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I recently started playing Kingdom Hearts on PS2, it’s a great game altough it might be a little to hard for kids that it’s aimed at, but if you like Final Fantasy and if you like Disney at some point you will like this one, it’s just full of surprises, Example when you meet Squall from Final Fantasy VIII or when you find out that you can summon Simba. It’s a great game that I reccomend for every Final Fantasy fan, at least to rent over a weekend Big Smile Smilie
Best game about at the mo folks and ye can take my word on it and a few others is Planetside.
Its just one big mad freakin war which never ends. Its a online first person war game. Its you and thousnads of other people possibly more and yer just constantly fighting and it rocks.....oh how it rocks.
If any of ye our lucky enough to have broadband and willin' to pay a wee bit of cash each month go for it.
Death to the Vanu nad New Conglomerate. The Terran Republic will prevail.
Well, I am a total Video game freak! Though I do not own the fancy PS's and XBOX's but my good ol' computer is more than enough for satisfying my cravings! I have played lots of games in the past but right mow I m into playing Age of Mythology (awesome game! reminds me of LOTR with all its mythical creatures), Medal of Honor : Allied Assault (gr8 game but sadly enuf I've completed it), Enter the Matrix( love the movie! like the game!). And who cld forget FIFA 2003!(I m an absolute football freak!).
currently i am playing soul reaver : legacy of kain. it really offers some relief to burn, spike and melt vampires.
I've been playing UFO Aftermath for the past few weeks. I loved the original X-Com UFO Enemy Unknown when it came out on the Amiga years ago. This is pretty much the same game, just loads prettier.
I'm currently replaying for the third time all the Tomb Raider games; I've just reached Antarctica in TR 3 on my PC. On my Commodore 64 I'm replaying Death Knights of Krynn for the umpteenth time while watching TV.

I really should go back and finish the last two battles in Icewind Dale II on my PC, but I got bored with it, same with Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal. Too darned many spells, most of which are worthless and I never have the right ones memorized for the upcoming fight; if I've even found out which ones were which, and now I've forgotten most of what I used to know.

Same with these D&D 3rd Edition 'feats' with which I play like I've got two left ones. Give me a few Magic Missiles, Fireballs, and Ice Storms and I'm happy; I like games where third and fourth level spells are the limit and you don't have to worry about enemy mage's fifth level counter-spells.
Give me a few Magic Missiles, Fireballs, and Ice Storms and I'm happy; I like games where third and fourth level spells are the limit and you don't have to worry about enemy mage's fifth level counter-spells.

In that case, Grondy, u shld try playing Darkstone ( I think it's by Interactive Studios). It is a lovely game. Sadly I only had the demo and cldn't find the retail version anywhere. It does remind me a bit of LOTR when I play it.
Well it took me a while from first enthusing about getting it a few months back, but I've finally got Freelancer.... Actually got it at Christmas from my girlfriend (which was a really bad present on her part if she wanted to see more of me).

What can I say? It's everything I hoped it would be, and better. For any of you who liked Elite all those years ago, Freelancer is a must. Even better, I can link my two machines together and fly the Universe with my son. Weekends are just not long enough anymore.
My favorite games right now are The Lord of the Rings The Two Towers and The return of the King games. I'm not that great though!!! I have two more levels to go in The Two Towers but that is with help from a little cheat code I use to revive my health!! I admit it I'm a cheater!!! But let me tell you that there is no health reviving code for The Return of the King and I got past Escape From Osgiliath all by myself!! My brother got past the first Gandalf level, I believe it is The Road to Isengard. I haven't tried Shelob's Lair yet but eventually I will!! I can't get past The Paths of the Dead with Aragorn or The Pelloner Wall (or something like that) with Gandalf, I keep dying!!! Oh yeah the platform I have is Playstation 2. Well if any of you have tips please tell!!!

~Megan / HobbitHomie05~
I've been playing Johnnie Walker (my lil brother downloaded it and I cant stop playing it) and Star Craft Smile Smilie Which I'm still learning to play.
my favorite is: Vice city Halo Midnight club 2 the fast and the furious.
The ROTK game is much better than TT, I can't bring myself to play it any more.
You can't beat Vice City and Halo (not long until Halo 2)
After finishing Diablo: Fury Within on Hell and becoming a patriarch, I think I'll take a little break from games! I'm quite exhausted at the moment!
Well playing Dungeon seige at the moment. Have gotten bored with Planetside. I may go back and become a sniper hat might add abit of challenge. Plus I am waiting for the beta testing of the warhammer online game to began which will rock
Medieval Total War. Buy it it's ace. I've been playing this for over half a year now and I still love it.
I'll be replaying Pool of Radiance: Ruin of Myth Drannor when I can spend more time at the computer. It is a RPG dungeon crawl from 2001 and as it iis played in turns rather than in real time, I enjoy playing it.
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