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Okay, so here's a new game: let's try a word association thread, where each person posts a word, either Tolkien-related or not, and the next person says what the first thing to come to their mind is. It does not need to be the definition of the word. Try not to think too hard for an answer-the fun part of this is to see what strange associations we make with certain words at first response.

I'll start: my word is bouncy.
Bouncy bouncy bouncy - fun fun fun fun! It's Tigger! Did Tigger ever read Lord of the Rings? Was Tigger a closet literary buff? What really went on in that cotton wool head of his?

Next word is.................. (drumroll)

Shriek! Run awaaaaaaaay! Super Scared Smilie

My word is: Hand
the scene from the Barrow Downs, when the hand is crawling away.

How about, anticipation.
The SEE DVD of the Return of the King

I have no idea why, but my first response is " ham spread", though I have never eaten ham spread(yuk!)with pickles! See how very strange this can get? Good lord, I'm strange...

next word:chameleon.
Boy George and memories of a birthday party when everyone went wild when Karma Chameleon was played.

Ok next word: spiders
Arrgh....... Mirkwood and Melkor, but when my mind calms down..... Shelob..... and The Lair of Ungolianth...... but if that's not one word, Ungolianth,.... I'll focus on Shelob (often wondered about She- lob..... the female?)
Okay, this game (except for the name, which is better) is a duplicate of Word game; however, the rules to that one also got lost in the move. You might want to click on the above link and play over there, or not.

I'll let you continue here unless another council member desires to lock it.

Ungoliant : Silmarils
Silmarils: Loni's eleven shinyshiny necklace!
The only differences between the two is that in this one, you do not have to contain your answers to one word and a response can be anything that comes to mind, whether related to the person before's word or not. Plus you do not have to restate the word that the last person mentioned.

I am sorry for starting a game so closely mirroring the other one, of course that was not my intent, I merely wanted to do an online version of an inkblot test, just for the fun of seeing what silly things we all came up with. Perhaps I was not very original...

If it would please the council, I will gladly cease posting in this thread and continue on the Word Game instead. Sorry for the inconvenience! Big Smile Smilie
The games are similar but as Laurelindhe ilmarin says there is a difference in that this one encourages posters to say a bit more about why they associate words which I think is far more interesting. I'd like this one to keep going as it is but anyone who posts a single word answer gets a forfeit or sacrificed to the goddesses. Oh dear, Grondy, was that a single word answer I saw....?

Also this game doesn't take the last answer as the next prompt. Loni didn't post another prompt so I shall do it for her, benevolent but harsh goddess that I am....

"My kingdom for a horse!" And I don't even know whence the line comes. Silly me.

(Yes I do like this game a lot too, very interesting what springs to mind sometimes. Can we keep it? Angel Smilie )

Richard the Third by Shakespeare - A horse! A horse! My kingdom for a horse! Going once, going twice - SOLD to the evil looking man in black.....

So. pen....

.....fold as in Dangermouse! The funny little mole chappie. Greenback was my favourite character. Which leads me on to the next word.....

Glue!...Last time I superglued a toy for my daughter, I accidentally glued my hair to it when I was leaning over to see what I was doing-it wasn't very hard to undo, but it did rip some hair out.

You thought that I'd say "Bond-James Bond", didn't you? Well, the only Bond is Sean Connery, for all of you Roger Moore fans, just so you know!

Thank you, Vee and Tommie, for the encouragement!

Alrighty, my word is litter
Not a problem Laurelindhe ilmarin. Tigger Smilie

Litter: At first I thought of a cat box, but that lead to a cardboard box containing a litter of cuddly kittens and the happy families who will enjoy them regardless of the need for more litter boxes.

The new word is corrugated.
Alrighty, I think of tin and aluminum for some strange reason-maybe I have lost the reason in my sham of a memory...corrugated metal of some sort rings a bell...

