Big Smile Smilie
I’m really glad I did because you can get an answer to all of your questions here!!! Big Smile SmilieBig Smile SmilieBig Smile Smilie
Well, thank u ppl!

But Gnampie u didn't say how did u find out about this site.
It was shortly after turning 12 I decided to become a member (it was late at night from what I can remember). I had read the first two books and heard about the movies so I typed in 'tolkien' on Internet Explorer. I had been visiting chat,though,before I became a member. Smile Smilie
I first discovered this site when looking for some more information on some stuff in the Silmarillion. To think, that was over a year ago, the time has flown by. Smile Smilie
I discovered PT the day after the theatrical cut of TTT was released. Feeling utterly disappointed with the TC of TTT, I just had to find out what others were saying about the film, so my wife actually did a search at work for Tolkien related web sites, and sent me an email with some links to various sites. I think PT was the first site I checked out on the list, and I promptly submitted my first review of TTT.

I had never been involved with any kind of ’discussion board’, or any Internet chat rooms ever before, so it was definitely a new experience for me then. I remember replying to Rednell’s welcome message, and saying something like ’well I’ve never been much of a poster’, and here I am a little over a year later pushing up to 800 posts!

Also, I started reading The Silmarillion for the first time right around the time I first came to PT, and that was right when PT had started the reading/discussion group for the Sil. that was being led by Val, and that’s how I really got hooked!
Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie

Well, I was a member in a couple of other well-know Tolkien sites but never felt like a welcomed addition. The forums in both sites were very cliquish. So I went a-wandering for a new Tolkien home. I happened upon Planet-Tolkien and clicked on chatroom. There I met Grondmaster and we chatted for quite some time. I returned the next day and met Allyssa and 42. I felt so welcomed! It took me a little while to post in the forum but it happened to be my birthday when I did (although that was not the subject of the post ) Well, I could not believe the number of birthday greetings. Birthday Smilie I started posting more and more and more as I met such great friends.
Then one day, I couldn't log onto PT. I panicked! I immediately sent an e-mail to Taz, (at that time I had not "met" him but knew he was the webmaster). He kindly replied that the site was down only temporarily and he would let me everyone know when PT was back online. And he did, as promised. . These are all the reasons I stayed with PT and why I think it really is the greatest Tolkien site. Not to mention that we have many very knowledgeable members who love to share their time and ideas.
We are all part of the Plant-Tolkien family and I love and appreciate every one of you.
BTW, I miss Celebrian. I never see her anymore. Sad Smilie
Three yeas ago this month, I was looking for the answer to two LotR questions and found this site via Yahoo. I had never been in a chatroom or on a message board before, so I just emailed my question and Gandalf responded with the answers from a few of the community members. He was friendly, so I decided to check the forum out, stayed, and just kinda got involved. Juggling Smilie Cool Elf Smilie
I read an interview with Grondmaster on teletext in which he described the new site and decided to check it out. I'm glad I did! Big Smile Smilie
I happened to come across PT randomly looking through different Tolkien links in a google search.

Good thing that I did, this place is great. Cool Elf Smilie
Wow! now I can say that my GK has been greatly improved. Thanx for taking ur time out to post here. As for the rest who haven't posted here......keep em coming!
How, Lord Aragorn?

I entered 'Lord of the rings Tolkien' in a search engine and ended up here. I had visited some other sites before I discovered this one, but on several of them I found conversations of girls in love with the actors discussing the smoking habit of Elijah Wood. I was so happy when I found this site, finally the kind of conversations I was looking for. And I felt very comfortable here.
BTW, I miss Celebrian. I never see her anymore. Sad Smilie

Her password doesn't work, and she has been busy with very important schoolwork. She was suppose to send Tazzy an e-mail yesterday i think. She will return! Smile Smilie
Well, I was a member in a couple of other well-know Tolkien sites but never felt like a welcomed addition. The forums in both sites were very cliquish.

It’s really too bad that some of the other Tolkien sites are like that, and I’ve personally experienced that kind of thing on some of the better known Tolkien sites as well. In fact, I was just having a conversation with someone over at CoE not two days ago about this very subject.

