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I remeber a venom comic as well or was it just spidey but they had venom in the issue corner?

Make mine DC (oh I've got that wrong haven't I)
The new Spectacular Spidey deal just a new volume same way they did with Wolverine its now at issue 5 again now. Unlike DC Marvel don't let there comics run into the 600 issues or so apart from FF #500 with is a fantastic read and if ya can get the specail edition Plastic you have scripts at the back of it and some drawin's as well and a few wee other surprises.

I'm currently on the hunt for back issues of Paradise X mainly the one offs and specials...its a good series to read if you havent read it already...but before you do check out Earth X and Universe X and even Marvels which has amazing Artwork all based on real people which is cool.
Alloso one ta check out is Transmetropolitan by Warren Ellis its a fantastic read and a good laugh check it out.

Don't know if ya have had a look at it yet Plastic the new Marvel comic Trouble. Im not too sure what there doin' with it but there tryin' ta say that Spidey was born outta wedlock. Don't know how this would develop the character we know now. Then theres The Human Torch and Sentinels comic series which are a good wee read.
Well I take a break cause I could go on all day
So make mines Marvel True Believers
I saw an ad for Trouble, it didn't look that hot, but maybe I'll check it out. One thing I do really want to get though is 1602 which is meant to be out on the 13th of this month, hopefully it won't suck as bad as 2099 did.

I've checked out the Venom thing, and all the others seem to be limited series, which may mean this one is as well, but the title is just Venom, NOT Venom:shiver as it would be with most limited series, so here's hoping it'll go on (though i'm not all that impressed to be honest. Why is everybody drawing mangastylee these days? I don't like it.

Plus the new spectacular should call itself volume 2 really, printing error I suppose, maybe I can get me a no-prize... amazing got to 400 before that changed to vol 2 didn't it? Is FF 500 still easy to get, or am I going to be as annoyed as the new League of Extraordinary gents comics, which dissapear before you can say "Might I have a copy of, oh..."
Anyhow, I'll search it out in a couple of weeks when I next get the bus over to Barnstaple for a little excessive comic buying. Got the new Thing limited series, well #1 anyway, must find the others, it's very good.

So, bring back Macfarlane, and until Frank Castle becomes a pacifist, make mine Marvel.
The Thing series is good keep on buyin' Plastic tis a good one. Saw the 1602 myself looks interestin', gonna have ta check it myself. Ye might get FF #500 if ya lucky really depends on how many people want it.
Also got the first issue of Thor The Vikings and it looks great...its one of the first Max comics I have bought so its pretty voilent which is nice lots of heads flying which is always great.
Also got Emma Frost issue 1 and Silver Surfer issue 1 have ta check out preview and see if there a on going series or a mini. EF tells the story of how Emma got her gifts. Artwork is nice and if ya interested in her history go for it.
SS now this one catches my speaks of a silver alien comin to african tribes and taking away young children.....wont say anymore but it one ta get yer hands on.
And then the big one....and I can't wait for it the JLA and Avengers crossover nuff said and yer gonna have every single member of the two teams makin an apperance.
Also the new Batman story Hush looks sweet with Jim Lee on looks amazing plus Jason Todds is back as well. Yes Jason Todds I don't know how he's back but its gonna be one he*l of a ride findin' out.
So until Wolverine gets a job as a pizza cutter and they actually find a pair of slippers for Galactus make mine marvel.
I've heard bad things about the new SS comic, but I might get it anyway. Have ordered 2 & 3 of the Thing series, and FF #500 (woohoo!)

Max series, I have the complete Howard the Duck from last year, which is d@mn funny, and really very good. Featuring Beverley Switzler in the shower, at long last, all my childhood fantasies come true, heh....

Not ever liked Batman, but I hear you get to find out who Hush is this week, very exciting. I did however find a great site which lets you pre-order all your comics 2 months in advance and not have to leave the house, just what I need. I stopped buying comics years ago cos I stopped going into Barnstaple as often as I used to, and that's the nearest comic shop. However, my gf bought me a couple last year, and now regrets it totally as all my spare cash is going on them again, doh!

JLA meets Avengers I think I'm gonna have to get, used to read both of them when I was a kid, when's it out?
might go buy the mighty Thor and stock up on Spiderman: Blue (even though I know every d@mn story in it) before it skyrockets (the first 2 have already doubled).

So til Danny ketch buys an asbestos helmet, make mine Marvel.
Well The Thing is a good wee series I'm just waitin for the next few now....
Always liked Batman....I think its because he has no special tricks or powers just a well trained mind and just patience to train.
But my favourite at the mo has to be ol' Frank himself The Punisher....if ya can Plastic get the back issues or probably better the graphic novel Welcome Back Frank by the most excellent team of Garth Ennis & Steve Dillon and that speaks for itself. The story is fantastic and the artwork is just amazing.
Talkin of the Dynamic Duo you have read the amazing Preacher series you must have and if ya havent I command you to go and buy it. If ye only buy a ween of comics by is truly amazing.
So until Charles gets a wig make mine Marvel.
Not read the Preacher at all (sorry) will get round to it honest.
The funny thing about your reasons for liking Batman is that they are identical to my reasons for hating him, he's not even a real superhero, just a rich guy with gadgets. Still, not getting into that, it always turns nasty.

