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Oh yeah, my 10 yr. old grandson was playing a Final Fantasie VII Demo on my PC last summer, and it looked interesting so I bought it and have it going too. Haven't played it for a couple weeks (been spending too much time here). It is rather kiddie-like; the battles are simple, no geographical features to take advantage of, just stand if front of the enemy and trade blows and/or spells. The scenery is fun to wander through. And if you remember to talk to the natives two or three times each, the story can be interesting. Still it isn't a 'Forgotten Realms' setting nor a D&D game.
I keep seeing screen shots from Doom III in magazines, and they look awesome. They are predicting Doom III will be as groundbreaking as the original was 10 years ago. That one will be a must for me when it comes out.

I like the sound of Battlefield 1942 as well. Once I get connected to broadband, I think I might treat myself to that one.

Anyone know what has happened to Freelancer? I loved Elite on the Amiga, and Freelancer was supposed to be something of a modern space-trader version. It seems to have disappeared without a trace though.
Where do I begin?

Since discovering this site, I actually get very little time for playing games. Hence I am still ploding through the first-person shooters, Deus Ex, Meddle of Honour - Allied Assault, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, and Soldier of Fortune II. I still have Half-life unopened in my draw from last year.

I have a copy of Neverwinter Nights, but I dare not even install it because I know my girlfriend will leave me.

Since buying a second PC last month, I have spent a lot of quality time playing Age of Empires with my son and capture the flag sessions of Unreal Tournement against him. For an eight year old, he's getting really good at both.

When off-duty at work, we've been playing Mafia too. Bit like a 1920's GTA.
Oh, and don't forget good old Freecell Smile Smilie
Ahh! Now your talkin'! Cool Smilie

I have Deus Ex for PS2 which is supposed to be identical to the PC version. It was a great game but, like many games I start, I never finished it. The sequel is supposed to be something REALLY special but I'm not sure off the top of my head when it's going to be released.

I have MoH: Allied Assault installed on my PC but I haven't put much time into it yet. I'm a HUGE fan of the first two Playstation MoH games but I really need a break from killing Nazi's for a while. They are all great games with a high immersion factor.

I haven't played Return to Castle Wolfenstein because, again, I've had enough of Nazi's for a while. I've read about and seen screenshots from Soldier of Fortune II and it looks very cool. The location based damage effects are incredible.

I love a good scary story and that's why I HAVE to recommend that you unwrap Half Life and install it. It's old and the graphics won't blow you away or anything, but it definitely reigns as the greatest first person shooter to date, mainly due to it's high immersion factor and top notch story line...something rare in FPS's. Half Life and Red Faction (which is VERY similar but just as good) are the only two FPS's that I've pl;ayed through, beginning to end, more than once. Oh and the original Medal of Honor too. Smoke Smilie

I was an Age of Empires fan for a while 'til I discovered Empire Earth. At first, EE seems almost exactly like AoE (it's made by the same people) but it's much broader in scope. You start in prehistoric times and progress through every major age right on up to the distant future using large mechs and nano-technology. Very cool Cool Smilie

Unreal Tournament was the very first game I bought for my PS2. I'm not sure how it compares to the PC version but I absolutely LOVED it.

Oh, and if what I've heard about Neverwinter Nights is true, and you're a tabletop RPG fan, you're probably right... DON'T INSTALL IT! Wink Smilie
I cut my teeth on the original 'Pool of Radiance' series of computer games on my Commodore 64, and have since played them and their sequels on my PC. I have yet to unwrap 'Pools Of Radiance: Ruins of Myth Drannor' the latest one as I have too many other games going.

I've almost finished all the Baldur's Gate I and II Series, as well as the 'Icewind Dales' up to the new 'Icewind Dale II' which is unoppened. I have tried 'Decent 3' but found I am subject to motion sickness when subjected to rapid movements in unrestrained 3-D, I seem to need gravity to tell me which way is up, which is something my eyes can't tell me.

I loved 'Planescape: Torment' having played it numerous times.

