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Serching Smilie A Tailer in Panama ? Nope, never heard of it. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie You still have us stumped GrevBukMcJern.

Then I googled it and found The Tailer of Panama which came out in 2001. Good clues, clueless Grondy. Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie

Okay, one word: Griffith's prejudice
Was that the one with Piers Brosnan in? Seem to remember a not very good film.
Jepp. And jepp, not very good. I had to see how they adapted the book to movie. I couldn't for the life of me see how they could successfully do that. Neither could they, apparently..

Thinking about yours, Grondmaster!
We need a clue Grondy!
OMG, that was so long ago, I had to work it out again as I forgot to add it to my note pad.

HINT: Would the inirials D.W. and the year 1916 help?
Well "Movie 1916" on Google found this for me
Director D.W. Griffith's expensive, most ambitious silent film masterpiece Intolerance (1916)

An 88 year old silent movie? My Grandma was one year old at the time. Never heard of it, I'm probably waaaay to young. And it could be an American thing. It doesn't sound too bad though. Hehe, 'sound'.
New rule for Grondy, no movies older than yourself ok? You've got to give us poor young folks a chance! Wink Smilie

Ok I'll make an easy one

One word.
Strider and his pony
I had just seen 'Intolerance' on cable TV the Sunday night before I posted my puzzler; however, I can understand that you young people never watch silent films, nor even those that were made only in black and white. I find that more than three-quarters of the modern films are never worth my viewing effort. Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie

But I will abide by your new rule. Elk Grinning Smilie
One word.
Strider and his pony

Ermm. Is this possibly "Hidalgo", film with Viggo and a horse? Didn't see it, only the trailer.
That's the one Tommie. Thumbs Up Smilie
I liked Hidalgo. Nice movie. Smile Smilie
Your turn!
Big Smile Smilie Yay! Oh god, so now I have to figure out a clue.

Better not make it too hard. Ehm.

Two words.

Clue: Meow meow.

Hint: I have seen this film recently and loved it. Big Smile Smilie
(Thanks for the hint, Amarie) Big Smile Smilie

Hint: we are talking of two big cats here. (French film, but I thought it to be rather well known)

Umm... "Hello Kitty"
No I have no idea.
I'll just say it then, and someone else can post a new charade. It was "Two Brothers" or "Deux fr’res". About two tigers who are separated when they are still young but are brought back together by a sheer coincidence later on in their lives. Beautiful film. *sigh*
Lord knows what that title has been translated to in Norwegian. Tongue Smilie
Got another movie Tommie? Anyone?
Okay, I'll try one:

2 words

not minor, and when you're scheming with someone
Will no one try mine?

I would, but i cant think of anything!!!!

Major Plans?
Major ????? i cant think! lol
I'm assuming the first word's major, but i dunno about the second one!
you're right about 'major', and the second word starts with an 'L' its a, well, you could be so many _____s under the sea... that probably makes it too easy.
How about Leagues? Is it Major Leagues.
Yes! Well, just League, but, close enough for me! GO ahead and give us one, Addy! Can I call you Addy?

Could someone please post another one? This is a fun thread, and I don't want it to fall to the bottom of the list and get lost in the depths of old stuff, so, I guess I'll post another:

Oohh.... 7 words, okay, here we go!

Henry Porsche and the captive of Alcatraz

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban?

Boy Arachnid, Jr.
Spider-Man 2?

1 word:

when you try to kill a fly, or bug...

Crunch? Smash? Squash? Swat? Squish? Oops? Yuck? Scream? Elk Grinning Smilie

I know it's one of those. Happy Elf Smilie
it is, also a special kind of police force....

Yeah, it's one of those nasty four letter words that start with S. Elf Winking Smilie
yep... Wink Smilie

if no one else will post another, then I will...

Two words:

a circular object that is a kind of jewelry.

somebody guess, please?!?!?!

You are probably thinking of Opal. Am I right? I don't know if that is a movie or not, but it fits with your clues..

I see the top level post with the rules is missing. Perhaps Grondy could repost them? (We are supposed to be using only movies here)

In the off chance that I am right:
Two words:
A period with a lot of coughing. (and nutty squirrels Big Smile Smilie )
I see the top level post with the rules is missing. Perhaps Grondy could repost them? (We are supposed to be using only movies here)
Dude, I done do'd it. Happy Elf Smilie

I think the answer to
a circular object that is a kind of jewelry.
is The Ring.

But I have yet to figure out:
Two words:
A period with a lot of coughing. (and nutty squirrels

(I updated the above number of words from one to two per GrevBukMcJern's post of today.)
Grondy's right! Okay,

A period with a lot of coughing

um, maybe, Illness, Sickness, um, Cold....

Am I even close?

Am I even close?

No! Very Big Grin Smilie
Okay, so maybe, maybe its... ooh ooh, is it Winter? That's not even a movie is it? Darn, okay, um, I have no idea, but when the answer does arise, then I'll probably slap myself in the forehead and say, "D'oh!"

Ehe.. oops!
Apparently I can't count even to two... Two words.. Aehm!.. Teacher Smilie
Is part of the answer "hackers"?
No... *tries desperately to figure out where that came from*
Err... umm... I have no idea! *throws her arms up in defeat then sits down, waiting for someone else to answer*.

Reading a joke could be helpful... ♪ *whistle* ♫
Ice age? For once there is a animated movie that should NOT be seen in its original language English, the Norwegian version is brilliant!!!
I did see it in English, still brilliant! Big Smile Smilie And right you are, off course! Here, you take the ball now. Juggling Smilie
But the voices fits better. Otto Jespersen just IS Manfred. And I'm not too big a fan of Ray Romano. Wink Smilie

One word:
Bastet is my goddess
nope but close
dogs? lol JK
Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie to HH. Wink Smilie
Maybe it hasn't hit many cinemas yet...
Ok then, how about:
Bastet is my goddess and Batman thinks I'm hot.
Cat Smilielady? Cat Smilieperson? Cat Smiliebird? Cat Smiliegirl? Duh, I haven't the foggiest. Elk Grinning Smilie
Why, it is Catbird of course. Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie
Lovely girl, can both fly, sing, attack her own image in the mirror and sleep for 24 hours straight. Sadly the cat part of her is in conflict with the bird part resulting in her constantly chewing on her arms and legs and peks herself in the eye as revenge, but she is now kept in Bruce Waynes mantion heavily medicated under the cover of being Alfreds retarded niese. Ha Ha Ha Smilie

That wasn't true of course so...
Bastet is my goddess and batman thinks I'm hot.
Well yes, that would be appropriate; with all those foibles, neuroses, or whatever, we wouldn't want the poor woman to hurt herself. Oops, Ignore Smilie that was the missing word.
Good heavens! What have you done?? Now you have to post a new one, it is the only way...
Yep it was Catwoman, I have seen it and it wasn't too bad actually. Smile Smilie
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