I was under the impression that Frank was dead, but then so was Kraven, Jean Grey, Norman Osborne, etc. etc. etc. and they all came back anyway, will go find it.

I've started buying the old stalwart again as well, the amazing spiderman, now i love Straczynsky's writing, but I don't like the way Romita Jr. draws ol' webhead, what's with the weird legs? All skinny in the middle? That ain't Spidey. And my biggest gripe with new Marvel comics, where the heck have the Bullpen Bulletins and letters pages gone? It changes a good half hour's entertainment into about 10 minutes. Not good for my wallet.

Only one more "Night falls on yancy St" to go and then I'm there, only it's not out yet, oh well, not long. D@mn good stuff though.
Wish I could afford to buy everything I'd like to, but I think 20 odd quid a month on comics is enough, possibly too much... (has spent a goodly 3 figure sum on comics in the last week)

So, til Howard gives up the cigars, make mine marvel *WAAAUUUGHH!*
Me I spend too much money on them....way to much.
I know wht ya sayin' 'bout Spidey he's all out of perportion he crazy lookin'.
Plus the Bullpen Bulletins and Stan's Soapbox our missed. I know the letters page are still floatin' around X-Static has it thats the only one I have seen.
Now X-Static is strange one I like it the artwork is different but Im gonna see about gettin the graphic novel with the last X-force and then the transformation as such of X-Static.
Know yer not a Batman fan but a related title which is a good read is Arkham Asylum Living Hell. Which is just about the colourful characters of ol' Arkham...
Well gonna head on I have a few new issues to read
So until Beast gets a skinhead make nine Marvel....nuff said
Plenty Punisher back issues to choose from, can't find Preacher on my usual web-stockist, still gonna go to town next week and have a look in a REAL shop (how exciting).
Also made a decision to start buying Spawn again, I've missed a good 100 issues, but I reckon I can catch up, after all I've missed a good 15 years of Spidey and I seem to be catching on pretty quick. heh... if Spidey's gonna look dumb, I must have macfarlane somehow.

So til I run out of amusing marvel based quips (or Cable starts using foundation) make mine, erm.... Macfarlane?
Its been a while since I read Spawn now that brings back memories might reread some of the back issues. Have JLA/Avengers crossover reserved so I cant wait ta get me hands on it... it will be superb.
Gonna go lookin' for The Punisher war journals plus still lookin' for the Paradise X specials...hopefully I get them soon. Plus one of the comic shop I went to has closed down which is a shame but I suppose he just couldn't compete with the other store.
Well until Mr Fantastic endoarses Stretch Armstrong Make mine Marvel
Yeah, I read Spawn right up to the mid 20s, when I pretty much stopped buying comics, as I needed the money for something else. But you always knew that it was going to look fantastic even if the story was a bit odd. Though to be fair, the odd stories were another attracting factor. Will be interesting to see what it's like now. Of course it was another one that suffered from Howard syndrome, crappy movie removes most casual buyers from the market, but I hear it does alright for itself still, and that there's another movie in the pipeline, and it wil be less crappy. Here's hoping.

Is the Avengers/JLA going to be a Dark Horse comic like all crossovers used to be, or are DC and MArvel gonna do one each or what? And when is the release date? I must have it!!!

So 'til Johnny Storm starts taking regular cold showers, make mine Marvel.
So I got 1602 this week, it's fantastic, really it is, unbelievable. Also I got hold of Trouble a couple of weeks ago, more in-jokes than you can shake a stick at, even more than the Daredevil movie had. And nobody understood why I kept laughing at that one. Okay I bought more comics than you could possibly believe recently, we're talking 3 figures and the first of those 3 is higher than a 2, so you can tell I've got out of hand again.

Anyhow, what did I come here to say, oh, can't remember now. Still you must buy 1602, it's destined to become a classic. Plus don't listen to a guy who calls himself the fanman, he knows nothing. Reckoned that the new Surfer #1 was no good, because there was no action, and it just set up a plot. And he was similarly scathing about the last 2 issues of Amazing. He was wrong there as well.