I have completed all five of the Tomb Raider games the last one 'TR-5: Chronicles' was a flop because of the bugs, but I was able to work my way around the final bug and pass my method on to Stella's Tomb Raider Site for her walkthrough, which she just revised to incorporate. I can't wait for the 'TR-6: Angel of Darkness'

And I still go back to play the games on my Commodore 64 while I watch TV; I'm currently replaying 'Curse of the Azure Bonds'.
Starwars Supremacy (Rebellion in the US) is a great game for the PC, you get fight fleet battles even use Death Stars.

Melly why not get him the Mario and Star Wars Game I had the both on the N64 and they were great then, so they must be even better on the Gamecube.

What about Golden Eye and Mario Cart when you were playing against four other people? That was cool.

Did anybody else play Lesuire Suit Larrie, Rex Nebular and the cosmic gender benders or Beneath a Steel Sky. They really did rule.
One thing I don't like about the sequels to the RPGs on the PC is that the characters are too high a level resulting in too much magic to wade through. The companies in order to make more money have issued the sequels, and they seem require even more inflation of magic in order to sell their products. And you must master the magic in order to win the games.

I do not like having to have my spell casters use spell breaking and blocking spells to counter the spells of the enemy spellcasters. It stops being fun and becomes pure unadulterated work when you are having eighth, ninth, and tenth level offensive spells cast at your group or defensive spells cast on their group; requiring you to choose the right spells from about 300 total to counter the enemies spells. And now they are using 3rd Edition rule for the games where they have thrown in something called High Level Class Abilities for everyone, which are even more things to master once your characters reach levels 18-24. It is a pain in the butt.

I was much happier playing level 7-9 characters where I only had to deal with missile, fire, lightening, and ice based attacks either offensively or defensively, as well as you basic holding spells, and a few low level summoned monsters. In fact when I only needed magic missile, fireball and lightning bolts for my offensive spells, the dungeon bashing was much better and the armor and weapons never was better than +3. Instead now they are +6 and every fighter has magic items (not just temporary potions) that brings their strength up into the low twenties like they were giants. Of course all this is needed when you take on the full sized sentient dragons, but you only have to battle one of those at a time, rather than a couple Beholders, some Ilithids, some 16th level Drow, and a half dozen of their minions with your party of six plus a few summoned monsters of your own, and the battles now take place in real time. Arrrgggh, it is just too much to handle for this old codger.

Anyone else want to use the soapbox Question Smilie
I much prefer action RPG's a la Baldur's Gate or the old SNES games The Legend of Zelda and The Secret of Mana. Turn based RPG's always end up becoming more work than there storylines are worth... at least for me. The other extreme would be those games where you end up with one weapon or spell or combinations of the two that are effective 99% of the time. Then the whole thing just becomes tedious, constantly repeating the same action over and over until the battle is done.

Don't get me wrong, I love RPG's. But I prefer more time spent on storyline or character developement or even map exploration than overwrought menu surfing. Give me a sword or a bow, a handfull of spells, some magic healing items and such, and a kick @$$ story and I'll be good to go.
Well,I like RPG's somehow-specially Diablo1 and 2(i only finished the 1st one) and strategy-Heroes 3 of Might and Magic.Has anyone played Evolution?Not Evolution4x4 but Evolution!!!!??I think it's the most interesting game concept ever.

But I haven't played any game in 2 or 3 months(except some short Counterstrike blastings with some friends).
Who likes Sonic the Hedgehog?

I'll get my coat.....
Frogger? Pacman?

Okay, I'm going, I'm going...
Maybe Santa should buy him a few games for it Mellie.

I've got to agree with Elite 2 Frontier being a great game Ross. I had it on my old Amiga and spent hundreds of hours playing that. Any idea what's happened to Freelancer? It was written by the same person and was due out this Autumn. It seems to have disappeared though.

