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here's how you play i go first in saying a plot to take over the world and the next person must say if it will work or not and then they can tell us their scheme

first scheme: Army Of Polmeranians (little ankle biting dogs but real fluffy tails)
Your scheme will fail because you used the word 'army' and Addlehead whatsits will sue the pants off you because they deem it could be misleading as it refers to the armies used in the LotR films.

I, on the other hand, have a scheme to take over the world by making voodoo dolls of everyone and then threatening to cut the dolls' heads off one by one........

(OK, there may be one or two flaws in my plan but give me time....)
Your would fail. Seeing that you don't know what everyone looks like, or know their names, it would fail. You would be sticking pins onto people that don't exist.

Now I, on the other hand, would contact the armies of my home planet and use their superior technology to take over the world.
Sorry - you used the word 'armies'...... Addlehead Cobblestones will get you!
Ahhh, but my planet does not know of Addlehead. In fact we have a different word for armies so we would be safe.
Easy to take over the world : hire Addleshaw Goddard, right after they've taken over the Internet.
Won't work, because Addleshaw Goddard will not win!!

Get the patent and legal rights to the coco bean and say that if people don't do as I say noone (but me) will ever get chocolate again!

(Yes, I want chocolate)
okay this is from a book...i think(the video thing)
send everyone a video which makes you laugh to die(when you watch it) and tell no one about what it does, then stay in a room with no tv, well equipped with food and other nessary stuff.
Come out after a while..people would be dead except a few that happened not to watch the video(like just immigrated from another planet or something).
I know that you have to come up with what you do with the people that survived and all that but i'm too busy right now to think and so will continue later...
That wouldn't work because to know the joke was funny enough to kill others, you would actually be its first victim.

I, on the hand, will make a toxin from the gunk between my toes, and poison the world's oceans and water supplies with it. As my body produced the gunk in the first place, I am immune to its effects.
Oooo, that's extremely diabolical, Val.

I'd subject the world using small fuzzy robotic teddy-bears, who are so cute, except they have a common mindset, like hive-dwellers and what one knows they all know. They are really monstrous little fellers. Puppy Smilie <----- pretend that's a cute little teddy bear. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
I would put melted cheese in all the needles for flu vaccination
wouldn't work cause you wouldn't have enough cheese.

I'd make a time machine and go back in time and play endless hours of Abba music to all the cave men who would in desperation throw themselves off the nearest cliff.
No sorry, the cavemen would beat you to death with their clubs and roast your carcass for supper.

I would pump all the water out of the oceans so that all the fish would die and everyone would be sick form the smell of dead fish.
that wouldnt work because there would be no tanks large enough to store the water,which covers over 70% of the world. so you would flood all the land and drown yourself.

im going to get on a space station,after breaking into the disease testing wearhouse, stealing the Ebola virus canisters(ill have a suit on with an oxygen tank that will block out anything from the outside made from a similar material as space suits)put the virus in half of the worlds largest drinking water sources.then i will bribe any survivors with water that was on the space station before i released the virus to kill anyone who doesnt join my cause.after that i will put poison in the water i was saving for last and give that to all who are in my cause,so they wont try to kill me and take command of the world.(did i mention that im second in command in five different factions striving for world domination?too bad none of them will succeed.)
Ain't gonna work, cause someone will stop you.

I'm going to hypnotise the world's youth by playing a cartoon on TV which will hypnotise them into homocidal idiots. And they'll be programmed so they won't kill each other, just everyone who is not a youth in sight, and then themselves. And then I'll have to clean it all up! AAARGH! Maybe not that plan.
You mean todays youth ain't already homicidel idiots?