Roll on sept 3 and JLA/Avengers. Oh yeah, started buying JLA again, what's with Luthor becoming president?
Well got 1602 meself and I like it. Also got Rawhide Kid which is funny...not one ye exept but I give it a thumbs up it is a good laugh....yup agree with ye on SS#1 but it looks good.
Trouble is a strange one still gonna buy it but I hope it doesn't go all sappy on me.
Reread the Ghost Rider Hammer Lane run yesterday which was top notch with ol' JB in the saddle it be proper Bo hahaha. Spectecular spidey gettin interestin will the symbiote win can't wait to find.
Spectacular is getting real interesting, and Trouble is geting real sappy, but that first issue was so damn funny.
Thing- Last Line of Defence is great, just got it yesterday.
I finally found a Preacher back issue, got no 40 I think with @rseface world in it. D@mn that's some funny **** in there. Might go in search of more. However, I just got Spawn 1-100 for a killer price, and may have to cut down my spending for a bit. I have a major addiction problem going on here. Oh well, beats smack I suppose!
Been meaning to get hold of Hammer Lane since I noticed it existed, but never have, bum. Been reading the old JB series recently, but it just isn't as cool as Dan was, I prefer the guy, might just be cos it was made later, I'm sure Blaze is fantastic with a newer team on him, he was great in SPirits of Vengeance, and his the Blaze ongoing series anyway.
Waiting round for SS#2 now, to see if the series will be good, or dumb. Bought Spider-Girl the other day, won't be doing that again in a hurry....
Glad ta hear ya got a Preacher back issue, it is the dogs b*ll*cks. Never bothered with Spidey-Girl didn't like the look of it and from whay yer sayin' probably good I didn't.
I'm waitin' now for the rest of Paradise X to come then I have ta go lookin' for the specials from it....always something.
Also the Hush run on Bataman is gettin' interesting. Wasn't Jason Todds back from the grave. Turned out to be ol' Clayface messin' around but it still leaves the question of who is behind it all.
Just got FF#503 and just finished Wolverine#4 which was a good read but still questioning the artwork...Darick Robertson is ok but he makes Wolvie look too small sometimes and a bit too old. Logans been about for a while but he is still in good shape.
Plastic I know you aint a fan of ol' Bats but if ya have Kazaa lite at all Go and look for a video called Batman Dead End. It is a short 6min fan film but it is quality it got approval from Kevin Smith and was shown at Comic-Con recently.
It really is a dead end for Batman but I don' want to tell ye who in it....but check it out man the start is a bit corny but its proper bo at the end.
Righty, where to start, oh yeah. I failed miserably to get last weeks JLA, it sold out way too quick and now I cannot find it. BOOOO!! Have JLA/Avengers on order, HOORAY! Some things are good.
I did just spend an extortionate amount of cash on the first 100 issues of Spawn, I think it was worth it.
And, bargain of the year, got Amazing #36 (yes that one) for only ’15, at last. Could have had it for a fiver a year or so ago, but thought I'd save my money that day, as it surely wouldn't go up much further....
FF503 was real interesting wasn't it? Reed annexes Latveria, oh dear...
and Spidey #57, wow, roll on #500 I say.
Bought so many d@mn comics over the last month or so, I can't remember what they all are. Just got a Batman #500 in a cheap bundle, it's in it's original sealed bag, but I think I may have to open it, as he's starting to grow on me a bit, the more JLA I read.
Hmmm... what else now, I need this week's order to get here, JLA/Avengers.... ooooooh!! I'm quite excited, and I've heard nothing but good things about it.
JLA/Avenger s I like it.. I like it it alot. Need ta go and do a big comic shop today or tomorrow we shall see. gonna stop getting be gettin to sappy for my likings.
Good call on the Spidey back issue I take me hat off to ye m8 that was cheap as chips.....well if ye had bought it a year ago it would have been cheaper than chips were talkin cheap as say penny chews at half price.
FF lookin tasty. I'm seeing the beginnings of Earth X here.

Have ye read a series called Just A Preacher (no relation to Preacher) I have a few graphic novels but am gonna go for the back issues. D@mn interesting read.
Thor71 is a interesting one. It's set 20 years or so in the future and if ya have been reading Thor lately then ye know that Thor now ruler of Asgard brought it to Earth to watch over all mankind.
Well ye know what happens then things never turn out the way its supposed to but it be good.
Just remembered a must for you to get Plastic if ye can back issues but the graphic novel is beautiful....
Spiderman Blue, first answer it's not what ye think.
I was asked that question everytime someone asked me...
"wha' cha readin'". Its about Peteys first love and how they got together or how they didn't with a certain villian setting traps for him.
But it is a amazing read and it gets to ye. Same as the death of Gwen got to me and when the M'krann Crystal engulfed Earth and what did tou see in there last moments Gambit and Rogue kissing each other as they knew there time had come.
So nuff said check it out.
So until the The Thing gets a manicure and Wolvie gets a job slicing pizza. Make mine Marvel.
I got all of Spiderman:Blue now Dar, yeah it was great stuff.
JLA/Avengers is fantastic, loved it. Need more (where does it go in the collection? Marvel or DC? I'm stuck here...
Haven't been reading a lot of Thor for a long time, might check that out.
Finally read WOlvie's Origin series last week as well. Wow! That was good, very good....
And it's great to see David Mack back for a five-issue run on DD at the mo as well.
Have you tried formerly known as the JLA at all? Well worth a read. Very very funny.
Erm... I think that's it for now.
So til JJJ gets an "I love Spidey" Shirt, make mine Marvel.
Wolvies origin is superb a fantastic read loved every minute of it. The 5 run issue of DD is nice have the first one so can't wait for the rest.
Haven't read the formaly of the guys in FP told me about it while back have ta check it out.
Spectacular Spidey 4 very good nice appearrance by the FF as well and big shock 'bout Eddie.
New X-men is hottin' up as well with the return of the big bad. And within the ranks of the X-men for months. Its gonna hit the fan.
Plus Punisher was a good read and a nice way for it to end. Frank draggin a killer from the back of the truck. Only Frank could get away with it.
Well untill Sabrettoth and Wolvie sit down for a heart to heart make mine Marvel.
Have to wait til the end of the month for SS#4, cos it's on my pre-order list at 86th floor (great site, cheap comics, but you have to know what you want 2 months in advance) salivating in anticipation.
Formerly known as the JLA keeps selling out really quick. I haven't managed to get 1 or 2, but I got 3 last week, and I hear it's all sold out already. What is it with JLA titles at the minute?
I can't ever keep up with all the X-titles, so I don't get 'em very often.
Yancy street #4 has to be the biggest anti-climax I ever read. Great series, but goes out on a bit of a whimper, hey-ho.

