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Thread: How much mithril do you have?

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The format of this thread is that you say how much mithril pieces you have, then enter twice and pretend mithril is the currency of whichever country you are a resident of, and then you say what you could buy with it. I'll start.

I have 580 pieces of mithril.

I can buya new copy of TLOTR illustrated by Alan Lee, in three volumes, in a case ($160), a glass chess set, ($75), a white jacket embroidered with beads in the shape of a dragon ($200), five flemish giant rabbits, ($100), and loads and loads and loads of tangy apple lollies!
I have 165 mithril.

I could buy a monthly bus ticket.
Ok, here we go: I have 957 pieces of mithril.

I could buy a luxury edition of Winnie-the-Pooh's story book (’50), a Louise Attaque CD (’14), Tolkien's The Hobbit and LOTR luxury edition (’80 each, I think), Douglas Adams' Dirk Gentry's Holistic Detective Agency all in one volume (’30) and a new pair of headphones (’25). And I would still have a lot of money left to spend. I'll have to think about what I want to buy with that!
I have 1730 mithril..

In norwegian kroners that would get me a stadard air ticket.
Here in Germany it would be 8 times more! A used car?
Sad Smilie i have less than 200... what would it get me? a snack for two at the mall
I have 9999999999999999999999999999999* mithril, but then... I kind of cheated Ha Ha Ha Smilie
I have 1446

Hey, we need a mIthril sign, you know there are dollar, euro, and pound signs. What would a Mithril sign be??

I could buy a used car.

Oooo: 1721 Hmmm...I'll buy a used Jeep Wrangler (or perhaps a VW Bug) and an eight-inch telescope with all the goodies that go with it. Cool Smilie
Now i have 185 , thats a monthly bus ticket and a snack at Mcdonalds.Not much but its building up !!! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
I have 614 mithril pieces.. =) I've been saving up Wink Smilie I could buy..a err, horse? I'd have to ask my folks first, though.. Wink Smilie
I have 920 mithril pieces. I would probably get my friend the 3 extended DVD sets, get myself some new clothes, a haircut *cough*, and have enough left over for a party or two and some other miscellaneous things. Angel Smilie
Im only a newbie so i only have like 70. Very Sad Smilie But i blame it on the fact that i have too many university assignments.
You'll get there one day, Fox, don't worry! Thumbs Up Smilie

I've been thinking about what I want to buy with the rest of my mithril. I think I would like a DVD-player and -recorder (about €500, I think) and tons of DVD's (about €200, say). Elk Grinning Smilie
l have 740 pieces of mithril!

l could buy a new (and much better) computer for that!

I have 760 pieces of Mithril. I could go on a shopping spree and probably spend it all. maybe i would also get a puppy (if i had enough mithril after the shopping spree of course.
I have let me see........1162 pieces and a rubber band and some cotton balls if anyone wants it.
I have 205 pieces. Darous is that an transformer?
I now have over 1000 mithil! Very Evil Smilie
I have 165-some mithril.
I could buy the Elven brooch again (I lost my old when when I moved) and save the rest for Anduril. Elf Winking Smilie
i got very few only 120 or something maybe because i aint here so much
Well, i had a couple of dwarves go into my treasury to count it all up and it turns out i have a bit over 4500 mithril pieces. And i already spent nearly a thousand for no good reason...i was experimenting with new locations. Rivendell...Moria... And so on..
Well, all it takes to accumulate mithril is checking in once a day. At 20 pieces per day, I have "hoarded" over 7000 over my term as a member here. This includes the expense of sending the occasional internal messages. So what's the big deal?
12,980 mp., however I have made something like 12,028 posts since early in 2001, but who's counting?
today i got 120!
I will have 1200 once Grep gets me the mithril for the Valentine poem... I would get a couple tee-shirts, some stuff for my dorm room (food!), some more memory for my computer, and put whatever is left over into my college fund.
Has anyone seen that t-shirt that says "I have gone to find myself. If I return before I come back, please keep me here..." ? that is the greatest shirt!
I'm splashing out on a brand new, super-duper, extra-extra large barbeque complete with spit for roasting whole newbies.
I have 3194 pieces of Mithril.

Right now, I could buy the digital camera I want ($350 Canadian), the box set of LOTR extended versions I've wanted since it came out ($80), the box set of Grey's Anatomy season one ($40), I could FINALLY get my licence AND pay insurance AND probably get a used vehicle...but...too bad this isn't real money...because in real life...I have less that $20...Sad Smilie I need a job!
I have 2244 pieces of Mithril!!! How much was Bilbo's Mail worth again, i could buy it of him or Frodo or who ever has it now (i mean do they really need it in the Grey Havens??)
I have 9814 pieces of mithril. And this information is useful because... ?
Because its funny Smile SmilieSmile SmilieSmile SmilieI also have a lot of mithril (4301)but Im not sure if its enough to build me a hobbithouse ..Mithril is maybe worth more than real money so ..
dunno...what is it for anyway??
it was used for sending PM's, (and previously depending on the weather, it would cost more on a rainy day, depending on where you lived, aka Lothlorien or Moria) but that stopped i think, is it actually used for anything?? other than PM's?? used to be for ranks or gold stars but its all in the past now

oh yeah i have 2324, yay a little more than before, um thatll buy me a cute little hobbit car
1051 pieces.. wow. I have no idea how I got that much...

estimated $1000 is needed for the wedding this september, so I have about $50 to spoil myself with... but that'd last a minout.Smile Smilie
You can use the mithril to move with (ex: going from the Grey Havens to Mirkwood)

I will have 1480 after someone gets me the mithril for that valentine poem... More food! (see earlier post... Big Smile Smilie )
Well as your poem proved detrimental in seducing the woman of my dreams, you're getting diddly-squat!
We are still working on it Laurelome, 'Punctuality is our watchword'. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
2749 in ’'s I could get a great holiday with that...or..I could start my christmas shopping!
13680, but who's counting.
7714 today, which I'd like to apply to my mortgage. Smile Smilie
Me too GandalfSmile Smilie or maybe it will get my husband a new car ..I know he wants one Smile Smilie(4721)
4919 pieces of mithril on the wall, 4919! Take a few down, buy clothes and video games and electronic devices, 0 pieces of mithril on the wall....^_~
l o l he he very good.....
5981.I think I have enough to own a personal trainer Smile Smilie
hehe i only have 360 Big Smile Smilie
I believe I have about 460, I stopped checking after I could affordx a new kingdom race as I beleive they are thereafter of no use. Is this right?

With ’440 I would either buy 5 Hypancistrus zebra catfish OR a Helm of Sauron and Helm of the Witcking.
5683 now.... But what curreny would mithril be in the real world? Cause if they'r really coins of pure mithril, well then...we could hire Bill Gates as a butler! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Well, were I to wait half-an-hour, before answering this question, I'd have exactly 15,000. I can now afford to move to a different location every week, but don't: I have accumulated too much stuff, which would require way too much effort to pack and unpack, as well as find new places to put it all. Orc Grinning Smilie
I have 660 pieces of mithril.

With 660 American Dollars I would be able to afford my college textbooks for this upcoming fall semester. I could probably even afford a new back pack. $660 is quite abit, especially when I only make $7.75/hour, but so are textbooks. My chemistry book this past semester cost over $150.
I'm now up to 9088, but I think I've spent some on the way. I wish I could say the same about my dollars!
I have 3397 at the present moment, that could actually pay someone to convert my mithril into coin i suppose, but make i sure i have some left to actually convert to coin Very Big Grin Smilie
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