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okay here goes:

3) Best all around Award: Aragorn (He's wise, handsome, has a sense of humour, is a great swordsman, brave, noble and virtuous)
5) Most changed Award: Pippin (He goes from village idiot/clown to a hero of great renown)
6) Friends forever Award: Legolas and Gimli (Their friendship is something quite unique, which makes me think it will last forever - that and they both went to the undying lands together... you don't get more forever than that)
7) Most intelligent Award: Gandalf (Said to be the wisest of the Istari, he always comes out on top in the end, he also trusted Frodo with the ring more than anyone)
8) Most unique Award: Tom Bombadil (There's no one else like him - no one even knows for sure who/what he is)
10) Biggest Ego Award: Sauron (Gee Sauron, what are we going to do tonight?...The same thing we do every night Saruman...try to take over the world!!!)
16) Screamer Award: The Nazgul Witchking (Ouch!)
22) Best Liar Award: Melkor ('No really, I'm not evil, I'm your friend... honest' or everyone else was just really gullible, depends on how you look at it)
23) Most Hopeless Award: poor, poor, Smeagol (There's no coming back from the fires of Mount Doom)
27) Rebel Award: Turin (leads a band outlaws and stubbornly refuses to listen to Beleg and Thingol when they ask him to return to Doriath - if he'd just been complaisant and did what he was told he could've saved everyone from a lot of troulbe)

That's all I can think of for now

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You go Arwen! That was great I might agree myself on the first one! hehehehe
Anyway, anyone is welcome to write their nomenations, you don't have to say all of them, you can just say one!
Hope it'll be fun!
Here’s my award list:
5) Pippin (as Arwen*Evenstar* says, he goes from an idiot to a hero!)
6) Frodo & Sam (They are just so good friends)
7) Treebeard (He’s very wise)
8) Sam (He does so much in LotR, saving Frodo & beeing a very good friend)
15) Bilbo (Gollum vs. Bilbo)
21) Sam (He would sacrifice himself for Frodo)
22) Bilbo (How he lied to the dwarves and Gandalf about how he got from the underground cave in the Hobbit)
24) Frodo (the madness to go with the ring to Mount Doom
25) Legolas (His bow skill is unbelievable)
That’s all I can think about for now.

Here's my list (no comments with come from me, since i didn't have time to do so)

1. Frodo
2. Frodo and Bilbo
3. Aragorn
4. Aragorn
5. Gandalf
6. Legolas and Gimli
7. Gandalf
8. Tom Bombadill
9. Gollum
10. Saruman
11. Legolas
12. Sauron
13. Pippin
14. Frodo
15. Frodo
17. Frodo
18. Gollum
19. ’owyn
20. Sam
21. Sam
22. Gollum
24. Sam
25. Aragorn
26. Faramir
27. Saruman
28. Saruman
29. Frodo
30. Sam
1. Sam (well, his heart practically pops out of his eyes soon!)
2. Pippin & Merry (for coming alnog on the whole thing even though they never really had to.)
3. Aragorn (Well, yeah)
4. Gandalf (He can just sweep the whole thing under the carpet, like me! Big Smile Smilie )
5. Smeagol/Gollum (He changes every minute or so. Wink Smilie )
6. Legolas & Gimli (cuuuuute! Besides, the whole elf - dwarf thingie)
7. Elrond (He'd look good in glasses)
8. Treebeard (well, what can I say?)
9. Smeagol ( He's so cuuute!)
10. Sauron (aha, taking over the world?)
11. Pippin (especially after the battle with the Uruk Hai when he's like "Where ARE we?" and Merry goes: "Oh yeah, we're precisely here, near to the bla bla")
12. Sauron (yeah)
13. Pippin (He wouldn't come a long way on his own.. Sad Smilie )
14. Gandalf (he just looks that way when they meet the Balrog in the movies)
15. Bilbo (tehehe)
16. Legolas (I'll never forget his intelligent "ORCS!!")
18. Smeagol ("So juicy sweeeet")
19. ’owyn (Well isn't she just the cutest you've ever seen?)
20. Sam (when he's too afraid to ask Rosie for a dance!! Cuuuute!)
21. Sam (like a dog he follows his master to the very end)
22. Saruman (mhm, Saruman the white of the many colours yada yada, taking over the world)
24. Sam (I wanna hear about Sawise the Brave!)
25. Aragorn (like: "You guys can just chill, ok? I'll take these five Nazguls and then I'll do a little trick with fire to entertain you while you wait, ok?)
26. Frodo (Well, not since he got stabbed he hee)
29. Frodo (woaw, I'd never do the whole thing)

Award Number 31: (Only for ME!)
The Most Arrogant Award
- King Theoden ("Who's king here?? WHO is king here?? Is it YOU? DON'T THINK SO!!")