Nice one! Finally got an email confirming that the ebay guy who i thought had ripped me off, hasn't at all. My League of Extraordinary Gentlemen collection is complete! (til Mr. Moore finishes vol2 #6 anyway). Nice one.

Other amusing Marvel-related things, I talked my 12 year old-not-quite-step-son into doing his history project on Stan Lee and his effect on the comics industry. Just hope his teacher agrees that it's genuine history....
Big news Dar! Don't know if you already knew this or not, but I'm going to tell you anyway.
Starting with Punisher #33, Wolverine, Spiderman and Daredevil are getting together to stop him from once again trying to kill the marvel Universe as we know it. This will be leading into the end of his Marvel Knights Title, and the beginning of what we all know Frank deserves.....

Wait for it...

Punisher Max! Oh yes, freed of the PG restraints he's been stuck with, and done once again by the splendiferous Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon (yep, you converted me, they are fantastic), Are you excited yet?
read that meself at and I cant wait blood bodies and more bodies what Frank does best I can't wait. It will be fantastic. The Marvel Knights run was good caught some back issues of it. The one where Frank blows away Wolvies face and then smacks in the the ya know what and then no overkill at all runs him over with a steam roller is great.
Also got The Punisher statue the one where he is standin' aimin' the pistols cool as and looks nice with the rest of them
Heh, over at somebody suggested the Russian should go topless in the Punisher MAX, now there's a scary thought.
Please Plastic dont give me nightmares man especially if he starts doin' his Spidey impressions.
Heh, btw, Ennis and Dillon are on this week's Punisher, good eh?
Cool stuff I have read this week:

Superman/Batman #2 - My god but this is a great book. I can't fault it, it's funny, action-packed intriguing, and making me wish I'd bought #1.

Superman Birthright #3 - Great book, Supes sews his costume. Also very funny, and a bit like being there for those early Action Comics.

Ultimate 6 #1 - You must own this comic. Really, you must.

And on a sourer note, Daredevil 52 really sucked. It looked like it was just about to get going, and then we got another issue of Echo's origin (again) very cross I am, very cross indeed.

I think that is all I had to say, unless you can tell me how the heck I can find a copy of Wildguard: Casting Call #1, I can't find it anywhere, and I wants it...
My cash is runnin' low at the mo bub so Im a wee bit behind....but X-men is hooting up withy the return of the main man Magneto and he is gonna turn the world upside...quite literally, In the Planet X saga which is gonna be Morrison's last run on the series which his a shame but with the school blown up the X-Men M.I.A and Xavier locked in a glass tank. this is gonna be another story ta change the face of the marvel Universe.
Also one ta look out for is Wolverine The End should be out shortly and it tells of the canuckleheads last days...should be good.
Ultimate 6 #1 got it hopefully doent missed #2 it s out already
Supes Birthright have ta get it
Bats/Supes didnt see it dang
Ol DD well im sittin at the sideline at the mo mack is good yes but wait ta see the later issues.
Got X-Men Inferno couple of weeks back very good read and have Punisher Max set aside for me now cannot wait for that gonna be fun.
FF is gettin good and on that note Paradise X I cannot wait. with Marvels host of Angels dead (he killed them himself) and with a new kree nation rising in Paradise whats gonna happen. And Reeds lost somewhere in Paradise should be something interestin'.
well laddie thats my two cents so until Frank joins the Peace corp make mines marvel
Well Dar, I have Ultimate 6 #2 in my sweaty hands as we speak, haven't read it yet though. Supes and Batman is selling out quicker than you'd believe, but I got a 2nd printing #1 for a fiver (first is up to a tenner already). And Birthright 3 and 4 are great, but I wouldn't knock yourself out trying to get 1 and 2, they're a bit ho-hum.
As to the FF, have you heard the news? 2004 they get their Ultimate book going, and another FF title coming out as well, so that'll stretch your wallet.
The best thing in comics at the moment however, is Captain America himself. Don't know if you've been reading recently, but he's stuck in some alternate universe (I think it's all happened cos of the Red Skull dabbling in time travel) where the Nazis won WW2 and the Red Skull runs all of America.He is woken up from the ice (sound familiar?) and taken back to New Berlin where after escaping the Red Skull he runs into Reed Richards and his resistance group (who have no powers, but familiar catchphrases) and man, just loads of really, really cool stuff. You have to get 17 and 18, and then keep going, really you do.
Man, it's just really good, oh and Marvel finally got their fingers out, and Silver Surfer #2 is out on October 29th.
Haven't read this weeks purchases yet, but will get back to you later. Still don't read X-books after what they did with them in the 90s, it's bad enough having 3 spidey titles and a couple of mini-series to keep up with, without all those X-books.But I do have Wolverine: The End on pre-order (he doesn't count, he started as a Hulk support act).
Oh yeah, Ennis and Dillon on Punisher 32 was really good, how much more crap are they gonna pile on poor old Soap?
And I found Wildguard:casting call #1 finally, it was worth the hunt, it's absolutely fantastic go to where Todd Nauck will answer your questions about it.

