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Rose (Wife of Sam, not the flower)
Cotton's daughter and the mother of thirteen children.


Rain... what else? ; )


Flavoring for cakes, ice cream, and candies.

A dog wearing clothes! Everytime I see someone with their pooch pal, and said canine is wearing any sort of clothing, I think that is very weird!(No offense to those who are firm believers in abolishing the nakedness of animals!) Anyone with me? Sweaters are for people, not pooches.

Next word:portal.
time machine

Next word: Word
A thingy. And it begins with W.

Next word (or name): Oropher. (Just try and get THAT one)
Hehe, reminds me to look for a dictionary!!

next word : Echoes
Pink Floyd!

Everytime I see someone with their pooch pal, and said canine is wearing any sort of clothing, I think that is very weird!
I feel very sorry for the poor poochie who has to wear clothes because the owner thinks it is cute, you know, like pants and hats and stuff. When it has a purpose, then it is ok.

Mike Tyson. Well, my very very rich uncle had two Dobermans (or does it go Dobermen?? Doesn't matter!!!) at his two different houses. One was called Mike and the other Tyson!!!


Next Word: think
Think reminds me of two signs I read in of my youth: The first was "Thimk!" and the second was like unto it, it read

"Plan a
....................d" because the paper it was written upon was too short.

Reminds me of that ice cream I bought three weeks ago. Ben & Jerry's chocolate something it was.

My five inch thick dictionary that is full of 'em.

Flowers. All those pretty happy things correspond with each other.

That would be right here at Planet Tolkien.

For some reason, tiny Christmas train sets come to mind, the kind with little Dickensian villages and people ice skating and the like. So small, yet functional. Nice little trains.

sector is the word.
Reminds me of post-war Berlin and the way it's administration was divided by the allies. Also The Third Man, the movie, not the book, for that I've never read.

butter...honey...peanut butter...jam...caramel...bananas...mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Next word:position.
sit, lie, on back, on front, on side, upside down, i cant think anymore!

next word: Planet-Tolkien
Grondy, Mir, Greppy, Val, Vee, LA86 (the elders)
Elessar lossehelin, Eruwen, Maydmarion (the adults)
Ithil, Mellon, Iesseus, Elrose, Freyr, Etharion, Icey and many others (the younger generation)

A-Z every word in languages even the Elvish, that's if you can find them on the Internet, (is there a book?)

Next word: Lord
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