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OK, i think i'm gonna try this Big Smile Smilie

2-Bilbo and Frodo
3-Aragorn(aka ESTEL!!!)
6-Legolas and Gimli
8-Tom B.
16-The Nazgul Witchking
19-Shadowfax Wink Smilie
26-Tom. B
30-Bill the Poney

that's who i pick Big Smile Smilie

Wiggle Smilie
Ok here's mine:

1. The Biggest Heart Award: Got to be Sam.
2. The Biggets Hearts Award: Arwen and Aragorn
3. The Best All Around Award: Frodo or Gandalf? cant decide
4. The Best In A Mess Award: Aragorn: he not only fixes messes, he looks good when messy
5. The Most Changed Award: Frodo
6. The Friends Forever Award: Legolas and Gimli - just too sweet
7. The Most Intelligent Award: Elrond - much wiser than PJ gave him credit for
8. The Most Unique Award: Gollum: unique is the nicest way to put it
9. The Most Unforgettable Award: Gil Galad - who could forget that death *shudders
10. the Biggest Ego Award: Sauron
11. The Just Plain Lost Award: Frodo. Poor Frodo
12. The Danger To People Award: Morgoth for his work with the newly awakened elves
13. The Most Dependable Award: Good old Sam
14. The "I Hate to Be Always Right" Award: Galadriel. Always has such bad news.
15. The Best At Riddles Awad: Bilbo
16. The Screamer Award: The Ringwraith's flying steeds
17. The Always In The Wrong Place At The Wrong Time Award: pretty well everyone
18. The Best Fisher Award: Gollum
19. The Most Adorable Award: Sam (nominates to annoy the Skwerl)
20. The Sweetest Person Award: Elrond. What can I say? just love him (book version that is)
21. The Most Faithfull Award: Can anyone be more faithful than Sam?
22. The Best Liar Award:Bilbo - for the whole ring finding business
23. The Most Hopeless Award: Turin - how much bad luck can one person get in one life?
24. The Bravest Award: too hard. All are soooo brave
25. The Best Fighter Award: Movie Legolas - wow!
26. The Purest Heart Award: another one for Sam?
27. The Rebel Award: Feanor
28. The Best Tricker Award: Feanor again
29. The Most Commited Award: um depends on what to...Aragorn to Arwen? Gandalf to the cause?
30. The Slowest Person Award: Treebeard - most 'unhasty' person ever.

1. Samwise
2. Arwen & Aragorn (THose to are crazy 'bout eachother
3. Eowyn
4. Gandalf
5. Gollum
6. Frodo & SAm
7. Gandalf
8. Sauron
9. Sauron
10. Aragorn
11. Bilbo
12. Sauron
13. Sammy!!!
14. Elrond

Aww god, I can't remember the awards.
Everyone we have our winners!

1. The Biggest Heart Award (One character): Sam
2. The Biggets Hearts Award (Two people): Frodo & Bilbo
3. The Best All Around Award (One person): Aragorn (duh!!)
4. The Best In A Mess Award (One person): Aragorn
5. The Most Changed Award (One person): Pippin
6. The Friends Forever Award (Two poeple): Legolas & Gilmi
7. The Most Intelligent Award (One person): Gandalf
8. The Most Unique Award (One person): Tom Bombadil
9. The Most Unforgettable Award (One person): Gollum
10. the Biggest Ego Award (One person): Sauron
11. The Just Plain Lost Award (One person): Pippin
12. The Danger To People Award (One person): Sauron
13. The Most Dependable Award (One person): Pippin
14. The "I Hate to Be Always Right" Award (One person): Gandalf
15. The Best At Riddles Awad (One person): Bilbo
16. The Screamer Award (One person): Nazgul
17. The Always In The Wrong Place At The Wrong Time Award (One Person): Sam
18. The Best Fisher Award (One person): Gollum
19. The Most Adorable Award (One person): Eowyn
20. The Sweetest Person Award (One person): Sam
21. The Most Faithfull Award (One pesron): Sam
22. The Best Liar Award (One person): Saruman
23. The Most Hopeless Award (One person): Smeagol
24. The Bravest Award (One person): Frodo
25. The Best Fighter Award (One person): Aragorn (duh!!)
26. The Purest Heart Award (One person): Faramir
27. The Rebel Award (One person): Saruman
28. The Best Tricker Award (One person): Saruman
29. The Most Commited Award (One person): Frodo
30. The Slowest Person Award (One person): Bill the Pony