So til Reed Richards gets a sense of humour, Make mine Marvel.
Payday which means onething apart from dancing and gettin guessed it mate.
Just read Ultimate 6 #2 and 3 and it was great and its gonna get better....I was wonderin' when ol' webhead would get involved.
Also the last issue of Paradise X X (thats what is called) and I was surprised by it. Didn't think Marvel was up ta what he was up to but it's a good way ta end the X trilogy. Now just have ta find the specials which I missed out on only a couple I missed.
Got the first issue of Thanos which is good with Adam Warlock poppin' up it ain't the kinda storyline I thought Thanos would but something is lurkin' in the back somewhere.
Also got Punisher #33 the beginning of the end but I can't wait ta see how this little episode finishes up.
Also got the #9 of HERO haven't read it yet but the device is on its way to Gotham so will Bats deal with it. But if he does try it how do you fight someone who can become whatever they want.
Also got Magneto Rogue Nation. Which started up when I ran out of money a few years back and couldn't get the comics anymore but glad I got the issues cause it was a good run. When Magnus got Genosha which then led to The Sentials blowin' it up and Magneto supposedly dead....which we know was a bull. Now just have ta get them back issues now more money.
Got #3 of 1602 and it's pickin up but with Neil Gaiman at the helm and Andy Kubert ye know ya gettin a dang good story.
Also don't know if ye have been readin it...but Weapon X is gettin' interestin'. The Director is on the run and Jackson is the new Director. The underground lead by Cable have had a mind wipe and think Neverland and Weapon X program is finished but something Sinister appears.
Then Sentinel lookin' good and young Justen or whatever his name is is feeling the strain of being a Hero.
Fantastic 4 Ultimate series nice and it had ta happen at sometime
Took a quick look at WildGuard but gonna give it a closer looks interestin'.
Well Plastic I have plenty more ta read and plenty more ta write.
So until Spidey stops it with his wise cracks make mine marvel.

[Edited on 12/10/2003 by Darous]
Don't have Ultimate 6 #3 yet, or Punisher #33 as I had to use a different supplier this week, cos Reed Comics never stock enough Image books, and I had to get Capes #1 which is finally out this week. This other supplier take ages to get the comics out to me, so I'm in anticipation right now.
Thanos is a bit odd ain't it, but I reckon it's got a few tricks up it's sleeve yet.
Again, I am still exercising my X-titles boycott from the 90s, which may let up one day, but not just yet. So I haven't read any of 'em. Plus more and more of my books are going on the monthly pre-order system which means I won't get 'em til the end of the month, sucky, but much, much cheaper. So til then, I must stick my fingers in my ears and hum loudly when I peruse the forums.

So, til Dr Bong gets a proper head, make mine marvel.
Plastic forget about yer x-men boycott . Man this is gettin seroius its gettin' freakin carzy go out now or whenever you read this and get new x-men 146 147 148 then then next two. man ya have ta get this cause this is gonna change the whole face of the x-men universe trust me man.
Man, I heard they killed two people who are a little important to the entire Marvel Universe. I smell a dream sequence coming on... sucky indeed. Boycott continues, until I am proved wrong.

(Hungrily waiting for John Byrne's run on JLA now...)
Plastic Grant Morrison does what he does best he come sto the Marvel Universe and does something great and when he leaves its like a hurricane. He destroyed Genosha then supposedly Magneto and now were left with Logan sniktin' Jean Grey and both of them being burned in the sun. But what will happen next well yer gonna have Jean reborn as the Phoenix cause she has ta burn. Just like a proper Phoenix....they have ta be placed in a metal coffin so they will emege. Jean in the arms of the metal man Wolvie plus in a hunk of Asteroid M the man is a genius.
But I am thinkin big style Dark Phoenix decides ta go ta earth and whip Magnetos butt....I may be wrong but something big is gonna happen.
Got the last issue of the Domino run which was good ya find some stuff out 'bout her and her past.
And get yer greasy paws on Weapon X my friend its gonna be sumthing else.
So until Ben Grimm finds a manicure and Cable becomes a hippy make mine Marvel.
No X-men, me cannot afford to get into them as well. I'm getting Wolvy:end though. I just listen to what everyone else tells me about the X-titles. Does sound cool though.

