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... should have their own kitchens.

or ... spoil the broth.

A chain is no stronger than ...
... the weakest link.

There's no fool like... old fool. And I believe it goes "sufficient for the day is its own trouble" but it would depend on your translation, and that's a different book anyways Wink Smilie (not that there's anything wrong with that.) Good advice, but consider the Source.

"An empty wagon [he said with reservations]..."
... always rattles.

Better to die with honor ...
than to live in shame

early to bed, sleep as long as you can...
It is actually: "Sufficient onto the day is the evil thereof" and it comes from the Bible, of course. Teacher Smilie

Early to bed, early to rise? Is that what you mean? Animated Wink Smilie

Don't cut off your nose to...
... to spite your face.

'Early to bed, eary to rise ... makes a man (or woman) healthy and wise.' - young Ben Franklin

Life is just a ...
early to bed sleep as long as you can, eat ham and eggs and you'll soon be a man-David Watts song "Its nice to get up in the morning"

what burns brightest...
... has a limited lifespan

...explodes in an intense supernova

...binary or triple system

phewwww Genius Smilie

confusedcius sez : fiber cleans everything but...
... the kitchen sink.

A closed mind is like a closed book ...
Just a block of wood.

He who enjoys the fruit.....
... had better not spit the seeds on my floor!

A bird in a bush ...
is worth two in the hand?
I thought it was a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush?
tell me if im right or not cuz i have never heard the a bird in the bush proverb!!!
Yeah, Rivendellelf1977, what you thought was right; I just reversed it to see if someone would come up with something clever. Like "... is a lost cause if the bush has thorns." Please Brer Fox, don't throw me in that der briar patch.

The female of the species is ...
more deadly than the male.

What you would like to be, be...
an Elf. (i dont know what it is)

Early to bed, early to rise makes a woman...

i know its supposed to be man
healthy, wealthy, and wise.

The burnt child ...
gathers no moss...i cant think of anything...*bump*
It is supposed to be:
The burnt child dreads the fire.

Someone else may add the next one. Happy Elf Smilie
may the wind be at...
... your backside. (?)
close...lets refrase it

"may the road rise up to meet you
may the wind be at..."
(i need more than what Grondy said, and the real words...)
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