Ill find a ancient book and open a portal to the ninth circle of hell from which will come the worst, evilest, bloodthirsty,sick,perverted demons that will kill everyone who has comited a sin (a.k.a. everyone). i will survive, for the demons listen to the holder of the ancient book, me. Of course ill be guarding the book with secrecy, sword and flesh, so nobody can steal it.
Ain't going to work, cause someone has already thought of that, and it didn't work, cause the weird beings were run over by cars.

i'm going to take pictures on myself and scare everyone to suicide.
That wouldn't work, cause most everyone has seen you already, and knows you look incredibly scary, so they'd just run and hide, I doubt they'd kill themselves.

But me, I would hack into NASA's computers, and when the next space launch was planned, I would put a few hundred nuclear warheads on the shuttle (I control NASA's computers, so they wouldn't know the missles were there). When the shuttle goes up into space, I will reveal the warheads to the world, and threaten to blow up the earth by ramming the shuttle into it. People would have to serve me to stay alive, because I was gonna blow up the planet anyway, but my loyal servants and I get to escape in the smaller shuttle I built, course, then I escape from there, with my fortune, in an escape pod, and blow up my own shuttle with a remote control. I now control five more planets, using the same plan, I only blew up Earth as a warning to those who defy me!!!!

The only problem is that you don't know who to hack into NASA's computers.

I would loose my pet balrog Norman on the world and he would force everyone into submission. Those who did not bow to the banner of the Stonehelmed One would be eaten.
True, I do not know how to hack NASA's computers, but, I could learn!

Where would you find a balrog on Earth, not MIDDLE Earth, Stoney?

Good one, O Stonehelmed One. Wink Smilie

I'll simply make friends with everyone and because of their love for me, they wil do anything I want them to.
Not everyone would want to be your friend, to their loss.

Ahhh, old Norman was around in the old PT. He used to destroy Aule for me, (I know that's lost in many of you.)

I would loose my army of rats which would eat everything a ravage the country.
They wouldn't get very far because I would be shrieking and shattering their eardrums (I hate rats like nothing else).

I'll brainwash people while they sleep by putting a recording by their ears.
Not a bad idea, Nilgaerien, but what about those who are deaf and cannot hear? Surely they will escape your doom.

Personally I would require everyone to spend a day in my life. If my boring job didn't kill them, or my insane teenage boys, the homework load on one of my night classes would surely do it. Rolling Eyes Smilie
No because when its my turn I just sit around and not do anything.

I plan to use an amazing plan that'll will not be contradicted in any way. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
the problem is that when you use the plan it will have a flaw that someone will use to destroy you,so it wont work.

im going to go to a planet with no lifeforms, ive annihilated the aliens from Ma ha DANindrewt,so ill pick Mars and since that is a world.i will uhook my spacesuit helmet and die from the intensity of the vacuum and rule the planet for the three seconds it takes me to unhook the helmet.

ill save yall the trouble of pointing out the flaw

but that wont work because i cant get to Mars on my own and i have no intention of taking over the world like that anyway
well then my plan will be to find a geni lamp, rub the lamp and then when he asks me what i want my first wish to be? ill answer to take over the world! and if anything goes wrong i have two more wishes.
The only true genie lamp in the world is guarded by a huge rolling boulder, several three headed dogs, a large dragon, flesh eating plants, a swamp full of snakes and crocodiles and is hidden within an enchanted garden where any intruders who make it past the other dangers are turned to stone.

So nyer!
YES but only i know about the secret passage behind the- OOPS!! ive already said too much!! cant give it away....
thanks to hobbithomies absence im catching up in posts!YAY!
My plan to take over the world is very simple. First I will put a fairly large amount of bubbles into every public fountain on Earth, then I will sabotage all major tanning salons and day spas, then I will create my own talk show that actually is just my name being chanted, complete with subliminal messages for the television viewers. Then, in particular brilliance, I will proceed to...use my husband's superior gastritic qualities to rid the world of the sweet smell of flowers forever! Mwahahahah! Bad! Smilie
This sounds like a very interesting thread to me, but my plan is very simple: I don't want to take over the world... After all, what can you do with it? It doesn't even fit in my room!
Oh so you don't want to take over the world, huh? We're not good enough for you? We are not cool enough to be lead by you, is that it? Well I'll tell you something missy, you are not getting away with this, you are gonna rule the world no matter what you say!!!! Ha Ha Ha Smilie

Wow, two flawless plans in a row, good to know who I need to stay friends with. Wink Smilie
My plan for world domination?