What was cool this week... can't remember, but read Capes if you can get it, it really is fantastic. Robert Kirkman is writer #1 at the minute.
Amazing Spidey 500 was thumbs up plus the birthday surprise Doc Strange gave him was fantastic. It's always nice for Spidey ta gwt something back.
Also got a few new comics Feathers and Sword of Dracula ta name a few and I like them. Steve Uys work on Feathers is fantastic.
Uncanny is good ya find out that Kurts pa is Satan or a demon sayin he is.
Got latest Punisher as well. Frank narrowly escapes his first run in with the posse.
Got Hawkeye 1 ta see what its like I'll keep ya posted on that one.
Got a few others but cant remember them.
So until Reed sets the doombots on the rest of the FF make mine.....oh wait he did catch latest FF....marvel.
No 500 yet, have to wait for the big monthly order to come through. So if Nightcrawler is the son of Satan, does that make him Daimon Hellstrom's brother? I smell badness, and I still don't buy X-men. It would seem that I no longer buy Wonder-Woman either, as I can't get 197 anywhere online, and I'm quite upset about it. Greg Rucka is doing a great job with her at the minute, and I was just getting really into it. Oh well.
Haven't got this weeks comics through yet anyway, so more to say in a couple of days when I've read them.
So til Cap wakes up in a parallel universe where the Red Skull rules the free world.... oh hang on.... Wink Smilie
For the sake of it, just some background info for openers, I’ve always been fascinated, and way into super heroes pretty much my whole life. I started reading comics when I was a little kid, and I was really into drawing when I was younger, so comic books were definitely my thing. Marvel was always my favorite company, and I collected somewhat seriously until I was about 19 years old.

I think around that time I had practically every single issue of the X-men (which was my favorite). Unfortunately being young, dumb, and in love, I sold my entire collection that year to buy a birthday present for my then girlfriend (dumb).

I remained interested in comics after that, but really stopped buying, and collecting. I guess a few years later, I kind of got back into it a little bit. Spiderman was my second favorite, and I was really into the stuff Macfarlane did when he was doing Spidey, so when Spawn first came out, that definitely got my attention. I followed that until it was in the mid 20’s or so, but I didn’t care for the sell out direction the comic was heading in, so I bailed out.

I still have a small collection that I keep of some personal sentimental favorites like the first Wolverine 4 issue mini series (and about the first 20 issues or so from when Wolvie got his own comic), some Spidey’s I have that T.M. did, and good stuff like the Sin-eater, and Torment series, about the first 25 issues of Spawn, plus some other goodies that maybe I’ll babble about another time.

Anyway, I have a close friend that is just as big of a comic maniac as Plastic and Darous (he actually sells comics for a living as well), and he always keeps me updated with stuff that’s happening, and he’s always dropping off loads of comics for me to read.

Lately I’ve been reading a lot of Daredevil (always one of my favorites as well). I’m right in the middle of reading the series called ’Lowlife’. I’ve read the first three out of five in the series so far, and I’m really enjoying it. I also read several issues leading up to that series where the whole White Tiger trial was going on, if that means anything to anybody. I’m looking forward to getting issues 4 and 5. After that I’ve got a bunch of X-men that my bro dropped off for me to check, including a cool Ghost Rider/X-men team- up, and then I’m going to read issues #417 & 418 of The Incredible Hulk.

So make mine Marvel too please!!! Elf Smilie
Well welcome too our weeee corner of comics Elfstone. Always good ta meet another fan.
Wahey! Another one! GOod to see another Spawn and Macfarlane fan here. I've got 'em all, love it, and the comic never really turned sell-out, it was just the toys, movies,cartoons etc. that did it. The latest storyline in Spawn is really very good indeedy, Twitch's son got dragged down to hell, and he and ol' spawny boy are just about to set off and find him, looks good? Hell yeah.

And I hate the way DD is drawn in the Punisher at the mo, he looks ridiculous. Great story line though, and lets hope Wolverine's shock appearance in DD 53 will stop this story being as dull as it has been.

Is that Xmen/Ghosty crossover the Brood Feud? cos if it is, it's utterly fantastic, and one of the few X books I own, only got it to find out if Ghosty came out alright from his own book, damn 90s Marvel, they really did try and squeeze you for all you were worth back then.

