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Thread: X-Men 2!!! WARNING!! SPOILERS!!

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Thanks for that, all of us who hadn't seen the film yet now don't need to!
Yep, thanks Irena. Cruel thing to do... Sad Smilie
Moderator SmilieThis topic is about the movie X-Men 2 and not about The Matrix 2: Reloaded....there is a such thread somewhere out there but please leave that out of X-Men fans faceModerator Smilie

And yes that was a very selfish thing to do spoiled the movie for those who read it and haven’t seen the movie....Please people no more spoilers....well try to keep the spoilers down....I’ll change the topic name now so that people will not suffer that terrible fate which Amari’ and Ross did.....I am sorry Ross and Amari’! Sad Smilie
To be fair though, if you're going to open a thread called Xmen2, you should probably expect a spoiler or 2, or 3 or 4. After all the entire net is full of spoilers for everything, so I personally don't think it matters that much, if you don't want to know what happens, don't read the thread. Fairly easy really.
OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Sad Smilie Sad Smilie Sad Smilie Sad Smilie Sad Smilie Sad Smilie Sad Smilie Sad Smilie Sad Smilie I'm terribly sorry for you ones that didn't see the movie yet, but as Plastic said, if your gonna open a thread called X-men 2, expect a bit of spoilers Wink Smilie Sad Smilie

Though NOw i feel i like, hated or something Sad Smilie .
Well, i guess those 2 or 3 or 4 spoilers were said, and i was ONLY ONE of them.
Steady folks, like plastic says, anyone reading a thread about a film can expect to read spoilers. What sort of content can such a thread contain unless it bears some reference to a film. If this is a selfish act, we are all guilty of it dozens of times here, as every other post either mentions something that occurs in the LotR films or the books.

If someone who hadn't read or seen them yet came in here and accused us of spoiling it for them, we'd soon tell them where to get off. What Littleirena has done here is not really any different so please be a little more forgiving with the critism.
Though NOw i feel i like, hated or something
Of course we don't hate you Irena! Don't ever think that!

So what you all are all saying is that the movie treads are only for those who already have seen the movies and all others should stay the h*ll away from them unless you want to know what happens? When the first post says "oh I can't wait to see it" you don't expect to see further down "yeah it's great and it ends like this". Where are we suppose to go to share our expectations about the movie and to find out what other people than the critics think?

It is fully possible to discuss a movie without spelling out all the detailes, so that the ones who haven't seen it still doesn't know, but the ones who HAVE seen it knows what you are talking about. At least I am capable of watching my tounge when talking about a movie when I know there are people around who haven't seen it. I would never post a spoiler without putting a warning in first, to me that is common curtesy. Now Alue has fixed the title so that isn't necessery in here anymore (thank you Aule).

Still don't hate you Irena. Cool Smilie
Ok, now a thanx to Aule, and also a great Thx to Val.

But then where are those that saw the movie and want to discuss it have to go? but let's just get on with things and understand that that can't be taken back...
I guess the thing to do is to have two threads, one for the anticipation before the movie comes out, and another for the spoilers by those who have seen the movie.

Personally, I agree with Val and I don't mind hearing about or reading the spoilers before I see a movie. I doubt if I'd even bother to see a movie if I didn't read anything about it including the spoilers; however, that is just me. I appreciate that some of you don't want to know how it all turns out, so I will try to better label the spoilers.
It is fully possible to discuss a movie without spelling out all the detailes, so that the ones who haven't seen it still doesn't know, but the ones who HAVE seen it knows what you are talking about.
That is very difficult to do though, Amarie. It is so easy when enthusing about something you have seen, to let slip something that gives something away to someone who hasn't. If I didn't want to know details of a film's ending, I'd be very wary of opening any thread about the subject.

Like Grondy said, we'll attempt to better label threads of this nature as spoilers, but in a forum such as this one, threads often go off topic and spoilers can pop up almost anywhere.

