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Thread: How much mithril do you have?

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2948......Mithrils Tongue Smilie
1454 I AM STILL A POOR PT ELF AFTER ALL THESE YEARS...and just incase somting goes wrong with the dates again...2day is april 24, 2009
It is not the quantity, but the quality I guess. Anyway any number above 1000 is pure waste, for as I see it you can not spend it. So, if you can effort to pay for some changes in your account, such that will please you and make you enjoy PT even more, then You are a rich person.

In the light of the above, I am a rich person.
Well, it may or may not be useless, but I now have the round sum of 33,000 units of Mithril to do with as I deem fit, or not. Wiggle Smilie
still..... 3328 pieces of mithrils Tongue Smilie
6223 pieces of mithril! I could buy half of a PS3! Wink Smilie
1900 lowly pieces of mithril. I could swear I had more back in the day, but I guess some low-life thief stole some...
34,000 today Cool Smilie
3867 mithrils
7442 pieces or Mithril. I'm rich folks! Orc Grinning Smilie
35,000 pieces of Mithril as of today. HELP! I'm being dragged down by the weight of it. Elk Grinning Smilie
My mithril count keeps jumping around. Today I have around 10,000. I suppose I'll just dump it in the bottom of the mirrormere so it can sparkle while I swim in it. Smoke Smilie
Don't forget to wear your wet suit with the heater in it, for that ice-melt in Durin's pond is quite cold, darned near frigid even.
36,000 as of today. Besides burning a hole in my pocket, it is too much to pack around. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
You currently have 9876 pieces of Mithril.

I link the flow of the numbers Wink Smilie
I currently have 16'380 Mithril pieces as of now. This amount can allow me to send 5'460 PMs to Rivendell, due to our great new and old addition of the Weather Forecast Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
4171. I also have a head cold so am laying low for a few days...
*hugs Sian* I
Feel better soon Sian. Keep indoors and have a pajama day Happy Elf Smilie

If you want to add another 5000 Mithril Pieces to your total, then send Grondy a 'Get Well Note' in the form of a e-card/picture to and you'll receive the amount!!
Thank you guys *hugs*! I think I have a card I can scan and send.. may just take a bit.

Edited by Amari’, because the use of < and > messed up the following posts. Happy Elf Smilie
I have 17881 mithril and I'm glad to see you all
Hope you are feeling better Sian
I have 10039 and I'm glad mellon is back Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

I am feeling better, Mellon, Thank you!
I have 16800 pieces of Mithril, enough to buy me a shop to sell it all perhaps? Cool Elf Smilie.
Soon I'm going to take everyone's mithril away from them Bad King Smilie
Good idea Taz! Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie Give me all of there mithril! Bad King Smilie
Good to devalue our old mithril and replace it with higher valued new mithril. I had to hire two pack ponies just to lug my 37000 mp around the site. Sure it doesn't weigh much, but its volume starts adding up; and one starts wishing for a magic bag of holding or a hole in ones pocket. Orc Grinning Smilie
I have more Mithril than everyone on here combined.
You currently have 11821 pieces of Mithril.

I could buy a new battery pack for my laptop. It won't charge now!
38,005 mp, but whose counting!
I have 39851 pieces of Mithril. Preciousssss!! *hoards and refuses to PM anyone* Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie

Seems from the post earlier in this thread that the Fraggle King has some new plans regarding the mithril, so I guess we should enjoy our wealth while we can.
I possess 17056 pieces of the glimmery glisteny Mithril. Which proves that I have been on the Planet the same amount of time that Grondy and Ama were when I first joined Elf With a Big Grin SmilieJuggling Smilie.

Loss dear, I am re papering my flet with mithril, I love the way the sunlight dances upon it and casts light beams all through the tree and past to the ground, and I was thinking, if you aren't doing anything constructive with your mithril, be a good boy and lend me some. I am fresh out and have only papered a third of my flet. pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze!

You currently have 14124 pieces of Mithril.


Hmmm, I'll just hide it in Khazad Dum until I find a  good use for it!

I have a very measly amount compared to all you rich folks..2360 mithrils(sniff).I am making a coin-ship.In direct contention with Earendil's starWink Smilie

Leelee I love what you are doing with yoursSmile Smilie

38066 as of today.  If Taz is going to take it all away, I hope I get something good in return.


If Taz is going to take it all away, I hope I get something good in return.

I have near eleven thousand pieces of mithrill and how I wish there were stores full of elven clothing, shoes, swords, cloaks and pretty silver trinkets to wear in my hair among other things to purchase. sigh. how wonderful that would be. You don't happen to sew or carve or are a smith are you Taz? Or perhaps have been given a boat load of such finery for Christmas last year and don't need it?

I have 1049 pieces of Mithril.


I have 6439 pieces of shining mithril. I want some battle gear!

My robes are too unclean for traveling, and my staff casts spells on it's own!

You currently have 15777 pieces of Mithril. Just bought my first pony to carry it around Big Smile Smilie

I have 4312 pieces of shining mithril

I have 14,384 pieces of mithril.

I have 680 pieces of mithril.

What can I do with it? I'd like to make a nice, shiny toy for my cat, can I?

I have 516 pieces of mithril and I'm actually saving them to forge a sword. I won't use it to fight (I couldn't kill a fly) but to learn how to manage it. I find those sword battles shows amazing, though a bit risky....

i only got 88 sadly.

You currently have 16837 pieces of Mithril.

The ROI on mithril is quite poor. I better hoard it myself :P

I've got 17658 pieces of mithril just laying about. Smile Smilie

I hope I'll get to use some of it some of these days, yeah.

*Not even thinking about aiming this at Taz or something, no, nope*

2149. If each piece weighed as much as a US penny, I'd have 5.37 kilograms of mithril. That's enough to make a sword (several). Cool. Not sure what good a mithril sword would do me around here...but still good to know.

I have 51431 pieces of Mithril.

I wonder if anyone has hoarded more than me yet, despite me forgetting to check in regularly as I used to.

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