So til Krypto gets worms, make mine DC at the minute, and maybe Marvel again in a couple of months when they sort out Daredevil...
Wolverine The End Fanfrickintastic. if ya dont have it get it.
Fantastic 4 yikes its gettin good. Has Reed taken his own life to stop Dooms weapons gettin into the hands of foriegn countries. I dont know. But as Tony said in Death realms in Paradise X when he found out he was dead. How would the world survive without Reed Richards.
Avengers lookin tasty She-Hulk is all hulked up and lots of "She Hulk smash" looks like she is a chip of the ol' Banner block.
Weapon X lookin good...chamber joinin the bad guys umm could be interestin'. Lastest Wolvie always good cannot complain about the wee man.
Also got lastest Punisher thumbs up once again cannot complain. Well who could with Garth a local lad as well doin' the business. Won't say nought if ye havent seen it yet.
Still waitin for Sword Of dracula issue 2 and Feathers as well and another one Heavens Devils.
Thats my two cents so until the DD Spidey and Wolvie kick Franks ass *It'll never happen* make mine marvel.
Ha ha! Did you see what Frank did to Wolvy? How funny was that? Laughed my arse off. I agree on the Avengers, utterly great at the moment.
Wolvy End is coming at the end of the month, heard great things about it, and am champing at the bit for it.
What else is very cool at the minute.... Ultimate 6 is still going good, Capes is proving to be a way good mini-series. Marvel are annoying me intensely with DOc Ock overkill, oh and get MVcreations fantastic "Tales of the Realm" if you can, it's the most original thing in comics at the minute.
Also, if you don't know, I just ordered the SUperman/THundercats crossover, that has to be funny.
So til Wolvy gets his flesh back, Make Mine Marvel.
My friend there must be some link between us I have Supes Thundercats cross over already and its a great read.
After readin it I was wondering about with the intro ta Thundercats going over in the ol' noggin. Ya remember it dont ye.
Now let me see I have read quite a bit now since we last the new Punisher oh yes and a interestin' surprise on who yer bloke is but he is gettin around none the less poppin' up in the Avengers.
Got JLA/Avengers 3 havent read it yet will very soon cannot wait.
The Doc Ock overkill is for the new movie so we'll just have ta grin and bear it. But can't complain with him floatin' 'bout in Spectacular artwork is great and its gonna be a tough road for the ol' webhead.
Fantastic Four gettin crazy and with it bein' the fantastic 3 at some point it ain't lookin' too good for the crew.
Update on the X-titles cant complain with uncanny and new but you know what I miss the massive crossovers....I remind you the Onslaught saga which incompised near the entire roster. That was something mighty and with whats going on in the x-titles and this concerns all the other titles the likes of Punisher and DD and Wolvie perfect example. But I know the argument is that fans weren't too happy cause then ye had ta go and get all the different issues to know what was going on but I miss it. And they were great.
But back to the matter in hand final issue of Thor The Vikings on the max series nice . with Garth and Glenn goin' that ye cant complain.
Got second issue of Heavens Devils and cant complain good read artwork is nice.....check it out.
What do ye think of the current X-Statix run...I like it. Some people complained 'bout the artwork but I like simple but it stands out and catches the eye and the storyline is just good fun and the wee intro at the beginning ye cant beat it.
Well gonna take a breather there the head is just a swarmin' mass of comic related doodahs.
So until the Hulk dresses up in a tutu and does swan lake make mine marvel.

