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Thread: How did u discover this site?

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I found this site via #tolkien which was on sorcerynet in those days.

ya this site has a great URL that really stands out to Tolkien fans
actually it was mellon that told me about PT i`m so glad I
was told about this site
In my endless pursuit of further knowledge of Tolkien and his works, I was exploring a bunch of sites Mrs. Gandalf had saved on this PC. When I didn't find enough that interested me, I decided to search--I don't remember if it was google or aol, but PT came up on that list along with some others. I hit those others now and then. But PT is the only Tolkien site that I have ever been this active on. That was over a year ago, sometime in Feb of '05. I have made a few good friends here (Hello friends! Smile Smilie) and met many interesting people. That alone, apart from the wealth of info on our author, makes this site #1 for me. Ad multos annos! Vive le PT! Long live PT!
actually it was mellon that told me about PT i`m so glad
was told about this site

That might explain why you both use bold text when tryping. Please don't do that, you don't need to shout, we can read you loud and clear. You wouldn't happen to be from the same long guitar-shaped, and currently quite sunny, country as she, would you? Wiggle Smilie
I discovered it much the same way as floyd did. I was looking up Maglor in Google, and this site just popped up with Rhapsody's long and informative posts about him. And after one month, I guess I was just tired of surveying this site as an outsider, so I joined.
just cruisin' around one day on Google and stumbled upon this great little site, and fell in love! Big Smile Smilie *aww*
(And i heard about on a internet game!)
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