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Ok my turn my CD writer died but I have had it a year so that's about right yet when I Replaced the Cd writer microshaft of course didn't like it so I had to spend 30 mins messing about, my answer bring back Dos it was so much quicker and easier. As for Macintoss they must all be exterminated (cheap IBM components in anice looking shell and no second mouse button you have to use ctrl instead, grrr).

Msn for me even though it is Microshaft, Aol can't stand that connie on the adverts (hello I'm annoying please shoot me and don't forget your free CD) plus the fact my mum hates the as hasto spend hours sorting out the direct debits they take from her costomers accounts when they've already been stopped
Ok, everyone, I have just signed up for the email that Taz was talking about.
My address is This way if my other one does not work, I can always use this one.

Ummm, Taz, if I go into My Account and change the email address that shows up for everyone to see, then that is going to mess up my avatar isn't it?
But Mellie, when you say yes to the non-marraige proposal Taz has suposedly sent your way, your account will probably need changing anyway. Cool Elf Smilie
You never know Mellie could be into bigamy, she might like weddings
Never understood wedding dresses, they cost a fortune, look bloody stupid and you only wear them once.
Men just buy a suite or hire one so either way you're getting more value for money!
Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie I said, "non-marraige proposal". Orc Grinning Smilie
I blame the Animal cokkies I was eating yesterday for me reading your quote wrong, sugar high but so tasty chocolate, buiscuit and shaped like an animal, yum!
Sorry I retract my last statement and as this thread is about computers I blame Microshaft!
Grondy that was a blatant attempt to get me to check my email, wasn't it. Too bad I didn't see it sooner. lol.

That was so surprising. But if it had not been for Nell, I would probably not checked it till today. Man, I wish I had seen this thread sooner. Thanks for the hint thought Grondy.

Ross, I can't blame Microsoft, for anything. They take wonderful care of my family. I don't always like MS, but I am very careful about the negative things that I say about them.
#$%@ing !#@# computer keeps *$?%ing crashing!!!!

Mad Smilie Very Mad Smilie Exploding Head Smilie Boring Smilie Dead Smilie Disturbed Smilie Orc Sad Smilie
For some stupid reason XP does not like any of my usual chat-haunts tonight Angry Elf Smilie

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