[Edited on 27/11/2003 by Darous]
Well, I must say I hate the art on Spectacular Spidey, but loving the story, and on a slight variation, Venom has got a whole lot better since they gave the art to Paco medina, this is a fantastic book at the moment.
Wolvy End was great, you were very right. As to the Supes THundercats, my shop cocked up, and I still don't have that weeks comics, they're supposed to finally get here tommorrow, so I'll tell you then what I thought of it. Hmmm... what else have I been reading today? Oh yeah, the ol' green meanie is gettin' everywhere isn't he? How did he end up in the back of that van anyway?
JLA was good this month, Wonderwoman dressed up as Batwoman was great, liked that a lot. Superman/Batman still utterly brilliant in every way. Have also yet to read JLA/Avengers #3, I'm about to read it when I finish writing this in fact. But have heard great things about it.
Erm... brain clogging up, can't think straight, oh yeah, everyone seems to hate WOlvy at the mo don't they? First frank strips all his flesh off, then the suit blows him up in Venom, then in the next issue, the weird chicks nuke him, and the suit looks set to blast him again in the next one. And on top of that, Marvel are publishing his end, poor guy...
So just as soon as they let Daredevil show up in his own book again, Make mine Marvel (Btw, turns out Mack solicited it to Marvel as an Echo miniseries, but the boss guys decided to put it into DD's book, so I've stopped blaming Mack for what has happened).
I think Wolvie is the Marvel whippin' dog at the mo poor sod. Well let me see..... have read 1602 #5 which was a tasty wee number with a funny intro from Neil and Andy.
Spidey and Dic Ock Negative Exposure I'm likin' it now... yer thoughts on it, I like the challenge Ock has set down for Spidey.
What else got #2 of Sword of Dracula, and its blimin' great missed ot on #2 of Feathers but got #3 have ta go huntin now.
Uncanny X-Men no complaints just waitin now for New X-Men 150 ta see who snuffs it.
And Banner is showin up everywhere...I tell ye that boy does get around, I wonder if Billy Whizz is givin' him a lift and on the that note a firm favourite The Galaxys Greatest Comic. Yup ol 2000ad...I woulkd have ta say it is the one comic that I have the least complaints about. It is always a good read. Well have ta shoot on a grab another cold one and I'll drink one to your good health Plastic. And have yerself a good christmas and a very drunk new year man.
So until Wolvie starts fightin in a bright pink suspenders make mine marvel.
Well its that time again. First off got Robotech Invasion. Now I saw this and just thought back 10 or 15 years ago and watchin' Robotech on telly....and I thought what the sneck and I'm glad I did. Tryin to remember what was happenin' at that time and whats goin' on now.
Got New X-Men which is a good read...but I have to say it seems very much like Age of Apocalypse and Beast looks very similar in his getup. Got Wolvie The End number 2 Pary Smilie Pary Smilie Pary Smilie and it is gettin interestin. Oh yeah got Ultimate Fantastic Four and I like spin on the story which is always good and interestin' ta see a wee bit of history before it happens. Avengers I liked it. Nice ta see cap over in ol' blighty. And got Hawkeye 3 which is ok good storyline and the artwork is interestin ta see where they go with it. new Punisher on the way as well and I can't wait and the film is comin as well seen the trailer for it and I like it. Hopefully I wont be disappointed. New FF Marvel Knights startin as well and at last Macks run on DD has finished it was ok but ya need to be Reed ta read it twisting and turnin.
so thats me for a while once again and got me a corker of a Wolvie statute and I have the full size Weapon X one set aside oh I can't wait.
So until Hulk goes to sensitivity classes make mine marvel.
Lost this thread for a while, but here it is, back again.
Ultimate FF was pretty cool yeah, not sure if I like the Ultimate Universe at all yet, but I'm giving it a fair try. Ultimate Black Cat didn't quite live up to my expectaions, but then I am a huge fan of Felicia, so it was always gonna be difficult.
Doc Ock is just getting on my nerves now, he's everywhere, but I think Negative Exposure is the more interesting of the 3 doc ock titles rocking around at the moment.
If you like Sword of Dracula, you'll be interested to know that Jason henderson has his own little question and answer forum in my new little corner of the net, it's pretty cool.
Waiting on this months comics coming through now, salivating for my Punisher Max, and the Mr Majestic Superman arc should be pretty damn cool as well.
Anyhow, just checking in, will be back when my comics get here...
Oh yeah, don't forget Ennis does a Wolvy Punisher mini soon, and we all know how much Garth likes Wolverine... heh, should be funny as f.........
Punisher Max is fantastic at last how The Punisher should be done and you'll be surprised by who is gonna take down Frank wee hint for ye War Zone.
The New MK Wolverine should be great with the two teamin up i wonder how Garth is gonna p*** on Wolvies parade this time.
I agree Doc Ock exposure is too much....we know the movie is out in the summer but is crazy.
What else let me see New X-Men is good at the moment one of Grants best but Uncanny X-men is a bit disappointing the whole Romeo Juliet saga maybe things will shape up we can only hope.
Talkin' on films The Punisher is comin and I cant wait and also if ya didn't know Garth is gonna be gettin cash from the film cause there gonna be using ol' Soap in it. So execpt maybe some fun with a big bald head keepin in fridge jokes......
I wasn't all that fussy on the Ultimate Universe when it came about but I have bought a few back issues and novels and it is growin on me.
Got Robotech: Invasion I was teary eyed rememberin' the old series and I liked it. Just have ta see about getting again when Im in.
Well thats my two cents so until Spidey stops it with his comical quibs make mine Marvel and all other comic franchises cause they rock.
I aint forgotten bout thsi place. Just aint had any comics for the last ween a weeks. Bills,bills and more biills sheesh. I'll going into withdrawal here, but can hopefully amend that soon. Only thing I have been able to get me hands on was Judge Dredd extI aint forgotten bout thsi place. Just aint had any comics for the last ween a weeks. Bills,bills and more biills sheesh. I'll going into withdrawal here, but can hopefully amend that soon. Only thing I have been able to get me hands on was Judge Dredd extreme #3 which did the whole orignal run of Invasion which was quality; but alas no others.
So until Frank makes peace and not war make mine marvel.
I got comics thank you grud * darous falls to his knees and praise the big dude in the sky*.
So I had quite a backlog of comics first of Punisher Max #3 a strange twist is added to the story with Mirco, not gonna say what but you will notice the close ups of Frank and he does look rough round the edges.
Talkin of Punisher got the first part of the movie adaption with no sign of Garth anywhere. Took a quick flick through it and I'll tell you more when I'm finished.
Thankfully 'she lies with angels' has finished on Uncanny it was getting a bit tedious the whole R&J storyline but the artwork was good. Hopefully next issue we get back to the real stuff.....And talking of getting back to the real stuff Wolverine I was not happy with at all. I dont know but Marvel must be trying toshow that mutants are humans to with Wolverine trying to find a home for a baby who the villian he feels he killed as she died when giving birth...Wolverine showing feelins. I remember the time he would of let someone else sort it out. Writing was good enough but the artwork didnt impress me much at all. Quite disappointed with it.
Got the first two parts of Superman: Godfall and no complaints with it at all. Now that is saying something cause the last Superman comic I picked up was years back and I think(apart from JLA graphic novels and related things) Lois was leaving Clark or sumthing.
New X-Men was as great as ever with Phoenix up to her old tricks again and as always when it comes down to it Wolverine is left with another choice. Ulitmate FF solid storyline just told slighty different and thumbs up on the artwork as well.
Oh yeah almost forgot finally #3 odf Sword of Dracula arrived and well worth the wait. The story just gets better and better and with William Belk taking over from Greg Scott a good job was done but I prefer Greg Scott stuff and also SOD is gonna be given the Hollywood treatment as well. Should be one ta watch out for.
Well I still have more Spidey to read through and FF as well and toom amny others so Plastic take it easy...and until spidey dons pink spandex and calls him self The Spider in a strange sort of way Make Mine Marvel
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