Other games that have stole hundreds of hours of my life are History Line and Premiership Manager (on the Amiga), Doom and UFO Enemy Unknown (on the playstation) and the Panzer General series on PC and Playstation. They are perhaps not the best looking games around, but they all had that certain quality that prevented me from ever putting them down.
Ok, on one of the computer game threads, I asked you guys to help me decide which game system to get Robbie for Christmas. I couldn't find the right one and I am tooo lazy to look very hard. Anyhow, we decided. Matthew bought a gamecube for him. It was suppose to be from Santa, but he saw it the night Matthew brought it home. Now we have to decide what to get him from santa. Thanks for the input.
Hogs of War on the playstation is another great game.
Sonic was cool although not as good as Retern of the Jedi on the Snes.
My Cousin had an Amstrad with Chucy Egg on that was cool.
The best thing of all though, up until I was eight years old we had an original Space Invaders machine instead of a dinning table and the ten pence used to roll out so you could just keep playing. I'm pretty Miffed though there worth a mint now and all my parents have at there house now is a table they never eat of, I could have stole that machine and had it in my house, it beats T.V.
Project IGI is a brilliant game out on the PC at the moment. The three best all time games on the PC are Elite 2 Frontier, Wolfenstien 3D (my dad cracked it so that there was an end of game baddie on every level and all the signs said 'Actung nien Alan und Ross.' Cool huh) and last of all Dizy the Egg!
Birthright the Gorgons Alliance was another good game.

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I love Final Fantasy! I have FF7 & 8 and will buy #9 soon...
I think you should take a better look into the game though, Grondmaster - excepting LOTR it has the best storyline of any book, movie, game, etc. that I have ever come across! The graphics are quite 'cutsey' but in fact it has a lot of depressing, dark and moody enviroments as well that really serve to bring out aspects of the storyline. Plus it was the first FF game into 3-D so the graphics can be forgiven... The character development and their background stories are also amazingly powerful, and I can say truthfully that they rival those found in LOTR. The turn-based battle system is not really that annoying in my oppinion either - probably because it was done so well and the battle and magic systems so well thought out - they allow for very imaginative combinations of magic and items.
Despite it's 'after-school-cartoon' look, it has more mature themes and settings then many would expect - believe me - there's brothels, tubs full of gay guys and *disgusting* old men to be found...
However the amount of side-stories, sub-quests and exploration available is fantastic and you will never find everything first time round. It took me like 8 months to finish it and I still hadn't found everything...
This is the one game that actually made me laugh and cry (and everything in between) out loud!
Perhaps you should try a get a bit more involved Grondmaster - you might be surprised!
Wink Smilie
I have nothing against violence in games, I just object to having to push more than two buttons. It confuses me.
I agree with PlasticSquirrel - what about good old Pacman??? The simple game where you eat dots and occasionally ghosts and sometimes get killed by the ghosts.... ok... maybe I'm a bit crazed here....

I don't get the obsession with games like Return to Castle and Resident Evil and games like that - what's with the bloodthirsty obsession? Games like Monkey Island are great - they're so funny and you need to use your brain.... Star Wars ep. 1 was good - an adventure game with some challenges involved - not always hack slash and kill.... (though slaughtering the poor, innocent civilians in Mos Espa is REALLY fun sometimes.... especially when you're in a bad mood.... until that Jawa with the shield turns up and kill you Sad Smilie ) But then again, I'm for the more "intellectual" kinds of games, if you get what I mean.. Tongue Smilie
I have painful memories of FF7.

When it came out I played it solid for what seemed like ages, trying to explore everywhere etc and not miss anything. My main characters were around 80th level and I was on the third disc, not far from what I was told would be the final battle with Sepharoth. Anyway, because I had been told it was a long battle, I put it away to be played the next weekend when I could afford the time not to rush it.

Anyway to cut a long story short, I saved some settings for a chess game, and it overwrote my FF7 save position without even asking me. ****ed, I was fuming! I never did finish the game.
What about Golden Eye and Mario Cart when you were playing against four other people? That was cool.

Absolutely agree, Ross. My nephews had Goldeneye and whenever there was a party at their house we would play and play through the entire party. Unfortunately, since they had the game and I didn't, they knew all the maps by heart and therefore would whoop my butt everytime. I still played.

The reverse was true for Mario Kart 64. I was so good at the game that no one wanted to play with me. Big Laugh Smilie

I no longer have my N64. I sold it along with my Playstation and Sega Genesis-CD-32X package sos I could by myself a guitar and amp. Now I just have a PS2, Snes (packed away in the closet... I lost the ac adapter) and a Sega Saturn that I can't seem to even give away. Oh, and I have an Atari 2600 and dozens of games for it packed away somewhere (I think, at my moms house) though, technically, It's not really mine.
I still have my Atari 1000 and my Commadore pet with all there games. We get them out every year and have marraton games battles for two days. I ussualy win having thumps like Gorillas arms!
I have kind of got bored of real time stratigy games and i have played the last two warcraft games to death!