But you’re so right Nell, the fact that PT isn’t like that is one of the many things that separates this site from the other’s, and is also one of the biggest reasons why I spend the majority of my ’online Tolkien time’ here, and not somewhere else. We likesss the PT precioussss, yessss, we likessss the PT!!!
Elf Winking Smilie
I cannot actually remember how I came to be here, but I think I was searching for information about the FotR film. I think I followed a link which took me to the Cast List on the left hand menu bar.

However I managed to get here, what I do remember was reading through the forum posts and wanting to join in. At first I daren't though. I was worried if I became a member, all sorts of wierdo's from the net would start banging on my door or hacking into my machine (I'd never joined anything on line before).

Anyway, after reading every post on the entire forum a couple of times (there weren't so many in those days), I finally plucked up the courage to join and make a post. I think it was a reply to a question by Halo_Black about Middle Earth Role Playing, followed by an introduction in the Members thread. The rest's kind of history really.
Hmm ... Well MelliotSandybanks signed me up for the site because she liked it... I started going to the chat after a bit.... and I just have fun chatting with some folks from time to time. and now I have increased my post count by 20% .. with one post .... Smile Smilie
I found this site by looking up maps and trying to finding other information about Tolkien and his wonderful works. This is the first site I ever joined. I love it here. There are so many wonderful members here.

P-T was the first site I had ever joined; one day I searched on Google for Tolkien-related sites and came up with P-T; so I went on the Java chat to see how the people were. (The first three people I ever talked to were: LadyFeawen, LadyBlueAutomnSky, and Rednell). Then, I decided to stay. Pretty basic, really.
After the release of FOTR movie, I wanted to find any websites where I could talk about the movie and it's difference from the book. In one of the local newspaper here, there's a recommendation of websites relating to LOTR, but most of them are movie-related so I decided to try P-T. I was pleased to see that most of the people in the forums all had real Tolkien knowledge, and I liked reading the posts in the forum. It took me a while before joining, but I'm glad I did because P-T is a great place! Big Smile Smilie
I was just searching stuff for Lord of the Rings and I got to this site and I just became a member haveing never used Forums ever and I didn't really ever go back to the site. but then I did and I posted a forum and found out that there were really smart people here and I decided that I could learn alot about Tolkien and Lord of the Rings and I have!!
I don't really know how I became a member... It was still back when I had to go to the lybrary to get online... and I found it, and registered... and... gracefully forgot about it... then one day I found the user name and password in an old e-mail, and decied to go back and check it out... I went to the chat and met a handfull of wonderful people and just fell inlove with the place Smile Smilie
I came here about a year before I joined, I was searching for movie news.

My first thought was "What on earth is a Plastic Squirrel?"
Hahahahah that is a good one stonehelm!!! A good story about the good ole days!!!! Just kidding!!!! Big Laugh Smilie Big Smile Smilie Wiggle Smilie < That's my favorite Smily!!! Isn't it cute!! Wiggle!!! Wiggle!!! Wiggle!!!
Hey Stoney, ever heard any of Plastic's songs? He's amazing!!
How did u discover this site?

You're kidding right? Bad King Smilie
No Taz, I really wanna know how did u discover this site. Especially from u. I mean did u see it in some dream or did Tolien himself appeared before u and commanded u to start this?
I started a thread in Website General Discussion and asked how PT started, but Taz you probably just want us to keep guessing and thinking that it was a miracle and just appeared on the computer without you doing anything!!!! Because of course Taz is a miracle worker!!! Just Kidding!!
I was looking for LotR artwork for a college project, when I stumbled across this site. I just sort of wandered inand didn't leave.
I wouldn't leave anyway, I have a reputation to keep up as Planet Tolkien's resident lunatic. Disturbed Smilie wibble wibble.
Well i just bumped into a link thru a aimless hunt for my old haunt on an NWN chat-room (neverwinter nights) and thought ooooooooh lookie here its LOTR folks, and well saw story-arcs, read em was intrigued, thought that could take up oodles of time while i should be working, and now hooked...

a very pleasant site... one thing of minor criticism though, hard to find replies to old posts, i've lost touch with a load of threads ...nevermind!