So let's try:pointy Question Smilie
For some reason this brings me back to the good old discussion: do Elves have pointy ears, yes or no? I won't start it again, but I seem to remember it was a rather vivid and long discussion. Same goes for the Balrog with or without wings thing.

Next word: Drive
I think about a car.... Because I really want to drive one Disturbed Smilie

Next word will be: Nut.

(BTW Laurelindhe, I love your new Avatar Smile Smilie )
I'm a little coconut, I live in a little grass hut, people come and stomp on me, that is why I'm cracked you see. I'm a nut, I'm a nut, I'm a nut!

Um... my word shall beith Bilbo
"What a lot of things you do use Good morning for!" - Gandalf to Bilbo in the first chapter of The Hobbit.

As far as I'm concerned, chickenpox=death! I unfortunately got them when I was 15, and I d**n near died!

Why is it that everyone can see my new avatar but me?(Seriously, HELP!)

drumstick (Hey Grondy, we have a chicken affinity, don't we?)
Hmmmm..... Chicken, *drools* I REALLY LOVE chicken!!! To eat, ofcourse... (I actually have a virtual pet chicken, her name is Bob) Chicken Smilie

Next word is...... Police! Police Smilie
Oooooh! I really have to mind my Ps and Qs, 'cause Amarie Moderator Smilie is my P-T conscience and she chews me out when I screw up’though she does it nicely and I've asked her to do it. Elk Grinning Smilie

BIG Dont want to be run over by that. Orc Grinning Smilie

Tiger_Eyes Wolf Smilie

My Word.......................................................

*Holds breath*
....mirror - I've got one and it is great - you look into it and it goes on forever. My son is convinced it is a time portal and if you fall into it....

Next word...... is.......

taken at random from LotR..........

fantasy anywhere but here!

What does it mean? I can't even find it in my "Little Oxford Dictionary"
Covenant - formal sealed agreement to do something... formal binding agreement..... agreement between God and some person or people...

Chambers 21st Century Dictionary
Agreement between god and some person eh:?

OK Here's what I thought : Death

now, for the word....

How about,

Unbreakable, kind of like that piece of pizza that has been sitting in the fridge for the past two weeks.

Anything that doesn't include me

Pink Floyd of course!



Tiger_Eyes Wolf Smilie

Small makes me think of the last few answers-Hey, Vee, towards the beginning of this thread, wasn't it you who suggested that all who used only one-word answers should fall victim to the almighty V-Goddess? Just wondering...perhaps a curse shall be placed on their heads! (Only kidding! ) Ha Ha Ha Smilie

Next word:plastic.
Our absent Plastic SKWRL whose dog Rambo is no more. May he rest in peace; the dog, not the squirrel.

Hmmmm, reminds me of a post with the words "Scottish Oatmeal cookies" in it. Do believe it was Vee who posted it.

Fondue! Reminds me of yesterday evening, we were playing Pictionary with a couple of friends. I had to draw "fondue". Nobody guessed it of course. Probably because I'm absolutely no good at drawing. Tongue Smilie

Compact-Disc. Reminds me of the Nirvana, RHCP, Eagles and so and so CD that I lost Sad Smilie

Blood Tears (a song by Blind Guardian)...

A Beattles' movie about a ring stuck on a finger and some zealots trying to get it, along with the bearer, back for a blood sacrifice.

Lime and lemony, Limca Limca!!! (It's a soft drink)

That fine drink I wash my popcorn down with at the movies.

The supermarket. I'm on my way after I've finished here and hace to put cheese on my list. Thanks!

First thing to pass my mind was soccer, so I'll let it be...

The money smiley/emoticon thing on MSN and I hear Abba singing Money money money. Smile Smilie

Hmm, lets see...

1. Doom 3
2. Far Cry
3. Logitech Dual Analog Gamepad

and last but not the least



Striking Distance
My mind goes blank whenever I hear something connected to sports. Smile Smilie

A healer. Lord Elrond had the gift of healing and shared it with even those not of the elven kindred.

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