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Okay, I'm not sure if anyone has already done this, but I thought maybe one person could post a brainteaser, like:


and whoever answers correctly, like the above one is "you're under arrest" gets to post the next one. So, here's mine:


Whoever gets it right gets to post the next one!
Three degrees below zero.

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Hey, Vindea, you should post your own, after you answer one, or, if you're not sure if you are right, then, put a questionmark, or something, 'cuz I'm not sure what you mean?
Vindea ristare has the correct answer and may pose us another teaser. If he/she hasn't by tomorrow, another member may take the turn.
So here we go then:


(rather easy one, I guess)
Come on folks, not that hard is it? Orc Going Huh Smilie
I know. I can say it if i don't have to make a new one. Wink Smilie

And we need a new clue here Tommie --> Sound Charades!! Wink Smilie
You can say it, Amarie, and let someone else make a new one. Or if someone else know, they can post too... I suppose so... (not my thread, excuse me for bubbling in, but otherwise this thread gets stuck I guess)
Ok, it is 'history repeats itself' isn't it?

Hmm... maybe I have one after all.

As the starter of this thread, I would like to thank Tommie for sort of reviving it, and to tell her/him (I'm not sure) that there is nothing wrong with posting a brainteaser, because that is exactly what the thread is for. And I have no idea what the above brainteaser is, because I am not the sharpest tool in the shed, nor quite the brightest crayon in the box, etc...

(He he he, I crack my self up!)
You're very welcome, Icefangs. This is a great thread, worth reviving I thought, so the honour goes to you entirely. Animated Wink Smilie

And I'm a she, by the by. Smile Smilie Always have problems myself to remember the genders of everyone I know around here.

Yup, it was Ama. But I have no clue as to what yours could be.
It's a saying, a bit related to yours Tommie. If that helps. Wink Smilie
Well the Sun is an orb or a disk or a circle as are the coloaseum and stonehenge. And antiques are recycled. So is it , "What comes around, goes around."?
No, that's not it. I added something I probably should have added from the beginning. *duh*

Is it supposed to be a line under "Sun" or is it a line to say that Colosseum, Antiques and Stonehenge go under Sun?

Sorry, still no idea.
Oh getting a bit closer now. Go with under the sun.
What do the other things have in common?

I'll post the answer soon, unless someone miraculously solves it. Don't even know if the saying is used much at all anymore. Tongue Smilie
"Nothing New Under The Sun" Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Ok here's a good one. This was an actual address that the US Post Office would deliver to back in the day (or so the story goes).

The honorable US Senator from the State of Massachusetts and future President whose given name was John and whose office was on Capitol Hill. I assume this referred to John Quincy Adams who was elected to that office in 1803, as it couldn't be delivered without a zip code to the current office holder who also meets these requirements, nor to John F. Kennedy who held it prior to also becoming President.

I worked this out on my own, only resorting to Google for the year of his taking office.
I am very impressed with your research skills Grondmaster. However, it would seem you have out done yourself. The answer is a little less complicated and only requires a familiarity with New England place names.
The reason it could be delivered without a zipcode was that the name of the town is implied by those three words. Here's a hint though - John's last name could have made him a hobbit! Shocked Elf Smilie
bunker hill? it couldnt be delivered to bunker hill cuz thats not in massachusets? or summary, *bump*