Smoke Smilie
Well the day we got the computer as any good tolkien fan I went hunting for some websites. I think this was the first one I clicked on and then after decidin' what my name would be.....well the rest as they say is history and very colourful it has been.
I don't really remember how exactly I found this site, but I must have been looking for information on Tolkien, for an essay I made a couple of years back. I somehow came upon pt, and I stayed. Never regretted it since.
as a lover of JRR tolkein, I found about it on the Tolkein top 100
me? I search for two days for a tolkien sie. tried don't recommend it. i like pt it's all friendly but on, they don't care one thing bout you.
I found this site about a year or two ago. I was looking for some good info sites and stumbled upon this. This site is no doubt the best site for Tolkien info anywhere. Plus the members are all great and nice. I'm glad I found this site!!
Hey Princess_L’thien, it's been a long time since I've seen you! Welcome back Smile Smilie I am also glad I've found this site and everyone else,too. Thank's Taz Happy Elf Smilie
Websearch to see were i could find the sword of Boromir for sale.
Somehow i wound up here(im so happy about that)
if it werent for how random cn u be and psycos anonymous i woudnt have joined
so thanks Crystle Caves and Arwen_Ringbearer for coming up with those threads
A link on
i got it from one of my "pen-pals" and finally i went on this website and i love it here!!!!!!!!
Well, now that there are some new members here and lots of older memebers who haven't posted in this thread yet, now its your turn to blurt the truth out. Come on, tell us how you "discovered" this "planet" and why did you decide to become its "inhabitant"? C'mon now...nothing to be shy about! Blurt it out here!
hmmm, let's see...I was in the library during lunch at school as always and searching for another good LOTR site amongst other things, and stumbled into here right as the bell rang. I came back the next day during my Comp. Tech. class and after looking around, I joined, fully expecting to prolly forget about it after a couple weeks like the last few, but obviously that hasn't happened yet. :P
I was looking for a good Tolkien site with plenty of information. The Encyclopedia of Arda (TEA) was a great site for information, but that is all... There are sometimes unanswered questions on my mind, and i wanted to discuss them with people (all my friends in reality world aren't huge on Tolkien like i am.)

So i wrote the creator of TEA telling him he could really use a forum on his site. Fortunatly he said he didn't have the time and it wasn't going to happen for a long time, if ever. Now i say fortunatly because if he said "sure that's a great idea i'm going to put a forum up in the next few days" I'd probably stop searching for Tolkien sites, and would never have found the best Tolkien site of them all!

Before i came here i thought i was a hot shot Tokien wiz. Man oh man, was i ever wrong... i'm in awe sometimes with how deep the subjects go, and how much knowledge the majority of the members here have of Middle earth.
I had some free time at school and did a Google search on Tolkien. This was one of the first sites listed, so I checked it out. So glad I did!
I did a google search too, but I was looking for a Tolkien chat room. It came up with this site, and in looking for the chat room I found that it was a place for RPing too (which I LOVE!) so I joined up, and so far, I've really liked it.... And the ppl are nice too. Elf Winking Smilie
I found PT from a Yahoo! search, it was listed at number eight or something like that. I chose this one because in its ad, it said that it was an international site and it featured a message board as well as a chatroom, and was renowned for its good topics, or something to that effect. I had belonged to a few select online Tolkien societies before this one, but most of the members of those groups were not friendly, their topics were stale, and there weren't any guilds or art galleries(GET THEM UP!!!)or other great features, like here. Believe me, and everyone who has been a member of those other sites will agree, Planet-Tolkien rules them all!
I can fully blame someone else for it Smile Smilie Isil Elensar lured me here to check out the Writing Competition and if I was interested in joining as well Big Smile Smilie I checked it out, we both had some questions, so I registrered and the rest is history. My buddy is a member as well these days as (Rian_Ithilmir) soo....
I too found it on Yahoo! I was looking up elvish language websites and stumbled across Planet Tolkien. I HAD to join a site that had a name like Planet Tolkien, for it's exactly where I would love to live! How could I resist?
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