And last but not least Aire's special award:

Award Number 31: (Only for ME!)
The Most Arrogant Award - King Theoden ("Who's king here?? WHO is king here?? Is it YOU? DON'T THINK SO!!")

Thank you everyone!!!
Very Sad Smilie Can't believe I missed this thread!!

Can't I go? Just for fun? Tongue Smilie Animated Wink Smilie

Ok, just for fun here's my list then:

1. Sam (sorry!)
2. Pippin & Merry
3. Gimli!
4. Aragorn
5. Gandalf (duh!)
6. Gimli & Legolas
7. Treebeard
8. Gollum
9. Gimli
10. Grima
11. Arwen
12. Sauron
13. Sam
14. Gandalf
15. Bilbo
16. Eowyn
17. Saruman
18. Gollum (duh!)
19. Gimli
20. Balin
21. Eomer
22. Saruman
23. Sauron
24. Bilbo (for going up to the dragon in The Hobbit)
25. Aragorn
26. Legolas
27. Gimli
28. Saruman
29. Gandalf
30. Barliman Butterbur

Smoke Smilie
1. The Biggest Heart Award; Nienor
2. The Biggets Hearts Award; Turin & Nienor
3. The Best All Around Award; Melkor
4. The Best In A Mess Award; Turin
5. The Most Changed Award; Eru
6. The Friends Forever Award; Gimli & Legolas
7. The Most Intelligent Award; Eru
8. The Most Unique Award; Tom Bombadillo
9. The Most Unforgettable Award; Melkor
10. the Biggest Ego Award; Melkor
11. The Just Plain Lost Award; Bombur
12. The Danger To People Award; Melkor
13. The Most Dependable Award; Sauron
14. The "I Hate to Be Always Right" Award; Namo
15. The Best At Riddles Award; Bilbo
16. The Screamer Award; Melkor
17. The Always In The Wrong Place At The Wrong Time Award; Feanor
18. The Best Fisher Award; Cirdan
19. The Most Adorable Award; Luthien
20. The Sweetest Person Award; Melain
21. The Most Faithfull Award; Melain
22. The Best Liar Award; Sauron
23. The Most Hopeless Award; Smeagol
24. The Bravest Award; Maglor
25. The Best Fighter Award; Hurin
26. The Purest Heart Award; Beren
27. The Rebel Award; Feanor
28. The Best Tricker Award; Sauron
29. The Most Commited Award; Melkor
30. The Slowest Person Award; Samwise
here goes...

1: Sam
2: Pippen and Merry
3: Frodo
4: Gandalf
5: Frodo
6:Samwise and Frodo
7: Gandalf
8: Inkeeper at Prancing pony
9: Legolas
10: Gimli
11: Eowyn
12: Saurman
13: Samwise
14: Gandalf
15: Gullom
16: Gullom
17: Arwen
18: Gullom
19: Merry
20: Samwise
21: Samwise
22: Sauron
23: Merry
24: Samwise
25: Aragorn
26: Samwise
27: Saurman
28: Sauron
29: Samwise
30: Frodo
i know... but i still wanted to put my info, u know, still gotta have my say in traditional me form!
Lady of Legolas it's been more than a month since the game ended.(Just to Inform you)

VERY not polite!!!! I'm very disappointed!

No prob lady, you play as much as you like! maybe we'll have a second round!
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Besides which, unless a thread is closed with the padlocked letter symbol, it is fair game. Many people have posted their ideas past the deadline; the only penalties they should expect to receive are the lack of both the glory and a prize if one was offered. But they may still post their ideas for their friends to read.

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