I don't have one. When I'm 18, you'll be begging for me to lead the world.
Good one Gildor but hey...... what are these logs from the chatroom the other night...... Gildor attempting to take over the world? Why yes, so he did......

Well, I'm not 18 yet....

23 April, the world will be on his knees for me!!! Muahahahahahahahaha!!! Very Evil Smilie I
Hmmmmm, may I refer th ehonourable gentleman to the post he made earlier...

My plan for world domination?

I don't have one

Oh yes you do! I've seen it.
Gildor, first of all, if you're going to be evil and take over the world, you have to be sure about it. Do you know of any major dictator in history who was only half-committed to his quest for domination?
Evil is as evil does, Gildor-are you in or are you out? Sauron and Morgoth knew their plan and stuck to procrastination there! Now, if you are sure about your conquering desire, at a low price of $19.95, I will send you my complete course, "How To Take Over the World", including my patented "Eau de Conquerer" cologne, which magnetically brings you evil henchmen just by the scent. If you act now, I will also include my newest tool of the trade, the Magno-Blaster 2005, designed to brainwash the masses to your desires. Act now-operators standing by!

Just kidding. Rolling Eyes Smilie
Awww.... I was sitting on the edge of my seat with the phone in one hand and my credit card in the other. *disappointed* Orc Sad Smilie Wink Smilie
Hmm... world domination... good luck to ye who try. Big Smile Smilie
A couple years ago I went to a physchic lady who read my palms and did my tarot and all that fun stuff, and she said it was "my destiny" to take over the world because most dictators were capricorns and most had freckles in the center of their forheads, both of which I am and have.
What a bunch of bullhonky, I can barely run the Writer's Club at my school let alone the world!
O, and about that brainwashing device... can you put on on layaway for me? Very Evil Smilie
Hmmmmm, may I refer th ehonourable gentleman to the post he made earlier...

My plan for world domination?

I don't have one

Oh yes you do! I've seen it.

Oh yeah V? Well, who says I'm going to use that plan then, eh? So there Tongue Smilie

7 months and 26 days left.... Prepare yourself...... Very Evil Smilie I

i dont have a skeem but no whos going to take over the world! PURPLE PANDAS!
I really dont think that purple pandas will work...they dont listen to ne bdy...though they might listen to Elrose w/ his wonderful hyptnosing powers.....

As for mi plan...i would just get a bunch of really powerful people to join my plotting and then they would bring their countries into my evil plan...then i would use all of that power to take over the rest of the countries that didnt join might not be a bad plan to have a couple of neucular bombs to help persuade the people though..........
that might work but sad fact...the firebombing at Dresden killed 150,000 ppl where as Heroshima and Nejaska combined killed less. i almost cried during History today, ppl can be evil. 6 million Jews died!

another plan...get the teachers to teach that i AM the ruler of the world and i eventually will be.
not a bad plan, but how will you make teachers do that? that's a weak point in the whole thing... they'll simply tell everyone that THEY are the boss and you'll have a lot of work to do trying to get rid of tons of megalomaniac teachers before taking over the world yourself.

my plan is easy and effective. I simply bribe people. cookies for everyone and they'll fall at my feet... in place of the dark lord they will set up a queen ... all shall love me and despair!
Very Evil Smilie
one problem, my cookies r better than urs!

heres the plan, i invent a brain washer and brain wash everyone and then make them follow me!
I'd invent a brain dryer so everyone could become freely independent from Elrose's dictatorial bondage.
and they would all flock to u as the savior. or not....Wink Smilie
Probably "or" since I don't want to take over the world: because those who want to should never be allowed to; and those that don't want to get roped into any more duties usually do, or not as the case may be.
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