If any of you do post something which could be considered a spoiler, could you do it in a thread that contains a SPOILER warning.
First of all: Littleirena, we never meant that you were intentionally doing so....I am sorry for whatever I said that could make you feel "hated" or"disliked" but that is far from the truth...I am not capable of hating anyone here at PT because I consider you all to be my second family.....

Second of all: NOW this thread is open for discusssions about the movie Littleirena since I have marked it with a spoiler warning!

Third of all: Val you are right, everyone should take that in consideration that you should only write a post containing spoilers if the thread is marked: WARNING SPOILERS!!

Fourth of all: Man did I l’ke Nightcrawler! How he saved Rouge from the airplane! Or Pyro getting p*****d at the cops for shooting Logan in the head!


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Though NOw i feel i like, hated or something

Of course we don't hate you Irena! Don't ever think that!

Speak for your self Wink Smilie Tongue Smilie
Hahahhahaha.....Ross you really are MorgothTongue Smilie

Look at the his avatar everyone....can you picture Ross looking like thatTongue Smilie hahahha
That is me! Mwahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!
Ahem, stay on topic folks, please. Moderator Smilie

Littleirena, your input has shown us that it is important to properly label movie threads with a spoilers warning in the topic. . Big Smile Smilie

Now back to the movie:
I saw it, I loved it and I want to see it again. I have to admit that even knowing the ending, I still got choked up.

Orc Smiling SmilieOrc Smiling SmilieOrc Smiling SmilieOrc Smiling SmilieOrc Smiling SmilieOrc Smiling Smilie
Jean and Scott are my 2 fav characters, lol- so here it goes, Jean is Famke Janssen

I loved the opening scene, too- Nightcrawler was sooo cool-(i loved the blue smoke)

Tiny I Wiggle Smilie
Yeah Littleirena I know what you mean.....the brimstone smoke in the air after his teleportation......very well done that fighting scene.....and yeah Jean Grey was SUREY HOTTY DOTTY!!Tongue Smilie
But now i can't wait for X3 now. Hopefully Singer will direct again hes done such a top quality job with it. And now with the whole Phoenix saga starting hopefully Cyclops will have a more major role in this movie. I would like to see sabretooth back as well but make him have a more proniment role instead of just being big and scary. Also maybe The Sentinals as well...I always liked them.
Yeah....Darous you are correct!Big Smile Smilie
Me correct 'bout somethin' whooh that is scary. I wouls also like to see more of the main stream team coming into know Archangel, Havok and Gambit...don't know how this would affect the whole relationship between him and Rogue but this is one that Singer will have to look at and hopefully he doesn't put his foot in it.
Nah....I have to agree with Anilorak here.....I don’t think that they will go out in space with much science-fiction for the public maybeTongue Smilie hahahha
No but seriously I highly doubt that Singer will put in Gambit and make him and Rogue be alittle friendly now that he has put together Iceman and RogueTongue Smilie
I know he wont but it is still a letdown...If he was to stay true to the comics I say X3 would knock the ketchup out of Matrix Revolution. God it really would The X-Sentinals and Steven Lang bringing in the avengers and Fantastic 4. When The Avengers found Jean inside the cocoon in and then brought out of it in FF 286. But this is only a dream of a life long M.M.M unfortunately the long time comic fans can't have a movie which incorperates the comics because the film would have to appeal to people who have never sat down and read a X-Men and Spidey and DD and Blade comic. Were getting shafted for a bunch of kids who have never picked up a marvel Comic in their life. And it upsets me.

Moderator Smilie Just adjusted a few expletives.

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Me too Dar, but we just have to live with it I'm afraid.

(btw, was both very happy and sad all at once yesterday when i managed to acquire Howard the Duck #1 for only ’1.95, happy cos I got it so cheap, sad cos it turns out that's all it's worth nowadays. Still I managed to complete my Kraven saga and Sin-Eater trilogy at the same time, so not a bad day at all).
Good for you squirrel!!
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