I think robbies only about five so you don't want to give him too violent a game. So yet again I sudjest Mario as everyone like mario.
At the moment I am playing Dynasty Warriors 3 and it rocks. The jist of it is that you pick a warrior from one of three clans, theres about 40 people to pick. And you fight these battles against the other clans to see who ill unifie China under one Dynasty. Its a rocking game at any one point your fighting 60+ guys and your bodyguards are telling u your too deep. The boss is telling u to pull back . Then a couple of Generals come and u know u have to kick some ass. Alot of fighting plus stragety as well. Plus lots of weapons and items to pick up it a must buy game.
Is it ancient or modern day china?
If it's ancient I'd probably play it modern I don't think I'd bother.
I was trying the RPG game Wizardry 8 and I thought it was great. It is so much fun to play and you can be many weeks clearing the game. Then I’ve been playing Mafia. It’s very fun but not as much as GTA: Vice City is. LotR Two Towers game is great got it for christmas and then there are so many other games I’m playing and was playing. Smile Smilie
My favourite game is Outcast!I suppose most of you
never heard of it but it's THE GAME for me!
Filled with humour,action,adventure and most of all mistery!
It is an Action-adventure game developed by Appeal or Infogrammes(not sure)
year:1998-it's kinda old but I will never get tired of it.Try it you might like it!!!
As for RPG I like them all:Neverwinter Nights,Icewind Dale(best of them I think) ,Dungeon Siege and Baldur's Gate!!!
Why has noone mentioneed the Monkey Island Series, the Indian Jones series or Rex Nebula and the cosmic gender benders!
I know this is a little late but I totally loved Planescape: Torment! If I were to recommend anygame for RPG of the Century, I will pick it! Anyways, about Deus Ex, never got around to complete it....always gives me the spliiting headaches after an hour of play Sad Smilie Andthe monkey island series is totally hilarious with subtle jokes and cute references to movies and other assorted stuff I enjoy! Yeah, sure...I may be a geek....but I am a real proud one! Wink Smilie
I absolutely love the Monkey Island series - the first two are definately the best though. Other classic favourites include the Kings Quest series from 1 - 6 only, I've never played 7 but 8 was terrible and it just sorta went downhill from there. And of course Warcraft II - the third one looks pretty cool but I haven't played it yet.
I also really enjoyed The Dig and Noctropolis - both dos games i think.
Road Rash and Need for Speed III are also quite fun.
Sheep dog n' Wolf is the cutest PS game I've ever played Wolf Smilie Cow Sleeping Smilie and I'll always love Tekken III and Bloody Roar II and III on PS2.

And even though Two Towers is an infuriating game I love it anyway - just cos... well you know.
For anyone who's ever played it - did you ever wonder if Elijah Wood also gets irritated by the Frodo character always screaming for help in Moria when he played it? - " Aragorn, help! " Big Laugh Smilie
Did you not play the origonal Warcraft it was far supperior!
Allthough the best of all the RTS games was the origonal DUNE 2. Dune 2000 is a remake of it with better graffics more missions and video scenes, it has John Rhys-Davies as the House Atreides Mentat.
The best game ever, my friends, is Final Fantasy 7. Its greatness will never be surpassed. Tongue Smilie
It already has by many games. All the Final Fantasy series in my opinion are over-rated!
Yes, yes, yes.....YES!!!

Freelancer is out at long last, and from the reviews it sounds everything I was hoping it would be.... Elite III for the PC.

Oh well, just have to save up ’35 now and put plans of buying Battlefield 1942 on the back burner for a while.
Freelancer is out at long last, and from the reviews it sounds everything I was hoping it would be.... Elite III for the PC.

