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finish it. Wink Smilie

if you could choose any animal as a pet, which one would you take?
I'd take that little kitty, that cute dog, a horse, a tiger, a lion, a puma, a bear (the little one) and of course a coala bear, and a panda, and a green dragon, then a phoenix, also one hippogriff, and a... I love animals except birds (I like owls, hawks, eagles...), insects (I'm afraid of butterflies), reptiles...
OK, and now seriously, I'd choose a horse, but the most... the best of the best, very expensive, but very nice, of course, it wouldn't be actually "a pet", but if I were to choose...
By the way. have you seen a cartoon, I don't remember the name, well, it's about the family of four polar bears in the zoo (dad, mom, son and uncle), very funny, especially when the son says: "Mom, the giraff and the polar bear... hm.. it's not natural!" Big Laugh Smilie

If you lived in the Middle Ages, what would you do?
Try to find out how to escape from the Middle Ages... sorry I don't like the Middle Ages.

If you could make stars, what would your stars be like?
heeey, nice... they'd be very large, and close to the earth, but not too hot, I don't want to barbecue the planet... they'd have edges and holes like donuts, the shape of a pyramide or would be very flat, and maybe one or the other would be faintly coloured... just depends on my mood then...

If you were the ruler of a little country, where would it be, what would it look like and how would you reign it?
My country would be sitting on the arch of a rainbow. And it would look very colourful and shiny. And my people would be nice peace-loving rainbow-sprites. Hahaha...why does this sound like something from Care Bears? But I do want it. And I would rule it in any way that could keep it secret and untouched. I would always make sure that there would be peace. Big Smile Smilie

If you could get rid of one thing in this world what would it be?
hatred, and shoes :-D

if u could choose one thread to not be deleted when i hack in and delete all the threds(jk), wot would it be?
the Khazad-dumish Inn thread. I'm very fond of it.

If you were at the Wood Between the Worlds (from the Magician's Nephew), which pool would you choose to jump into?
ummmm the one they did? mayb?

if u had one book, all other books were destroyed, wot would it be? ONE book
The Silmarillion for sure.

If you had nine lives what would you do with each one of them?

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