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As I'm always saying, there's nowt wrong with a ripped off copy of Windows, you certainly don't need to go out spending cash on external modems. Enjoy your time off you orc loving son of Morgoth, I don't finish til Monday afternoon!
Remember how on the old board I said that my dad thought he was really good with computers? Well, he did a really really good job with our computer a few days ago. Now we have a new computer. And so, no one in my family is allowed to buy anything ever for a very long time.

I finished school Friday afternoon (ahh...sigh of relief...) although it seems that every other school on the planet had a half-day and I had a full day. And a test during the very last block. (blah)
Will people stop going on about all this time off they get! I've got to work tommorrow!
I'm going to go out tomorrow because I don't have school...and then, the rest of the week, I don't have school also, and it's really nice today, not doing homework and stuff because I don't have school at all tomorrow. I think, tomorrow, while I'm not in school, I'll start rereading LotR. Becuase I have a lot of free time now, what with no school and all.
So, your off tomorrow then Chikakat. Lucky You. Smile Smilie
Hooray! It's now tomorrow! I've finished work for a whole two days, and I'm going to get so drunk!!!! *looks at rapidly growing pile of empty cans, looks at clock, worries* *drink how I said I had free time and all that? Never more free time for me this break. BLAH. I hate school. And everything connected with it. And also I hate random stupid responsibilities that I have to deal with when I'm supposed to not have to do anything. GRR.

Oh well...serves me right, I suppose, for being a brat about having free time...haha...sorry 'bout that...
Ho Ho Ho have a *drink Chika, and try not to think about it too hard.
I'm ignoring everything till tomorrow...if I ignore it, maybe it'll all go away...
Problems always go away if you ignore them Chika, especially if you take to the bottle! *drink
Trust me! I know what I'm talking about, I myself no longer have any problems (that I can remember) and I always employ this method.

(note from *Plastic s other personality: This man is a fully trained idiot, on no account ever take his advice ever, ever, ever. It'll all end in tears, mark my words. Smile Smilie
Yes its the old adage: Don't do what I do; do what I say.
About ree time Smile Smilie I've loads Sad Smilie... I wanted to work and get some money so i could afford dinner etc when i'm back to studying again.. but the weather has been arse... so me boss called a couple of times they hadn't got any work... till next year Sad Smilie

which gives me loads of time to re-read HP part 2 and play tetris

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hooray! A handy excuse for not working!!! *drink
lol! *drink
I'm in my holidays as well! Still am for another couple of weeks. So I can have another, *drink, I guess.
And yes, computers do suck. If only I could live without them, I know I'd try... Wink Smilie
oh but without computers you couldn't hang around here with all us lovely people...
I know... That's why I still can't live without them... Wink Smilie
Big Smile Smilie
I can't live without 'em because I'm addicted to stupid dad uninstalled it for like a week...I almost died.
yeah, I know the feeling.
Big Smile Smilie
Okay, lost me again (you're getting good at this) What the **** is IM?
*stupid Big Smile Smilie

Its 4 AM and I'm out of here! Good night all. Smile Smilie

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Now that's Dedication! Big Smile Smilie
*stupid Big Smile Smilie
Nighty Grondy. I dunno what IM is, just pretended to understand... Wink Smilie
I think it's instant messaging, I've remembered now.
instant messaging of the AOL variety...the only useful thing about AOL...
lost me again (you're getting good at this)

*evil snicker, gloating...* Wink Smilie Big Smile Smilie
I use MSN IM as AOL are the sons of Satan and must die. And you're not getting better at it anymore, as I've figured it ou all by my little self.
*snickers back*
Yeah taz, we've got an Advertising section for that sort of thing now! Wink Smilie
Big Smile Smilie
Oooh! ic now. I use Messenger too. Smile Smilie
I use mostly AOL just becuase more people I know are on it...the only person on my MSN list is someone I really don't like very much, so I don't use it so often...
Don't forget people that Planet-Tolkien has it's own cool email service

*cough cough* shameless plug *cough cough*

Big Smile Smilie
lol Can understand that. Don't use messenger anymore, not since I got my new mail address outside hotmail. Smile Smilie
Don't forget people that Planet-Tolkien has it's own cool email service Big Smile Smilie

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Even if this a tavern, I think (seldom), that Taz was on topic, or at least on your most current one. And besides that, it fit in with the logo at the top of the page. Big Smile Smilie

Can you get as well? Big Smile Smilie
Only if you're really good.....
Ohw well.. in that case I won't ever get one Sad Smilie
Neither will I.. Mad Smilie What if I make it to a council member? Big Smile Smilie
I used to have MSN IM. and Yahoo, and ICQ. Have not used any of them for a very long time. Wonder if my stuff is still around. Must check it out, if not i could start another one. lol.
I am afraid addresses are reserved for Council Members only but @TolkienMail is much cooler in my opinion Smile Smilie
Sad Smilie Just thought I would post to complain about my rapidly aging P3. My CD ROM is starting to play up and keeps freezing up in the middle of my LOTR. Oh well, I suppose I will just have to get a DVD player. Sad Smilie
Well you just complain about your P3, and remember some of us only have 433 celerons, and every time we get the cash together to upgrade something else explodes and needs replacing quicker (this time it's my soundcard, which has gone mono on me, b*gger!)
PlasticSquirrel without sound, that's a nasty image there mate.
I've got half of it, but mixing in stereo is a little tricky when you can't hear it...
Well, I suppose it matches my head at least now. Smile Smilie
Can I join in here?

My old Athlon 750 doesn't like the network card I've put in it (I've been told it's Windows 98 that doesn't like it, but heck, Windows 98 or the PC with it.. it's all the same to me).
And my new machine's running on XP, which I don't like. In fact I changed all the settings so that it looked more like good old 98.

And I'm sure my old machine's getting jealous of the new one. It refuses to shut down now days without me physically pulling the plug. And because I've only got one desk, I get a cricked neck and stiff legs when I play on my new one too.

And don't get me on the subject of ISP's.
Ok, my turn!
My QuickTime and RealPlayer keep fighting over control and neither play any sound anymore, anyway. When I play a CD on the computer, I get sound out of only one speaker.
So no trailers. Sad Smilie
Rednell: Have you checked the speaker connections and made sure the balance knob or lever isn't turned all the way to one side. (I know it is sort of like asking "Is it plugged-in?; however, best to find out early if it isn't.) Elf Winking Smilie
Rednell: Have you checked the speaker connections and made sure the balance knob or lever isn't turned all the way to one side.

Strange as this may seem, that is actually the first thing I checked. And then there is the issue of QuickTime and RealPlayer not emitting any sound. I get the pictures, just no sound.
But, then, if I put a CD in the CD Rom drive, I get music out of one speaker. Exploding Head Smilie
Sounds like the same prob as me Red, only it's not just CDs, it's everything (I even took the sound out the back and stuck it through my mixing desk just to make sure it was internal) so it's got to be the card.
Well my problem with quicktime is (here we go) that I can't download a newer version than the one I have now (older even then 5.0 I think). Hrmm. So no trailers for me either. Very Sad Smilie Exploding Head Smilie
I have the self same problem Tommy. And now it seems that Microsoft have something against you not using IE for Hotmail services, so I'm running two different browsers at once, dear god....
Ok, everyone, I have just signed up for the email that Taz was talking about.
My address is This way if my other one does not work, I can always use this one.

Ummm, Taz, if I go into My Account and change the email address that shows up for everyone to see, then that is going to mess up my avatar isn't it?
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