Val ther already is an elite3 for the pc but it was cack so I went back to elite2
Val ther already is an elite3 for the pc but it was cack so I went back to elite2
I never realised that, Ross. I used to play the original two back on my old Amiga about ten years ago. Freelancer looks good though (looks to carry on where Elite II left off - or did Elite III do that as well?)
No Elite3 was a complete flop, they released it early with all the bugs still in it, so you had to go on the internet to get a patch, but this was back when very few people had the internet! Tell me if this version is good or not, because the last one was pants and I could do with and upgrade, I sick of all the people in the Imperial navy having purple eyes Wink Smilie
My favourite games at the moment are: X-Men 2: Wolverine’s Revenge, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven, Devil May Cry 2, The Getaway and last but not least The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. I can’t wait until Enter the Matrix and LotR: Return of the King come out.
My top 5 as of now would be:
Kingdom Hearts,
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City,
Tekken 4,
and Dynasty Warriors 3 - Xtreme Legends (Fierce Warriors)
but not in that exact order
hmm,my favorites would have to be,
Star-Craft(I am noob)
Medal Of Honor(I just love to play that game when im mad,something about shooting people with a sniper gun just makes me happy again Wink Smilie )
Street Fighters(!!!)
I dont get time to play much comp games,I spend much of my computer time at Planet-Tolkien Smile Smilie

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I'm working my way through Tomb Raider 6 'Angel of Darkness' and the controls for the PC make it a b-word as they have changed the engine from the preceeding games.

I will someday return to Icewind Dale II and finish the last two battles. I like the Icewind Dale Series better than the Baldur's Gate Series, but still have fun replaying Planscape-Torment.

Also just restarted the AD&D 'Secret of the Silver Blades' on my Commodore 64 on which I like playing the AD&D games better than on my PC because Moslo has a hard time slowing the Pentium III down far enough. I should try file copying the game to a 1581 disk, and converting it to a .d81 floppy and try playing it on my PC via the VICE 1.9 Emulator and see if is any better. My Commodore stereo music files play fine using Stereo-SIDPlayer via VICE 1.9.
I've just restarted the greatest game ever (Final Fantasy 7).
Roflmao Ringfacwen! I love the sims too. Smile Smilie
Well, otherwise I'm a big fan of FPS games, like CS and Q3A. Smile Smilie I also like N64's Zelda - Ocarina of Time. Smile Smilie That's a GOOD game. Smile Smilie A bit slow when you've finished it 6 times though. :/
I've just restarted the greatest game ever (Final Fantasy 7).
It seems like a good one, I'm still trying to keep the train with the huge materia from crashing into North Core. Have fought these battles at least three times and still havent figured out the order of key presses to use for stopping the train when played on the PC. I could never get that safe open in Shinra Mansion either, I could never dial the second number correctly, let alone all four. The rotation was just too swift; I always stopped the dial one ahead or one past the correct number. Elf Rolling Eyes Smilie
I could never get that safe open in Shinra Mansion either, I could never dial the second number correctly, let alone all four. The rotation was just too swift; I always stopped the dial one ahead or one past the correct number.
If you stop before the number it doesn't matter, just keep going. It's only when you go past a number that it won't work.
I've just restarted the greatest game ever (Final Fantasy 7).
That one brings back painful memories. I had spent hours playing that game on the playstation using a borrowed disc. I had got all the way through to the final disc, and had been told I was only a short way from the ending. Because it was supposed to be such a collosal last battle, I left the game for a while until I had enough time to really appreciate the ending... Before I ever got there, however, someone's kid pulled the memory card out of the machine one day while it was switched on and lost me all my saves. Talk about gutted... I still cannot look at that young person without thinking, "Grrr... Final Fantasy."

I never had the heart to go back and start again from scratch.
wait...You guys forgot Halo! It is like the best first person shooter ever. I play for hours, but my computer is much to slow to play online.
And Lords of the Realm does anyone here play that?
In my opinion Wolfenstien 3D is still the best 1st person shoot 'em up. Come on it was the first one ever. Although Project IGI is very good. Halo does look good, but I can't afford to buy an X-Box. Plus it's made by Microshaft so it'll no doubt throw up an error code half way through a game.

Talking about Microshaft I cant play Frontier on my new PC. All because the new versions of windows have got rid of extended memory. Wy change something thats not broken?
Red Faction 2 and Metro Prime are both better then Halo.
I sorta though Metroid Prime had a few dull fighting stops, but yeah I can agree with that.
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